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Jul 1, 20

This Week in Fascism #66: Nazis Fail in Boston, Gettysburg Antifa Hoax & Satanic Neo-Nazi Murder Plot

photo via @GreggHoush

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got a Satanic neo-Nazi soldier leaking classified intel in the hopes of provoking an attack on members of the US Army; the Attorney General announcing a task force to investigate “those who self-identify as ‘Antifa’”; Gavin McInnes, Richard Spencer, and Stefan Molyneux getting banned from YouTube; Nazis showing up to pro-police rallies; plus, a week of Proud Boy members around the country getting doxxed.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


US Attorney General Announces Task Force to Investigate “Those Who Self-Identify as ‘Antifa’”

US Attorney General William “The Cover Up General” Barr, the same guy that bent over backwards to help out Trump’s Proud Boy friend Roger Stone, issued a press release late Friday, announcing the formation of a task force to pursue “anti-government” extremists, including “those who self-identify as ‘Antifa.’”

Despite the irony of Barr accidentally admitting that he works for a fascist regime, the press release appeared to be straight out of Joseph McCarthy’s playbook.

“We have evidence that anti-government violent extremists – including those who support the ‘Boogaloo,’ those who self-identify as ‘Antifa,’ and others – will pose continuing threats of lawlessness. Some of these violent extremists, moreover, may be fortified by foreign entities seeking to sow chaos and disorder in our country.”

Despite these claims, the New York Times reported that “Federal Arrests Show No Sign That Antifa Plotted Protests.” The Times also revealed on Friday that American intelligence agencies found evidence that Russia offered bounties on American forces in Afghanistan, which the Trump administration has known about for months and taken no action thus far.

A recent report from Reveal also showed that the FBI and DHS are labeling both white nationalists and “black identity extremists,” or as former FBI agent Mike German called it, “Black people who scare [the government], in the same category of “racially motivated extremists.”

Thus, as far-Right, neo-Nazi, militia, and white nationalist violence grows, the Security States remains firmly focused on movements from below.

Far-Right Conspiracy Websites Push Gettysburg Hoax

Proud Boy leaders writing on the conspiracy website The Gateway Pundit and former FBI informant “Hal” Turner writing for his own propaganda outlet have been promoting the hoax that “ANTIFA” will descend upon Gettysburg to hold a “flag burning” rally on July 4th. The flyer for the event laughably states, “ANTIFA PRESENTS” at the top and claims that the event will have “ANTIFA face painting” for children. Since the hoax began last week, posters online have even claimed that over 30,000 antifascists will descend on Gettysburg and that they will “kill all white people and Trump supporters.”

In 2017, a similar grift was also promoted by the The Gateway Pundit; that antifascists would desecrate the graves of Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg (of which in reality, there are none). This lie brought out a slew of militia groups against a non-existent antifa force. At the end of the day, a militia member accidentally shot themselves in the foot, having to be driven to the hospital in an ambulance. So far, the hoax has mostly stayed within pro-Trump and MAGA/Qanaon circes on social media, but has also been picked up by some larger accounts and local news stations.

Soldier Charged in Planned Attacks on US Army, Order of Nine Angles Links Found

Ethan Melzer, a US Army Private, was charged this week with sharing classified information about troop movements in Turkey with the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a Satanic neo-Nazi group.

According to a Justice Department press release, this information was to be shared with a jihadist group, so that Melzer’s own unit could be ambushed.

While links between Satanic neo-Nazis and fundamentalist jihadists may seem strange, former O9A leader David Myatt attempted to fuse the ideologies beginning in the late 1990s, when he converted to Islam, attracted by what he perceived as the militancy of Islamic terrorists, and the shared enemy of western governments.

For Myatt, however, his militancy was not due to anti-imperialist politics, but rather, the O9A belief that western governments must be collapsed, so that the Aryan race can fulfill its destiny of colonizing the Milky Way.

Right-wingers Attack Protesters With Cars in At Least 50 Incidents Since Late May

NPR reported that at least 50 incidents have occurred since late May of right-wingers using cars as weapons to attack protesters.

GKMC Doxxes Cops in Real Time, Reads Use of Force Complaints, Cops Leave

At an anti-police protest near the home of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Black and Brown youth collective Good Kids Mad City confronted the cops policing protesters by looking up their badge numbers in the Citizens Police Data Project, a compilation of accounts of a police violence, and announcing their names and use-of-force complaints through a megaphone.

“I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a whole website full of all y’all’s secrets,” a female-presenting activist announced to the police. “All I gotta say is, if you know if we pull up your stats, are you gonna run up like a pussy like your friend did?”

“He has twelve use-of-force reports and 46 allegations against him,” the activist said, singling out one officer on the line, provoking jeers from the crowd.

Chicago Sun-Times photojournalist Tyler LaRiviere tweeted that at least two of the officers who were confronted in this manner simply walked off the line.

The Citizens Police Data Project is the result of a seven-year court battle to make public complaints against police officers. The database spans 50 years, and includes more than 240,000 complaints against over 22,000 officers.

Straight Pride Rallies With Neo-Nazis at Pro-Police Event in Boston

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, Straight Pride Parade organizers Super Happy Fun America held a Restore Sanity rally in Boston, where they demonstrated their support for the police alongside neo-Nazi group the NSC-131. NSC stands for “Nationalist Social Club,” and “131” is alphanumeric code for “ACA,” or “Anti-Communist Action.” Other groups present included the Patriot Saints, a splinter cell of anti-immigrant hate group the Soldiers of Odin USA, and the American Guard, whose members recently lost social media accounts due to a coordinated takedown from Facebook, after the platform discovered that members were planning to carry weapons to confront Black Lives Matter protesters.

The group of approximately 20 attendees, including seven Tmembers of the NSC-131, was met by a counter-protest of hundreds organized by Solidarity Against Hate Boston.

Despite the NSC-131 performing security at a Super Happy Fun America Reopen protest on May 30, the SHFA organizers were unhappy when the NSC-131 unfurled a Sonnenrad flag in full view of the protesters.

They wrote: “Thanks to everyone who came out to our rally today. Except for these alt-right types. We did not invite them and asked them to leave. When they refused we asked the police to remove them and they refused to do so. They have nothing to do with us and are not invited back!” Super Happy Fun America tweeted after antifascist researchers exposed the years-long connection between members of the two groups.

NSC-131 leader Chris Hood has been regularly attending Super Happy Fun America events since 2017, when SHFA was known as Resist Marxism. Hood began his association with the group as a teenage Proud Boy, while serving as an admin for the Proud Boys Northeast Facebook group. Hood later started a Massachusetts cell of neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, and continued to attend Resist Marxism rallies in Patriot Front gear, even literally serving as their standard bearer while the group protested a March for Our Lives rally in 2018. In 2019, Hood joined The Base, a group of neo-Nazi accelerationists that broke up in January 2020, after seven members were charged with offenses ranging from hate-crime vandalism to attempted murder.

In 2019, Hood faced weapons charges after posting pro-ICE flyers advertising both the law enforcement agency and neo-Nazi group Patriot Front in an East Boston neighborhood. In court, he wore a bracelet reading “1488,” a reference to the white nationalist “14 words” oath coined by David Lane, and “88,” an alphanumeric code for “HH” or “Heil Hitler.”

Other NSC members present included former Resist Marxism Spokesman Michael Moura, who was recently released from jail after being charged with 34 counts of violating a restraining order; Anthony Petruccelli, a longtime National Socialist Movement member who recently celebrated Timothy Wilson, a fellow NSM member who was killed in a shootout with federal law enforcement on his way to bomb a hospital in Missouri; and Cameron “Twisted Savage” Anthony, a former member of Aryan Strikeforce, who was charged in 2017 with threatening a Latino man with a knife and baseball bat.

Similarly, neo-Nazis marched alongside bikers and Trump supporters at a Norco, California event, where they threatened and attacked Black Lives Matter protesters.

YouTube Removes Seven Far-Right Accounts, Including Gavin McInnes, Richard Spencer, and Stefan Molyneux

On Monday, YouTube removed six high-profile far-Right accounts, including those linked to Richard Spencer, Stefan Molyneux, and David Duke. On Tuesday morning, Molyneux was also suspended from SoundCloud, which had been hosting his podcast, after a months-long campaign from Sleeping Giants co-founder Nandini Jammi. Earlier in the week, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes was also banned from YouTube.

Other deplatforms this week include Groyper Ashley Rae Goldenberg losing her Twitter account, far-Right social network Gab getting banned from using Visa services, the NSC-131 receiving a copyright violation notice after infringing on the logo of North Face Apparel, and Proud Boys Council of Elders member Ethan “Rufio Panman” Nordean being fired from Wally’s Chowder House by his own father.

“I hope you guys lose your business and go broke. The fact that you have thrown your son under the bus like that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. You don’t have the right to call yourself a father, no real father would ever do something like that to his son,” Ethan tweeted at the Wally’s Restaurants Twitter account.

Two weeks ago, Facebook and Instagram removed over 1000 accounts belonging to members of the Proud Boys and the American Guard in a coordinated takedown, after the social network discovered the hate groups were coordinating an armed confrontation with Black Lives Matter protesters.


Jeremy Cayford, aka “Jeremy Durante,” American Guard in New Hampshire

Antifascist activist and researcher of the far-right Antifash Gordon was able to identify a Super Happy Fun America participant and a III%er and American Guard probate Jeremy Cayford, who harassed a Juneteenth celebration in Boston on Friday. Jeremy Cayford, aka “Jeremy Durante.” Cayford recently lost his social media accounts as part of a coordinated hate group take-down from Facebook.

ABC reports, “On May 30, the social media’s internal monitors started seeing traffic from both organizations indicating they intended to send armed agitators to ongoing protests sparked in the wake of the death of George Floyd.”

For some background on American Guard: they were once a neo-Nazi group called the Vinlanders Social Club, one of the most violent skinhead gangs in the country, and then overnight, proclaimed they were rebranding as “Constitutional American nationalists.” They were very briefly the Indiana chapter of the Soldiers of Odin USA, headed up by Brien James, former KKK and co-founder of the Outlaw Hammerskins.

They’ve got very deep ties to the Proud Boys. Here’s video of American Guard co-founder Brien James admitting that he’s the President of the Indiana Proud Boys. In New England, the American Guard, the Proud Boys, and Super Happy Fun America have been connected to a string of violent attacks on protesters.

Proud Boy Nicolas Bennett of London, ON

YVCE of ARCollective out of Ontario, Canada were able to identify London, ON tattooist and Proud Boy member Nicolas Bennett. Bennett was discovered as being behind an extreme neo-Nazi Telegram channel since November, 2019. Bennett owns Vision Tattoo Studio in London, Ontario. On his social media, he regularly posts fascist and antisemitic content, as it is his perception that we are engaged in a race war.

Bennett uploaded his resume to LinkedIn using the same email he used for two social media accounts, one of which was used to participate in a Proud Boy run chat called Canada First. In 2017, his tattoo shop, Vision Tattoo was stickered after it came out that ownership are fascists with Proud Boy ties. It appears the community was not thrilled with neo-Nazi’s in their neighborhood. Also in 2017, a Medium article on the hate scene in London named him as the “self-declared leader” of the local Proud Boys.

An update from YVCE indicates the following:

“We’ve been advised that Bennett’s shop has been closed for some time. Recent tweets indicate he’s still a tattooer, though it’s not clear if he’s scratching out of his house or if he’s at another shop. If you have any info, our dms are open.”

John David Smith, Proud Boy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sunny South Dallas Anti-Fascist Action identified Tulsa, OK Proud Boy John David Smith. Smith’s social media indicates that he regularly recruits for the Proud Boys. In other interactions, Smith uses the culturally appropriated Swahili greeting “Uhuru” to congratulate his Proud Boy brothers on creating the western world, which was actually built on the backs of Black slaves.

Smith uses the Bible to support his desire to commit violence against his enemies and expresses support for protesters getting run over and has linked to Nazi skinhead bands on his Facebook profile. Smith’s criminal record includes a criminal trespassing charge and he was discovered to have attended the Trump rally in Tulsa last weekend.

Dustin Parkhill, Proud Boy in Benton, Illinois

Sunny South Dallas AFA also discovered the identity of Benton, IL Proud Boy Dustin Parkhill. Parkhill uses neo-Nazi dogwhistles on his social media such as the Pepe the Frog meme. Parkhill’s twitter profile shows that he is a supporter of Q Anon, a web of conspiracy theory that include antisemitic undertones as well. You can read more about Q Anon here and here as well.

Parkhill works for Continental Tire in Mt Vernon, IL and goes to Whittington Church in Whittington, IL. Those who are inclined to reach out are encouraged to contact Continental Tire at their “The Americas” HQ in Fort Mill, SC rather than Mt Vernon. Their number is 704-583-3900.

Damien Russell of San Diego, the “Commander” of the American Coalition Party

Corvalis Antifascist activist and researcher out of Corvalis, OR were able to identify a member of the American Coalition Party and San Diego resident as Damien Russell. Russell filmed himself destroying a Black Lives Matter memorial and putting up racist propaganda. What a loser.

As CVAgainstFash states: “This might seem pretty benign, but they should definitely be paid attention to. Their chat is full of people unironicly posting Hitler memes and links to James Mason’s Siege, a book that’s inspired Neo-Nazi terrorists like Atomwaffen.”

Colorado University Boulder Econ Professor Phil Graves

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists discovered Phil Graves, a CU Boulder economics professor whose social media presence indicates that he is into some pretty problematic behavior and beliefs. Graves has posted race-based crime statistics and the myth of Black-on-Black crime. He also posted a photo of some topless women that had been taken without their consent. Graves, who is in a position of power as a university professor and regularly has access to women, also jokes about sexual assault and mocks autistic children.

His social media also indicates that he, at very least, supports some problematic figures in the Groyper movement such as Michelle Malkin and the pro-Trump organization, Turning Point USA (TP-           USA). Michelle Malkin has long parroted white nationalist talking points and in the past year has come out in heavy support of Unite the Right attendee and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and the Groyper movement, even speaking at their recent conference in Washington DC. Anecdotal accounts indicate Graves problematic beliefs definitely impact the classroom.

Lorentz Bunger, of Medical City Children’s Hospital, Drove Car Through Crowd of Protesters

Sunny South Dallas AFA has identified the man who ran his car through a group of protesters hitting one in uptown Dallas as Lorentz Bunger. He then proceeded to get out of his vehicle, brandish and chamber his weapon and point it at protesters. Lorentz is a nurse at Medical City Children’s Hospital.

“Proud Boy” Delbert Slater and his wife Sissy in Bakersfield, California

Antifascist researcher behind the twitter handle @RuthlessWe identified a Bakersfield, CA Proud Boy and his wife as Delbert and Sissy Slater. Both Delbert’s Facebook and Twitter accounts make references to the Proud Boys, but his twitter has more outright fascist memes. While Sissy isn’t a member of the Proud Boys herself, she is certainly sympathetic to their bigoted views as evidenced by her hat choices. Delbert is an employee of the County of Kern’s waste disposal department and has been seen driving around a waste disposal truck.

The Proud Boys are a threat to the community. Those who are inclined are asked to reach out to the County of Kern and let them know that Delbert is an active member of an SPLC-designated hate group and ask for his removal immediately. Please contact Kern County Public Works to make the report.

Proud Boy Martin (Jack) McCasland from Iowa Park, TX

Sunny South Dallas ARA identified another Proud Boy this week by the name of Martin (Jack) McCasland from Iowa Park, TX. Jack likes to paint himself as a Church-going, Christ-loving  family man, but then pivots to making threats of hanging congresswomen.

It’s indicated that Jack works two jobs, one of them is at Autozone on Kell Blvd. in Wichita Falls. You can contact them and ask them why they employ neo-Nazi’s. With the help of antifascist researcher @IdentifyDixie, it was also discovered that Jack holds the position as a 15-year Sergeant of Corrections Officers.

Proud Boy Daniel Tooze of Oregon

Antifascist researcher behind the twitter handle @RuthlessWe also discovered the identity of another Oregon Proud Boy, Daniel Tooze. Apparently Tooze decided recently that he would run for public office. He’s also been helping to organize anti-Black Lives Matter events. Before the George Floyd uprising began, Tooze was actively participating in pro-pandemic events with giant flags.

As you might expect, Tooze’ social media is filled with COVID disinformation and anti-ANTIFA rhetoric. He often speaks of “a purge” where he and his fellow Proud Boys would be the solution to whatever perceived problems he sees and celebrates other far-right violence and those who perpetrate it. He also embraces the Boogaloo movement and their co-optation of George Floyd uprising against police violence while denouncing Black Lives Matter as a terrorist group. Follow this link to view and report an anti-BLM protest he is organizing on July 4th at the Oregon State Capitol.

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