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Mar 24, 20

This Week in Fascism #51: White Nationalists Want to Infect Their Enemies with Coronavirus; Neo-Nazi Gets Catfished

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got the leaked chat logs of Atomwaffen knock-off the Feuerkrieg Division, neo-Nazis planning to spread the coronavirus, doxxes of Groypers and Proud Boys, and how you can help your community during the pandemic!

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Feuerkrieg Division Chats Leaked By Unicorn Riot

Independent media outlet Unicorn Riot leaked the chat of accelerationist neo-Nazi group the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) this week. The armed group has seen multiple arrests coming from within its ranks. In August, Conor Climo, a former member of the Traditionalist Worker Party and the National Socialist Legion, was arrested after planning to bomb the Las Vegas offices of the Anti-Defamation League, as well as a local gay nightclub. In the FKD chats, he discussed recruiting “Middle/High School Aged Children,” whom he would have construct bombs for him.

Jarrett William Smith, a member of FKD and Misanthropic Division, the international wing of Ukrainian far-Right militia the Azov Battalion, was arrested in September after planning to bomb CNN offices and plotting the assassination of I Don’t Speak German podcaster Daniel Harper.

The group discussed how to recruit mass shooters, planned attacks on synagogues, and is suspected of leaving an unexploded IED device at a synagogue in Lithuania. Their leader, known as “Commander” in the chats, is suspected to be a 17-year-old currently living in Estonia. Eugene Antifa recently identified one of their members as Dylan Daube, a high school Junior in Miller Place, New York, whose father is a retired NYPD officer.

Far-Right Discusses How to Spread Coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, neo-Nazi accelerationists are using Telegram to discuss how to spread the sickness. The Department of Homeland Security released an intelligence brief in February claiming that “white racially motivated violent extremists” are discussing ways to spread the virus and accelerate the collapse of society. In leaked chats, Unicorn Riot reported that Feuerkrieg Division member Dillon Hopper also encouraged biological warfare, writing, “If you guys contract this virus, you had BETTER spread that shit to every k*** in your country.”

The Alt-Lite also capitalized on fears of social unrest, with Turning Point USA’s Katie Daviscourt claiming that “Antifa Terrorists have plans to riot and loot if martial law is ordered in Washington State. If this happens Democrat politicians still won’t denounce them.”

What anarchists and antifascists are actually doing during this time is establishing or expanding local mutual aid projects to keep people alive while the State fails to institute proper protections for those suffering a loss of income or mobility. It’s Going Down is maintaining a running list of projects you can contribute to or receive aid from here.

White Nationalists and Nativists Pushing Trump for More Draconian Clamp Down

White nationalists and Nativists associated with websites like V-DARE are attempting to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to push for a draconian clampdown on immigrants. According to Hatewatch:

VDARE, a white nationalist website created by anti-immigration activist Peter Brimelow, has produced a deluge of propaganda related to the pandemic. A round-up of the site’s writings, which was published to their website on March 21, listed some 110 posts on the topic that were circulated as far back as January. Additionally, VDARE produced nearly 50 posts related to the pandemic on their site between March 16 and March 23, dominating the framing of the group’s anti-immigrant propaganda overall.

VDARE published a column from nativist pundit and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan on Feb. 27, for example, encouraging President Trump to use COVID-19 to further his anti-immigrant agenda. The column preceded Reuters’ reporting that the Trump administration was considering such measures by two days.

The Trump administration, which has been criticized for its handling of the COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) pandemic, moved beyond weighing the option of tightening border restrictions to starting the negotiating process for a policy of turning away asylum seekers who arrive at the U.S. border “without any detainment and without any due process,” according to a March 17 report in The New York Times. The Times story noted that confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico stood at 82 at the time the decision was made, which represents only a fraction of the 5,600 cases confirmed in the U.S. at the same time.

In other V-DARE news, it’s come to light that the groups recently plopped down almost $1.5 million dollars to buy a castle in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Again from HateWatch:

And yet for the weeks since the white nationalist non-profit VDARE purchased a historic castle overlooking the town of roughly 600 people from above a hill, some of the residents have started to organize a response to their new neighbor.

A dozen Berkeley Springs residents met with Hatewatch on March 12 at Fairfax Coffee House to express their frustrations and concerns with VDARE’s purchase of the castle, a 19th-century landmark beloved by the community. The meeting was the fourth such gathering of its kind, not including more informal discussions held sporadically elsewhere. Beyond those who planned or attended the March 12 meeting, more than a dozen other residents of the town expressed frustration to Hatewatch over the VDARE castle purchase, or independently sought advice on how best to counter the group’s message, either through in-person meetings, phone calls or by email.


Telegram Neo-Nazi Doxxed By Antifascist Honeypot, Pretends to Be His Mom and Apologizes

The operator of a neo-Nazi Telegram chat seeking to spread a mass shooting manifesto was doxxed this week by an antifascist honeypot.

David Kolomiiets, a 22-year-old resident of Kyiv, Ukraine, used the name “Der Sturmer” to operate the channel, where he sold translated copies of the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto, meant to inspire mass shootings against mosques, synagogues, and Black and Brown communities.

Kolomiiets began speaking to the antifascist honeypot this fall, eventually texting her “I love you” and attempting to make plans to meet her in person. “Hello, David. I have something to tell you,” she texted him last week. “I’m an antifascist and you’re about to be exposed.” “Makes no sense,” he replied. “For what we texted from Nov then?” “So I could get as much information from you as possible you genocidal asshole,” the antifascist told him.

After the Bellingcat article revealing his identity was published, Kolomiiets created a Twitter account, where he pretended to be his own mother and apologized for his actions, alternately threatening and attempting to bribe Bellingcat to take the article down.

After several hours of pleading, he accidentally admitted the Twitter account was actually him, tweeting “Hitler Himself was doing it (main admin) He used me as a decoy,” after which he promptly deleted the account.

Jared L. Noble, Groyper in Tacoma, Washington

Researcher Antifa Garfield exposed 22-year-old Jared L. Noble, of Tacoma, Washington, this week, as a member of the white nationalist Groyper Movement.

The Groyper movement came to prominence in the fall of 2019, as supporters of white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes began flooding conservative events, hoping to push Republicans further right, into open anti-Semitism and white nationalism.

Curtis Boyanton, Proud Boy and Anti-Semite in Oklahoma

Researcher Death Cab for Scooby exposed Curtis Boyanton as a member of the Proud Boys, an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim hate group this week.

Boyanton, who uses the alias “Les Tank Boyanton” on Facebook, shared a meme of Pepe, a cartoon frog popular with the alt-right, pointing a gun in the face of an antisemitic caricature of a Jewish person.

He appears to grow marijuana for a dispensary in Oklahoma. Information on the businesses he sells to can be messaged to @CabScooby.

Zach Roberts, Subverse News Contractor, Syracuse, New York

Zach Roberts, a freelance photographer, was exposed as working for Tim Pool’s Subverse News this week.

Roberts, who claims to be leftist, enjoys a lot of access to leftist activists. Yet this week, it was revealed that he’s been working for Tim Pool’s Subverse Media, where he was paid to travel to political rallies as a videographer and produce propaganda for the far-right.

His body of work for Subverse includes a piece on the Proud Boys, a violent hate group, that refers to an October 2018 Proud Boys attack on antifascist protesters as a “brawl” and presents the milkshaking of Andy Ngo as an anti-gay hate crime.

Roberts also joined Minds, an alt-right social network, where he promoted this work.

Call to Action

Support Local Mutual Aid Programs

It’s Going Down has compiled a list of local mutual aid programs aimed at combating the effects of the coronavirus.

As businesses shut down, owners refuse to pay employees even while landlords demand rent, we’re facing a pandemic the likes of which none of us have ever encountered, so it’s more important than ever to support each other. Incarcerated persons are at risk and need advocacy, and states are using the pandemic to endanger access to abortion services.

It’s vital that we use this period to organize and support our communities. Check out the list and see where you might be able to offer your time and services.

Support Our Prisoners

  • Support Gage Halupowski! Currently serving a six year sentence. More info here.
  • Support David Campbell! Currently serving a year. More info here.
  • Support Eric King! Anarchist and antifascist prisoner who has been targeted by the State and neo-Nazi inmates for being ‘ANTIFA.’ More info here. Donate here.
While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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