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May 18, 20

This Week in Fascism #60: Push for Violence From ‘ReOpen’ & Boogaloo Supporters Intensifies

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got the first textbook-length guide for street medics, Ashley Rae Goldenberg getting exposed as a Groyper and fired from her job at a conservative think tank, Boogaloo Boys behaving badly yet again multiple far-Right members getting arrested, a member of The Base doxxed, and a South Carolina teacher who helped organize Unite the Right getting doxxed and fired.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Full-Length, Open-Access Street Medic Textbook Released

This week, Håkan Geijer released the first edition of Riot Medicine, the first textbook-length volume written specifically for street medics.

Geijer published the book as a free, fully illustrated PDF on The 466-page document contains four sections– “Organize,” “Medicine,” “Equipment,” and “Tactics”– and serves as a guide to offering medical treatment in on-the-ground settings, often using improvised equipment available to civilians.

“I started writing Riot Medicine not with the intention of writing a full textbook, but to make an extended document to correct common harmful practices and urban legends I’ve seen in the field, in zines, and online,” Geijer told It’s Going Down.

“As I did research, I kept finding more things that needed corrections or places where other resources lacked what I thought was sufficient depth. At some point, I realized what I’d written would be incomplete unless I filled in the theory and other common injuries. What should have been maybe 60 pages of errata turned into a textbook that was 8 times longer. The left needs more free and open educational material, so I’m glad to have contributed toward that end.”

Interested readers can download a free copy here and follow Geijer on Twitter.

Raleigh Police Investigating Boogaloo Group After Racial Intimidation

The Raleigh Police Department is investigating a North Carolina accelerationist group, after members carried weapons and harassed a Black couple walking down the street with a child in a stroller.

The couple was approached by Perry T. Whitlock, a former Libertarian candidate for North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District, carrying a three-foot pipe wrench, who began making Sieg Heil gestures at them.

According to News Observer:

Viral photos from News & Observer visual journalist Travis Long show the group at a downtown Subway, but it’s unclear if police saw an incident, captured on video during the march, in which of one member of the group confronted a Raleigh couple who were with their two young children. The member, identified by N&O visual journalist Julia Wall as former NC House candidate Perry Whitlock of Garner, wielded the pipe wrench and told Durham County assistant district attorney Beth Hopkins Thomas, “I can get you from here,” according to her husband, Deonte Thomas.

The name of the Facebook group that organized the rally, Blue Igloo, is a reference to the “Boogaloo,” or civil war between the United States government and its people, though most media outlets missed the connection between the group’s name and its violent anti-government sentiment.

Vigilante Border Group Caught Faking Water Tanks

Left Coast Right Watch reported that Michael Meyer, of Veterans on Patrol, an Arizona-based anti-immigrant group, was filmed claiming that he baited two migrants with fake water tanks, branded with the logo of Humane Borders, a human rights group that places hydration stations across the US/Mexico border to prevent dehydration deaths. The tanks are marked by distinctive blue flags.

“These coyotes, they trust those [Humane Borders] flags, but pretty soon, they’re gonna realize those flags are no good and Humane Borders water stations are no good,” Meyer says in the video.

In August 2019, Meyer was arrested for stealing Humane Borders water tanks, and in July 2018, he was arrested after posting video of himself breaking into a private residence, claiming it was a haven for human traffickers.

“Incel Hit Squad” Arrested in Queens; Militia Arrested for Recruiting to Kill Cops on iFunny

29-year-old Joseph Miner was arrested in Queens, this week, after attempting to purchase weapons without serial numbers for a “incel hit squad” from two undercover agents. Miner frequently posted neo-Nazi memes to his social media pages.

According to New York Daily News:

Miner frequently posted photos of himself doing Nazi salutes, commented “Heil Hitler” about a spate of anti-Semitic attacks in New York and even celebrated the brutal December attack in the Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, Rockland County.

He also advocated online for “RaHoWa” — alt-right online code for racial holy war, federal prosecutors said.

From Gothamist:

A Queens neo-Nazi who fantasized about forming an “incel hit squad” to instigate a race war was arrested during an undercover sting on Tuesday night, federal prosecutors said.

Joseph Miner, a 29-year-old Bayside resident, allegedly purchased illegally defaced weapons, including an AR-15, from two undercover agents inside a hotel room near La Guardia airport. He was arrested alongside Daniel Jou, 40, whom he introduced to the undercover officer as a neighbor and friend months earlier, officials said.

The federal complaint details a litany of racist and anti-semitic threats, along with far-right internet memes, shared online by Miner. One photo shows him giving the Nazi salute, along with the caption, “God I hate women jews n-ggers.”

In a series of messages posted on Instagram in November, Miner appeared to be considering a mass shooting, writing that he wanted to, “Go on a spree after my enemies til the authorities take me out…Sometimes I’ve considered forming a well trained incel hit squad.”

In a separate case in Cleveland, Ohio, 20-year-old Christian Stanley Ferguson was arrested after planning to kill police officers and take their guns for his new militia movement. Ferguson recruited for his militia, the 75th Spartans, on meme website iFunny.

As Will Sommer wrote:

Christian Stanley Ferguson, a 20-year-old Cleveland man, faces an attempted kidnapping charge after an FBI informant infiltrated the chat room where he allegedly hatched his plot, the latest alleged violent anti-government scheme to emerge during the coronavirus pandemic. He sought out co-conspirators to help him murder police on a popular meme website, according to social media posts reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Capital Research Center Investigative Reporter Exposed as Groyper

Ashley Rae Goldenberg, an Investigative Reporter for the Capital Research Center, a right-wing think tank in Washington, DC, was profiled this week by Right Wing Watch.

On Twitter, Goldenberg uses the display name “Ashley Rae Groypenberg,” a reference to the Groyper movement led by Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. In February 2020, Goldenberg attended the America First Political Action Conference, a far-Right event sponsored by Fuentes and featuring other speakers such Patrick Casey, leader of the white nationalist group, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement.

After the publication of the article, Goldenberg deleted her tweets and protected her account. The Capital Research Center’s website currently lists her as a “former investigative reporter at the Capital Research Center.”

Donald Trump Shares Clip from White Nationalist Twitter Account

Donald Trump shared a video from a white nationalist account, America First Clips, that aggregates short video clips from Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, claiming that “The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.” (“America First” is the title of Fuentes’ podcast.)

In February 2020, Fuentes was banned from YouTube for violations of their hate speech policy.

The clip shared by Trump featured far-Right commentator Michelle Malkin, who has contributed to white nationalist website VDARE since 2002. Malkin was formerly a speaker for the Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth org, but was dropped after expressing her public support for Fuentes’ antisemitic views and the burgeoning Groyper movement.


Troy R. Weinrich, Groyper in Long Island, New York

Antifa Garfield uncovered the man who runs the fake Israel Defense Force twitter account. His name is Troy R. Weinrich of Long Island, New York. Troy is an active participant of the white nationalist “Groyper” movement. (Online, using caricatures of Jewish names and institutions is a meme among neo-Nazis.)

Through the fake IDF account, Troy regularly posts anti-Semitic and racist memes, quotes and statements as well as voicing his support for terror attacks. Antifa Garfield was able to track his digital footprint to a number of personal accounts, including Tik Tok, Reddit, Facebook, and a Patreon page under the pseudonym “Kushoverlord.” His username was also discovered to be connected to a LinkedIn profile with his legal name and location.

Though it is unclear at this time where Troy works, Antifa Garfield did uncover that he does currently sell Groyper merch on Redbubble and also has a side business selling Juul vape pods. For those inclined to direct action, please consider reaching out to Redbubble and letting them know that they are currently platforming a dangeous neo-Nazi. Redbubble’s help page can be accessed here as well. Antifa Garfield is asking anyone with information on Troy to please contact them via twitter DM or by email [email protected].

Jon Minadeo II, Petaluma, California, Leader of the Goyim Defense League

Antifascist researchers with Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA), in collaboration with Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists have uncovered the identity of the Goyim Defense League (GDL) leader Jon Minadeo. Under the pseudonym “Handsome Truth,” Minadeo has been involved with a number of handful of hateful and anti-Semitic actions around the country.

NoCARA reports that Minadeo was“Originally attracted to conspiracy theories as a result of his relationship to his uncle, Minadeo eventually gravitated towards white supremacist conspiracies about Jews after finding InfoWars and continuing to slide even further right from the thinly veiled anti-Semitism of Alex Jones to full-on explicit holocaust denial.” Minadeo primarily espouses his hateful rhetoric via live streams of his video blog but has also taken to flyering his local community with Holocaust denial propaganda and blames Jews for the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Minadeo also sometimes dresses up as a Orthodox Rabbi when he is out in the community, as was the case in 2019 when he flew to Colorado to meet up with other members of the GDL for what he referred to as the “Name the Nose Tour.” As a group, Minadeo and a handful of Colorado neo-Nazis drove around the front range, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Longmont, in a white van covered in anti-Semitic dog whistles, to flyer the community and harass anyone thought to be Jewish. In Minadeo’s fashion, the multi-day event was documented and live streamed to his followers.

It’s no surprise, given his journey through conspiracy, Minadeo would openly deny the danger of the deadly COVID-19 virus and frequently refers to it as the “Jew Flu,” as well as a hoax. NoCARA reports that on May 1st, 2020, Minadeo and two supporters attended a series of right wing events in Sacramento, CA and was seen harassing a Jewish woman who confronted him about his flyers. In video of the altercation, he’s heard yelling at the woman, calling her a “Jewish Witch.”

The article also exposed “Chad Turner,” an early member of white nationalist group Identity Evropa, as being Lucas Huston, who attended the group’s 2016 events in Berkeley and San Francisco.

NoCARA stresses the danger that Minadeo poses to the community and encourages folks to share information about him in order to protect themselves from anti-Semitic violence. For the full report, please visit the NoCARA blog. NoCARA is requesting that any additional information on Jon Minadeo be emailed to them at [email protected].

Tim Manning, aka “SCNazi,” Unite the Right Organizer and Teacher in Columbia, South Carolina

Southern Antifascist Researchers operating the Identify Dixie Twitter account have identified local neo-Nazi and (now former) teacher Tim Manning. Manning is from Columbia, South Carolina, and in 2017, was operating accounts from neo-Nazi media outlet the Daily Stormer under the name “SCnazi”. Identify Dixie discovered that Manning is still actively running accounts under that same moniker on twitter as well. Manning was identified because of the use of his same photo when he joined the Identity Dixie Smokehouse vetting group on Facebook.

As of the day this report was released on twitter, Manning was still using that same photo as his Facebook profile photo cementing his continued connection and participation in neo-Nazi organizing.

Under the SCnazi username, Manning’s discord conversations were able to be traced through by the database of leaks found and filed on Unicorn Riot’s site. There is no doubt that Manning is an avowed racist and anti-Semite, given his reference to “fake shower rooms,” a neo-Nazi dogwhistle referring to the rooms that the Nazi’s would use to gas Jews during the Holocaust. His friends are also well aware of his involvement in the movement as shown in this screenshot.

Tim Manning was a middle school Social Studies teacher and girls volleyball coach at Pleasant Hills Middle School. It’s been suggested that Manning used his access to young people to try to radicalize them into sharing his bigoted and hateful views. Shortly after the dox dropped, it was discovered Manning’s wife appears to be Melissa Biggers Manning, who is a former South Carolina Assistant Attorney General. Since this dox was published, Manning resigned from his position by asking to be released from his contract and is no longer employed by the district.

Please visit this thread for more information about Manning and his ties to white nationalism.

William Franklin Rehm IV, Ecofascist and Member of The Base in Beaverton, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon Antifascist researchers have uncovered the identity of accelerationst neo-Nazi William Franklin Rehm IV of Beaverton, Oregon. Rehm is a student at Portland Community College, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Rehm has been highly active in telegram and wire chats for accelerationist groups like The Base and The Green Brigade, an ecofascist group. Rehm used the names Werwolf and TheEcologist to moderate a handful of different digital groups, all of which provided a platform for conversations in support of terrorism, anti-Semitism, and hate against marginalized people in the name of the white race.

Rehm spoke openly about wanting to relocate to a compound in Wisconsin where he would “…train with firearms, explosives, knives, Ryder trucks, and anything else I have to to destroy this K*** SYSTEM THAT IS GENOCIDING MY People,” (a nod to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing). Rehm amassed a following of over 700 followers on the platform iFunny, in various groups over the course of several months until iFunny finally shut them down.

Activists are asking that readers contact the Portland Community College Dean of Students Vivian Miranda-Wendelken via her email, [email protected].

Andrew Brewer, Patriot Front Recruit in Beaverton, Oregon

On May 13th, 2020, Colorado Springs Antifascists released a dox of US Army JROTC cadet, George Mason University incoming freshman and Patriot Front recruit Andrew Brewer. Brewer is an 18-year-old fascist Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadet at Hohenfels Middle/High School in Germany and an incoming freshman at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Brewer attempted to join Patriot Front a total of three times, eventually communicating with an antifascist honeypot who then communicated, recorded and archived interactions over the course of three months. Patriot Front is an SPLC-designated hate group. They are a youth-oriented white supremacist organization founded after the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina in 2017.

Brewer, who goes by the username “andrewbrewer917” across a handful of platforms, including reddit, Facebook, twitter and neo-Nazi media site Storm Front, regularly espouses hate toward LGBTQIA+, Jews, and minorities and describes himself as “paleoconservative/neo-Fascist.”

Colorado Springs Antifascists indicate that Brewer likely reached out to Patriot Front because of the lack of Nazi community in his town and connected to the honeypot source on March 27th, 2020 for information on the Patriot Front recruitment process. He continued dialogue with a person he believed to be a PF recruiter via email for several weeks, before connecting via telephone for a formal interview.

Brewer has posted photos to his Reddit account with fascist and Nazi ensignia, including the German Imperial War flag, swastika and Patriot Front stickers. Brewer acknowledges in his recruitment interview that it is illegal under current German law and punishable by a sentence of three years in prison for sharing the swastika or doing the roman salute, also known as “Sieg Heil.”

Colorado Springs Antifascists are asking individuals who are so inclined to please contact the president of Hohenfels Middle High School via email ([email protected]) and let them know cadet Andrew Brewer is a Nazi. As he is an incoming freshman at @GeorgeMasonU, please also consider reaching out to let them know. George Mason University’s contact information is (703) 993-2470 and their general email is [email protected]. Their admissions contact email is [email protected] and phone number is (703) 993-2400.

Read the full report on Andrew Brewer from Colorado Springs Antifascists’ blog for more information.

Joshua Frank Froschauer, Proud Boy and White Nationalist in Reno, Nevada

Reno Iron Front doxxed Joshua Frank Froschauer, a Proud Boy in Reno, Nevada. Froschauer is a Third Degree Proud Boy who has attended a number of political events with the group, including a May 2, 2020 ReOpen protest in Carson City, Nevada.

Shortly after Reno Iron Front asked readers to contact Froschauer’s employer, Panasonic Energy of North America, the company replied that Froschauer was no longer employed by the business.

Taylor James Ragg, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement Member

Mboro AFA doxxed Taylor James Ragg, of Harlan, Kentucky, as a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, now re-branded as the American Identity Movement (AmIM) and a volunteer for Senator Rand Paul’s 2016 campaign.

In 2017, Ragg participated in the harassment of an undocumented student at Transylvania University, for which he was expelled from the university. In 2018, he joined IE/AmIM, using the name jfontaine in the group’s Discord.

From social media postings, Ragg appears to have relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. Activists ask that anyone with information on his current location and employment email [email protected].

Clint Knecht, Neo-Nazi in North Manchester, Indiana

We Will Be Ruthless exposed Clint Knecht, a neo-Nazi in North Manchester, Indiana.

On social media, Knecht promoted the Coalfax website, a project devoted to posting the names, photos, and personal information of women engaged in interracial relationships, hoping to provoke harassment against them. Additionally, he posted a photo of a 1939 Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden, writing “God we need a time machine.”

Knecht is employed by Kokosing Industrial in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can contact his employer via their online contact form, or via their Facebook page.

Adam P. White, Proud Boy in Bozeman, Montana

Antifa Garfield exposed Adam P. White, a Proud Boy in Bozeman, Montana.

White is an active member of the far-Right street gang and has crossed state lines to participate in the group’s events in Washington and Colorado.

White runs a drywall installation company, White House Drywall, in Bozeman, Montana. Activists are requesting that locals boycott his company.

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