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Sep 30, 19

This Week in Fascism #29: Grassroots Conservatives of Bloomington Host Neo-Nazi Couple

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got Based Stickman losing his stick; Eli Moseley’s new lawyer, a fellow gamer he knows only as “Char Char Binks”; Jovi Val getting shut down in Philadelphia; new doxxes of Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and the American Guard.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Oath Keepers Embrace Trump’s Call for “Hot” Civil War

On Sunday, Trump retweeted pastor Robert Jeffress, who stated that a civil war would break out if the Democrats continued with a push towards impeachment. The narrative being advanced is that the Democrats “know” that they will not win the 2020 and thus, are pushing forward with impeachment as a way to “steal” the country away from Trump. A rejection of electoral politics and the DNC aside, most current polling, including in swing states that helped Trump win the 2016 election, shows the Democrats firmly in the lead. In reality, it seems that Trump is instead trying to manufacture a narrative that justifies him staying in office even if he is voted out, using the threat of a violent civil war as a means to push back against those who would oppose him.

Groups such as the Oath Keepers, who have taken part in Trump rallies as security, have embraced Trump’s push towards street level violence writing:

“This whole thread is important to read. The term ‘civil war’ is increasingly on people’s tongue. And not just ‘cold civil war’ — full-blown ‘hot’ civil war. Fact is patriots consider the left to be domestic enemies of the Constitution bent on the destruction of the Republic…”

Based Stickman Loses Stick

Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman pled to one count of possession of a deadly weapon, under a California penal code banning ownership of a “leaded cane, or any instrument or weapon of the kind commonly known as a billy, blackjack, sandbag, sandclub, sap, or slungshot,” for attacking protesters at a March 2017 rally in Berkeley, California.

Though Chapman had originally agreed to three years of probation, that sentence was increased by the judge to five years.

Eli Mosely Now Taking Legal Advice from Gamer Known as “Char Char Binks”

Unite the Right organizer Elliot Kline, aka Eli Mosely, admitted in court this week that his sole legal counsel is “Char Char Binks,” a fellow Gamer he met on Steam.

Kline first rose to prominence as a leader of white nationalist group Identity Evropa (renamed the American Identity Movement in the spring of 2019, after the group was infiltrated and members were doxxed).

In February of 2018, the New York Times exposed that Kline faked his military record, claiming that he had served in the Army and been deployed to Iraq. However, records show that Kline enlisted with the Pennsylvania National Guard, and was never deployed abroad.

Jovi Val Shouted Down by Antifascists, Tagged with Gritty Sticker, Escorted Out by Cops in Philadelphia

Unregistered gun-haver Jovi Val was detained by law enforcement Saturday in Philadelphia, when he showed up to troll the March to End Rape Culture (formerly known as the SlutWalk). Val was escorted away by police for blocking the entrance to a Marriott hotel. He refused initial orders to leave because he was surrounded by antifascist protesters, and was eventually led away by law enforcement.

Val wore a Proud Boys hat and carried a bizarre sign reading “Trump is a Jew – Everything.”

Prior to Val’s detainment, an antifascist managed to tag his sign with a sticker of antifa icon Gritty.

In April of this year, Val organized a “Fash Bash” celebration of Hitler’s birthday in the Poconos, along with the neo-Nazi New Jersey European Heritage Association. In mid-September, Jovi Val was a featured speaker at a pro-Trump rally in Dalonega, Georgia, which was organized by neo-Nazis, even though Val claims to no longer be involved in the MAGA movement.


Nicholas John Stiso of La Grange, Illinois, Member of Proud Boys and Neo-Nazi Patriot Front

Nicholas John Stiso, a member of the Chicago Proud Boys and the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, was identified this week by Chicago Antifascist Action.

In the leaked Patriot Front chats, Stiso went by nick IL, where he helped post propaganda materials around Illinois for the white supremacist group starting in 2017.

In 2018, he joined the Proud Boys.

Stiso works at Taco Bell in Westchester, Illinois. You can call them at (708) 562-3441 to inform that that Stiso is a member of two different hate groups.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019: Identity Dixie Member Chris McCormick, of Houston, Texas

Making Pals Online exposed neo-Confederate Identity Dixie member Chris McCormick, of Houston, Texas this week.

McCormick runs McCormick Handyman Services in the Houston area. His wife, Dana, operates Seven Mile Leather, an Etsy store.

Identity Dixie Member Matt Rakestraw, of Chattanooga, Tennessee

The same account also exposed Matt Rakestraw, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, as a member of Identity Dixie.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019: Proud Boy Michael Costa, of Providence, Rhode Island

AntiFash Gordon exposed Michael K. Costa, a Proud Boy in Providence, Rhode Island. A YouTube streamer who goes by “Red Pill Dragon,” Costa also operates a far-right Telegram channel, called “Based Dragon,” where he frequently posts antisemitic conspiracy theories alongside calls for violence against leftists.

He is also an associate of Boston-based far-right group Resist Marxism, having been present at a number of violent events sponsored by the group, and recently attended the Boston Straight Pride Parade, alongside members of the National Socialist Movement.

He is currently a student at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island. You can contact RIC Dean of Students Tamika Wordlow-Williams at [email protected]

New Article on SCK-KKK

Atlanta Antifascists released an article on the SCK-KKK, a Ku Klux Klan group that recently attended the September 14 pro-Trump rally held in Dahlonega, Georgia.

The rally was organized by Chester Doles, a self-described “Fourth Generation Klansman.”

Thursday, September 26, 2019: Killingly, CT, School Board Candidate Jason Muscara Outed as American Guard

Killingly, Connecticut Board of Education candidate Jason Muscara was outed as the former Vice President of the Connecticut American Guard this week. Muscara has also attended multiple rallies hosted by far-right group Resist Marxism, beginning in June 2018, shortly after leaked chats exposed the group as a conservative free speech front for antisemitic, far-right organizing.

The American Guard was founded by Brien James, a former member of the KKK and co-founder of both the Outlaw Hammerskins and the Vinlanders Social Club, one of the most violent skinhead gangs in the US.

Muscara told the Norwich Bulletin that he had left the group a year ago, saying that the group, “did not reflect my beliefs or morals.”

“I’m very active politically; I’m a big supporter of free speech and the Second Amendment,” Muscara told the paper. “And I attended those rallies as an individual and not as a member of any group.”

However, at those rallies, Muscara often wore his official American Guard shirt, which reads “Vice President” on the breast pocket.

Ethan Landrum-Densby, of Austin, Texas, Exposed as Fascist

Twitter user jocko exposed Austin, Texas musician Ethan Landrum-Densby as a fan of 20th-century fascist philosopher Julius Evola this week. Landrum-Densby also espouses a third positionist ideology, endorsing national socialist economics and reactionary far-right social values.

Friday, September 27, 2019: Robert Hall, of Bloomington, Indiana, Gives Platform to White Nationalist

Last week, the Grassroots Conservatives of Bloomington, Indiana, invited Sarah Dye, recently outed as a member of white nationalist group the American Identity Movement, to speak at a meeting held at an Ellettsville, Indiana library.

Robert Hall, the head of Grassroots Conservatives, was the person who invited her to speak. Dye claimed that she and her husband, Doug Mackey endured what she referred to as a “summer-long smear.” Dye vetted married couple Nolan Brewer and Kiyomi “Kim” Ball into Identity Evropa. In July 2018, Brewer and Ball would go on to vandalize a synagogue in Carmel, Indiana, with Ball pleading guilty to arson. Dye posted on Facebook that she and Mackey left the meeting to find their car covered in what looked like fake blood.

Call to Action

Unicorn Riot has published new leaked chats from the American Identity Movement (AmIM), which is simply a rebrand of Identity Evropa, one of the groups at the center of organizing Unite the Right in Charlottesville. We encourage people to look through these new leaks to further their own research efforts. Many of the chats released were part of a discussion forum for AmIM/IE members who had been doxxed; many lamenting that the first time around had little affect on them and the support they received from conservatives and Trump supporters. Read more here.

Correction: An earlier version of this column stated that Doug Mackey was the same Douglass Mackey who used the Alt-Right online handle of “Ricky Vaughn,” which is false.

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