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Dec 9, 19

This Week in Fascism #39: Pro-Trump Radio Host Outed As Neo-Nazi in Denver

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got a Confederate statue staying down, a conservative podcaster being outed as a Nazi, the Colorado Atomwaffen getting doxxed, a Midwest AmIM leader being outed, a blitz of Proud Boy IDs, and how you can help disrupt the cashflow of Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


A Pittsboro, North Carolina court dismissed a lawsuit by the United Daughters of the Confederacy this week, ruling that the Confederate monument formerly placed outside the Chatham County Courthouse will not return after being taken down on November 19.

The statue has been the subject of heated protests this fall. After calls for its removal, the site has attracted a weekly coalition of groups claiming to defend the the statue, including members of the Proud Boys, the white supremacist League of the South, the neo-Confederate Hiwaymen, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which bills itself as a historical and educational group.

Curiously, after the Daughters of the Confederacy issued a stand-down order, fearful of the optics that rallying with open white supremacists would bring, both the League of the South and the Hiwaymen obeyed.

However, even though the monument is down and a subsequent court challenge has been dismissed, activists are still at risk. Anti-racist protesters are facing felony charges after being attacked by white supremacists and arrested by the police. Take Action Chapel Hill is raising money for a legal defense here.


Brendan Sweeney, Midwest regional coordinator of American Identity Movement

Antifascists in Chicago have uncovered the Midwest regional coordinator of the American Identity Movement, the rebrand of Identity Evropa.

From an article:

Brendan went by the pseudonym “AltRightMick” on Identity Evropa’s Discord servers and Slack channels, but after the leaks, the hate group was permanently banned from Discord and Slack. Currently, he has started to organize under the new pseudonym “Carl – IL” on the American Identity Movement’s MatterMost chat rooms, which was also released by Unicorn Riot.

Brendan Sweeney, who attended the neo-Nazi Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, was ultimately outed by antifascists after he talked to people posing as white nationalists on Skype, who then crossed referenced his voice and face with older podcasts and photos.

For more info and to contact Brendan’s workplace, go here.

Charles Robertson, Student at Georgia Southern, American Identity Movement

Atlanta Antifascists released an article on Georgia Southern student Charles Robertson, after he uploaded a video of a class presentation featuring him recruiting for the American Identity Movement, a white nationalist group.

In the video, Robertson lectures his classmates on the white genocide, a conspiracy theory that claims that white people are being replaced in white majority countries, typically through a conspiracy led by Jewish elites.

Robertson was originally outed as a member of the American Identity Movement in June 2019.

Leonid Mihaljov, Helsinki, Finland, Moderator of Iron March Forum

Leonid Mihaljov, a neo-Nazi in Helsinki, Finland, was exposed this week in a joint dox from Panic! in the Discord and Verisverkosto, a Finnish antifascist network.

Mihaljov served as a moderator for the Iron March forums, a neo-Nazi discussion board that formed the Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi group linked to eight murders in the United States.

In 2015, he joined the Nordic Resistance Movement, a far-right Scandinavian movement that has formed a political party in Sweden.

Kirk Widlund, Aurora, Colorado, Conservative Media Mogul and Neo-Nazi

Conservative podcast host Kirk Widlund was exposed as a neo-Nazi this week, after Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists exposed his VK account, where he antisemitic memes, speeches by American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell, and articles from the National Alliance, a white supremacist group founded by The Turner Diaries author William Pierce.

Widlund’s podcast, Keeping America Great, presents itself as a pro-Trump, conservative podcast, where he describes himself as a “former liberal who has seen the Right.”

Widlund is currently employed by 710 KNUS Denver, a talk radio station. You can tweet to them at @710KNUS, and to media conglomerate that owns 710 KNUS, the Salem Media group, @SalemMediaGrp. To read a larger article, go here.

Somerled Macdougall, Asheville, North Carolina, American Identity Movement

Somerled Macdougall, Asheville, North Carolina, was exposed as a member of the white nationalist group the American Identity Movement this week.

Macdougall operates Nine World Films, a wedding videography service in Asheville. After he was exposed by Asheville AntiRacism, readers flocked to wedding planning site The Knot and Wedding Wire to leave one-star reviews. “Wholly owned and operated by a neo-Nazi member of at least FOUR distinct hate groups,” one commenter noted.

Macdougall has pulled down his business’ Facebook page.

Justin David Lux, Proud Boy in Lake Stevens, Washington

Justin David Lux, a resident of Lake Stevens, Washington, was outed as a member of the Proud Boys this week.

Lux regularly attends far-Right rallies in the Seattle and Portland area. He is currently employed in the Fabrication department at Boeing. You can call Boeing’s Ethics Hotline at 1-888-970-7171 to inform them that one of their employees belongs to a hate group.

Colorado Atomwaffen Exposed

Journalist Nate Thayer exposed Ryan Hatfield, 20, and William Stoetzer, 33, the two members of the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division’s Colorado chapter this week, along with Hatfield’s girlfriend, 18-year-old high school student Bella Oakley, a neo-Nazi who attempted to join the Atomwaffen, but denied on the basis of her gender.

Hatfield joined Atomwaffen in October 2016, when he was just 16 years old, and runs the group’s social media platforms. Notably, Hatfield’s mother is Mexican-American and identifies as “Latina,” though he told the group that he is European-American.

Stoetzer works as a millwright in Cripple Creek, Colorado, at a gold mine owned by Newmont Goldcorp Corporation. You can tweet to Newmont at @NewmontGoldcorp.

Luis Enrique Melendez, Jr., San Antonio, Texas, Iron March Forum

Iron March user verynoicem8 was revealed to Luis Enrique Melendez Jr., 19, of San Antonio, Texas.

Melendez currently works at Walmart and is believed to be enrolled in college in the San Antonio area.

Proud Boys Doxxed

Twitter user Death Cab for Scooby went on a tear this week, doxxing no fewer than five Ohio Proud Boys.

Those exposed include Alexander Ray, a Project Manager at MADesign in San Diego, California; Adam Reis, an EMT with HCA Healthcare in Moonpark, California; TJ Phillips, of Elyria, Ohio, who works at CED Northeast, an electrical supply store that you can call at *67 216-361-4540; David Smith, a former coach at Poway High School in Poway, California; Erik Morris, a trucker in Ohio; and Chris Burns of Columbus, Ohio.


Far-Right Chased Out of Olympia

After Nazi skinhead Jason DiSimis announced that he would hold a rally at the State Capitol in Olympia, Washington, to commemorate the death of white supremacist group The Order founder Robert Jay Mathews, anarchists quickly mobilized to counter the rally. DiSimis is a member of Crew 38, a neo-Nazi group for supporters of the Hammerskins. (38 is alphanumeric code for CH – crossed hammers, the Hammerskins’ logo.)

Though DiSimis and the Hammerskins failed to show at their own rally, Haley Adams arrived with her Portland’s Liberation crew in tow, including sidekick Alyssa Vinsonhaler and Proud Boy Reggie Axtell, who livestreamed the event on his Facebook page. The group was confronted by antifascists as soon as they showed up.

“Haley, you fucking piece of shit, go the fuck home,” a crowd member shouted. The crowd then proceeded to march Adams and her followers out of the protest zone to the beat of drums and chants of “Fascists, fuck off!”

Five minutes after arriving, Axtell was screaming “Help! Help! Call the police! Help!” on his livestream and sprinting away from protesters. He ran on to what appears to be a residential front porch and knocked frantically on the door before dry heaving into the bushes.

Far-Right Confronted in Seattle

Falling star Joey Gibson was only able to mobilize about 20 or so Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and others for a “Prayer Rally” around Downtown Seattle this weekend. Police helped facilitate the event; attacking and pushing back a few dozen antifascists who came out to counter them.

Call to Action

Help Take Chris Cantwell’s Last Means of Support

Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell has been banned from all sorts of online payment processors– PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, etc. His sole income at this point is Bitcoin donations and receiving checks at a rented mailbox, so that he doesn’t have to give out his home address.

Let’s take his mailbox.

He was a major instigator of violence at the first Unite the Right rally in 2017, and went on to become an early promoter of the Bowl Patrol, a group encouraging mass shootings in the style of Dylan Roof. Cantwell is currently renting Unit 187 at the Shipping Shack in Keene, New Hampshire, in order to receive donations. Please call them at *67 1-603-352-4249 to ask them not to do business with neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell, Unit 187. You can also contact them via their online contact form.

Suggested script:


I’m writing to inquire about a customer of yours, Christopher Cantwell. He is a neo-Nazi who uses your services to receive donations in exchange for spreading neo-Nazi propaganda on his podcast, Radical Agenda.

I’m asking that you that you not profit from hate, and discontinue any business relationship you have with Christopher Cantwell, who is currently receiving donations at Unit 187 at the Shipping Shack.

Thank you for your time.

Help Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe

“Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe,” was charged following the massive antifascist demonstration on August 17th in Portland against the Proud Boys and American Guard. They again are in need of help. Read their statement here and donate here.

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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