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Dec 23, 20

This Week In Fascism #88: A Diversity of Fascists

Welcome fellow antifascists!

As per usual, we have an amazing column for you this week! We’ve got an action roundup, a report on what happened in Salem, Oregon, where armed far-Right groups tried to storm the state capitol, Three Percenter leader Chris Hill getting fired from his job after bragging about ambushing counter-protesters in Atlanta, and lots more news, doxxes, and updates!

With so much to cover, let’s dive right in!


Antifascist Action Continues Across US

  • In the Twin Cities, antifascists held a march against continued Proud Boy violence, linking it to opposition to the police and the much contested Line 3 pipeline. Proud Boys were no shows; antifascist graffiti was also written along march route.

  • In Sacramento, antifascists again rallied against the Proud Boys in the downtown; leading to brawls with the far-Right. Indian farmers also rallied against Modi’s continued rule. Check Antifa Sacramento for ways to support those arrested.

  • In Rocklin, CA, people came out to oppose a anti-LGBTQ church and also confronted Proud Boys who showed up to support the homophobic pastor.

Far-Right Anti-Lockdown Protesters Attempt to Storm Oregon’s State Capitol

On Monday morning, December 21st, far-Right anti-lockdown protesters attempted to storm Oregon’s State Capitol in Salem, Oregon. Joey Gibson, who leads the violent pan-far-Right group Patriot Prayer, instructed individuals to gather around 9:00 AM on the capitol grounds to protest the fact that legislators had decided to close today’s legislative session to the public. Many protesters had AR-style rifles with them. According to Vice News’ Tess Owens, “protesters started gathering at 8 AM local time and by 9 the crowd had swelled to about 300-strong.”

According to independent journalist Laura Jedeed, who was on the ground as things were unfolding, around 8:45 AM, protesters rushed the doors to force themselves inside the building. Police retreated inside the building in an effort to keep out any protesters. Jedeed recounts skirmishes between protesters and law enforcement, and an apparent hallway filled with mace.

There are chants about saving children, people yelling about their constitutional rights, protesters espousing racist anger towards Chinese “Chi-Coms,” folks singing the national anthem, and one person who shouts “Get a rope!” in response to Patriot Prayer member Chandler Pappas assertion that, “This is America! No one tells us what we can and cannot do!” By 9:20 AM, protesters are pounding on the doors and screaming, “Let us in.” Ten minutes later, according to Jedeed, the protesters pried open the door and were immediately hit with pepper balls. By 9:30, police showed up with armored vehicles. At 10:00 AM, DJ LRAD goes off and declares the event an unlawful assembly.

The police presence did not feel nearly as significant as it’s been for leftist protesters, which is to be expected. Jedeed indicated that even as the crowd thinned out, there were folks yelling at police that they still “back the blue,” while others voiced their disagreement. By noon, Jedeed reported that there were only maybe 20 or so protesters left, shouting at police in MRAPs, declaring their constitutional right to protest.

According to VICE, one livestreamer stated:

“Show up in black bloc, get on your apps,” he said. “Are you guys really standing against tyranny? Come stand with us. If you really are trying to make the world better and make citizens more free, and stop a tyrannical government from taking your rights, stand with us.”

Though things seemed to slow down briefly; protesters continued to be a presence at the capit0l for several hours longer, and around 1:40 PM, a small group attempted to break out two glass doors in order to gain access to the capitol building. Oregon Public Broadcasting journalist Sergio Olmos was attacked by area right-wing extremist Jeremy Roberts while filming. Apparently Roberts also assaulted another reporter. Roberts has a marked history of violence including domestic violence. Protesters appear to have made a deliberate turn against journalists who are there to observe the actions. Given recent escalations, it’s likely that as we near inauguration day, more armed actions will occur from members and groups on the far-Right.

Latinos for Trump Flew Proud Boy Leader Out to Violent DC Rally

According to USA Today:

In November, [Proud Boys leader Enrique] Tarrio and other leaders of [Latinos for Trump] flew in a private jet to attend the “Million MAGA March,” a pro-Trump event in Washington, D.C. The group has financed such trips through the kindness of donors, [a Latinos for Trump organizer] said. “There are a lot of generous patriots out there,” she said in an interview. “What can I say? We’ve been very lucky.”

After flying to DC with Latinos for Trump, Enrique Tarrio when attended a series of drunken gatherings which ended with the Proud Boys attacking and stabbing several counter-protesters.

Leader of Far-Right Militia that Ambushed Anti-Racist Protesters in Atlanta, Georgia After ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally Claims He Was Fired From Job


In a video saved by antifascists, Three Percenter leader Chris Hill admitted to ambushing a group of protesters on the streets in Atlanta, GA following a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally. According to WABE:

[A]fter a recent pro-Trump rally in Atlanta over election results, some demonstrators say a Georgia militia group allegedly drove around the city in search of counter-protesters to assault at gunpoint. WABE has spoken to the alleged victims and reviewed partial video of the incident.

Several blocks from where the Dec. 12 rally had ended, a group of four anti-fascist activists said they were packing up to leave. One of them had lost their car keys and was waiting on a locksmith. They say two trucks pulled up behind them near a Georgia State University parking lot on Auburn Ave. Another group of trucks allegedly blocked off nearby traffic.

“Chris Hill jumped out first.” said one of the victims, who agreed to talk to WABE on the condition of anonymity. Hill is a leader of a local Three Percenter militia group.“And almost simultaneously, all the other doors opened in all the other trucks. And every one of them pulled their guns out, had us all at gunpoint,” said the alleged victim who is a 30-something, self-identified Antifa protester who asked to be called Greenbae. Greenbae and the others who were with him say they fear retribution from their alleged attackers, as well as police entanglement. They have not filed charges.

Greenbae said he tried to start a livestream as the armed men approached. The video shows at least three masked men closing in fast. One has what appears to be a stun gun and another cocks a rifle. Greenbae’s voice can be heard saying he and his group are unarmed as one of the alleged attackers repeats, “You wanna f***in’ die?”

“And I’m recording right then until they hit my phone out of my hands,” said Greenbae of the moment the live stream is cut.

He said he and three fellow activists were surrounded by more than a dozen armed men. He and a friend were allegedly hit. Greenbae said his group had tried to retreat toward an area where security cameras were likely to capture the incident.

Following the incident, Atlanta Antifascists posted the follow report:

Since March 2015, the Brannen Law Firm in Morrow, Georgia has employed far-Right militia leader Christopher Hill as a paralegal. During this time, Hill’s III% Security Force militia led anti-Muslim campaigns, organized alongside white supremacists despite claims of being non-racist, and was linked to a bomb plot in Kansas. A III% Security Force ally committed a brutal attack during 2017’s “Unite the Right” event in Charlottesville, Virginia. Most recently, Hill’s “Georgia Security Force” – our state’s wing of III% SF – assaulted unarmed anti-racist and anti-fascist counter-protesters in Atlanta, with Hill boasting about the gang attack afterward.

Since Hill is a highly visible public face of the militia movement and frequently makes inflammatory statements to the media, Joseph Chad Brannen’s firm must be aware of his employee’s activities. Chad Brannen nevertheless enables Hill’s far-Right organizing by keeping the militia leader employed. After half a decade of harm to communities, it is time for the Brannen Law Firm to fire Hill.

On Tuesday, Chris Hill posted on social media that he was fired from his paralegal job.

Freedom of the Press Releases Horrifying Report on 2020 Data of Attacks Toward Journalists

On December 13th, the Freedom of the Press Foundation released a startling report on the number of journalists who have been arrested in 2020, many of whom were arrested during the peak of the George Floyd Uprisings across the United States. The report points out that the number of journalists arrested this year is “unprecedented.” To date, according to the US Freedom of the Press Tracker, 313 journalists have been assaulted, there have been 120 instances of arrest or detainment of journalists, 75 reported instances of damaged equipment (presumably by police), 12 journalists/news organizations have been subpoenaed, 60+ reported election-related press freedom violations, and 980+ reported press freedom violations around national social justice protests.

According to the report, “Arrests of journalists skyrocketed by more than 1200% in comparison to 2019. In just one week, from May 29 – June 4, more reporters were arrested in the U.S. than in the previous three years combined. Arrests occurred in more than two dozen cities across the country. And more than 36% of the arrests were accompanied by an assault: journalists were beaten, hit with rubber bullets or other projectiles or covered in chemical agents, like tear gas or pepper spray.”

The report is astounding and a reflection of the hostility that many journalists have endured this year. For a more detailed account of the data including a timeline of events, head over to Freedom of the Press.

Oath Keepers Leader Threatens Civil War, Yet Again, In Open Letter to Trump

On Monday, December 14th Oath Keepers militia leader Steward Rhodes posted an open letter to Donald Trump demanding that the president invoke the Insurrection Act against the “domestic traitors” who he alleges worked with the Chinese government to appoint Joe Biden as president of the United States. This open letter suggests that Trump must order the military to seize intelligence databases and electoral systems records, and to declassify evidence of treason by “elites” who supposedly colluded with China to rig the election. It demands that Trump mobilize the national guard, and recruit “all able-bodied Americans between the ages of 17-45 who are still loyal to the Constitution to likewise report for duty,” as well as all veterans under 65 years of age.

Peter Montgomery of Right Wing Watch notes that the statement echos sentiments expressed by Rhodes at the December 12th pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C., where he declared that militias would be forced to take matters into their own hands if the president fails to act, resulting in a “bloody” civil war. However, this demand from Rhodes actually predates the rally by several months. Casey Michel, writing for The New Republic, notes that the militia leader was imploring Trump to declare the 2020 BLM uprisings a “Marxist insurrection” beginning in August, following the killing of Patriot Prayer member Aaron Danielson.

Stewart Rhodes has used threatening rhetoric about impending civil war several times before. During Trump’s impeachment hearings the milita tweeted, “We ARE on the verge of a HOT civil war. Like in 1859.” On July 4th 2017, Rhodes sent out a letter to other Oath Keepers stating that if Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election, there would have been combat “on American soil.” Days before the 2016 presidential election, the Oath Keepers organized “Operation Sabot,” an effort to monitor the polls to prevent “the left” from stealing the election. Last month, according to Unicorn Riot, Rhodes stated on a private call “[Trump] has a responsibility and duty to suppress that insurrection repel the invasion of the communist Chinese and all their allies…I’m telling you straight up, guys, if he doesn’t drop the hammer on this communist insurrection, we are going to end up fighting a bloody civil war in this country to defeat them.”

The ideology of the Oath Keepers and the milita movement as a whole has been riddled with contradictions since its inception, with their self-professed non-partisanship and anti-government stance in direct opposition to their early Republican and Tea Party alliances and their largely ex-military and ex-law-enforcement membership. Their apparent thirst for violence against leftists in the name of protecting Trump’s leadership highlights these consistencies even further and, alongside leaks of their private chats in which they discussed killing journalists and BLM protesters, leaves no doubt that the Oath Keepers and other far-right militias are simply fascists.

Casey Michel says it best in her excellent piece for The New Republic from August of this year:

Rhodes’s comments are hardly a surprise. But they are explicit confirmation that America’s militia movement is a vehicle for far-right forces to coalesce and coordinate armed pushback against protesters of anti-democratic policies in the U.S. They confirm that these armed, conspiratorially minded men’s “support and defend the Constitution” rhetoric was empty air, vacuous word salad meant to paper over the violence these men thirst for. They confirm that, in the end, America’s militia movement is little more than the heir to the white vigilantes that preceded it—the white rifle clubs and night-riders terrorizing Black Americans, the settler-colonial vigilante groups leading America’s ethnic cleansing campaigns across the American West. These supposed “oath keepers” are now Fascisti for a would-be American Duce, Blackshirt shock troops in the campaign to maintain the nation’s racial hierarchy, no matter how much bloodshed that goal requires.

Former Houston Cop Arrested for Holding AC Repairman at Gunpoint Over Fake Voter Fraud Claims

A former Houston cop has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he stalked and pulled a firearm on an unsuspecting man, David Lopez Zuniga, an air conditioner repairman. Zuniga was driving home from a job when he was rear-ended and then held at gunpoint by former Houston Police Captain Mark Aguirre. Aguirre was paid $266,400 by GOP party activist Dr. Steven Hotze, to investigate “widespread voter fraud,” a myth that has been pushed by Donald Trump in response to his election loss. Hotze, who runs the Houston-based non-profit organization Liberty Center for God and Country and who has been a proponent of the myth, paid a team of 20 investigators to engage in surveillance of people, who, for whatever reason, had been targeted for their supposed involvement with voter fraud.

According to the StarTribune, “Aguirre was fired from the Houston Police Department in 2003 after a botched raid in which nearly 300 people were arrested in a crackdown on illegal street racing. Most who were arrested were not linked to street racing and charges were dropped. Aguirre was tried and acquitted on five counts of official oppression.”

Aguirre is being held on a $30,000 bond and if convicted, could face up to 20 years in prison. For more information on this story or to read the affidavit in it’s entirety, please head over to this ABC13 article.

Family of Kyle Rittenhouse Launch Propaganda Website, Sell Branded Merch to Raise Legal Funds

The family of Kenosha killer, Kyle Rittenhouse is selling branded merch to raise money for his defense fund, according to reporting by Kenosha News., a site run by Rittenhouse’s mother, purports to outline the “true facts” of Kyle’s case.

Launched on December 4th, its homepage features an eleven minute long, professionally produced propaganda video dedicated to smearing Rittenhouse’s victims and maintaining that the shooter acted in self-defense. Emphasizing that Rittenhouse was a lifeguard with medical training, the website portrays the killer as a “good Samaritan” who attended the protest in order to “provide medical aid” and “protect private property from further destruction” by “rioters bent on chaos.” The featured video, complete with dramatic music and sensationalized footage of fireworks and smashed windows from the uprising, identifies the names and prior criminal charges of each of Rittenhouse’s victims, implying that they all visciously attacked the 17-year-old gunman and deserved to be shot in return. At the top of the homepage is a James Monroe quote and a donation tracker superimposed over a black and white photograph of Rittenhouse’s face. The quote reads: “The right of SELF-DEFENSE never ceases. It is among the MOST SACRED, AND ALIKE NECESSARY to nations and to individuals.”

On the “Store” section of the site, Rittenhouse fans can purchase hoodies, shirts, phone cases, crop tops, and even a bikini swimsuit, all featuring the “Free Kyle” logo and the slogan “Self-defense is a right, not a privilege.” John Pierce, Rittenhouse’s attorney, insists that no profits are being made from the site, with all the money going toward legal costs.

A statement on the website by Kyle’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, reads:

“We estimate Kyle’s defense costs for trial to be approximately 2.0 – 2.5 million dollars and after turning over the 2 million dollar cash bail, we are essentially starting at zero. Asking for help has never been easy for me, but Kyle and my family really need your help. Anything you can give, whether it be messages of support or financial contributions to Kyle’s defense fund are greatly appreciated. I alone control this website and Kyle’s Defense Fund. Upon Kyles acquittal and return of the cash bail, Kyle wants to use remaining funds to help others fighting for their God-given right to defend themselves, their family, and their community.”

Ethical concerns have been raised over Pierce’s representation of Rittenhouse, since Pierce helped establish the nonprofit called the #FightBack Foundation, which was used to raise money for the shooter’s $2 million bail after co-founder Lin Wood began representing Rittenhouse. According to Assistant DA Thomas Binger, “Attorney Pierce’s personal financial difficulties raise significant ethical concerns, especially when he has close ties to a substantial yet unregulated and unreported ‘slush fund’ that is intended solely for the benefit of the defendant.”

Kyle Rittenhouse was filmed shooting three people and killing two of them at the August 25th protest in Kenosha, WI. Although the last two individuals to be wounded by Rittenhouse were attempting to disarm him after he shot the first victim in the head, far-Right pundits including Tucker Carlson and Elijah Schaffer have pushed the narrative that Rittenhouse was merely defending himself, the community, and private property. The launch of this horrifically offensive e-shop by Rittenhouse’s family and legal team is just the lastest move in a concerted effort by the far-right to lionize Rittenhouse as a herioc patriot. In doing so, they are normalizing and rationalizing acts of terror and violence against leftists, anti-racist activists, and protesters exercising their first ammendment rights.


Christopher Joseph Dunphy Jr., Proud Boy of Catonsville, MD

Antifa Trash Panda has identified Christopher Joseph Dunphy Jr. of Catonsville, MD. The 34-year-old Proud Boy is armed and his social media posts indicate that he has a violent streak. One of his Facebook posts reads “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Others show him posing with firearms. Unsurprisingly, both of his Twitter accounts have been suspended for violating the terms of service, likely for his violent, threatening rhetoric. Earlier this month, he promoted the December 12th march in Washington D.C., implying that he would be in attendance.

Easily identified by his noticeable scars and tattoos, Dunphy also posted photos of his ID and legal last name on his Instagram page for some reason. His posting history on that account reveals horrific racism and misogyny.

Dunphy owns “Modern Media Consulting Agency,” and targets local businesses as his clientele. Antifa Trash Panda has provided screenshots of his business’ social media pages in their original thread.

Stefanie Rachelle Redding, “Taking Back America” Member from Troy, MI

Vigilant AFA has doxxed Stefanie Rachelle Redding or Troy, MI. The 34-year-old right-wing organizer is employed as a crowd manager for comerica park, and runs a Facebook group called “Take America Back – Michigan Chapter,” an offshoot of the “Re-Open” groups that surfaced earlier this year in protest of the COVID lockdowns. Through this group, Redding organizes with Proud Boys and professes her allegiance to the III% militia. She recruits for Proud Boy meetings on Facebook, helps them live-stream, and encourages others to tune in. Stephanie’s associates from the right-wing scene in Michigan have repeatedly threatened local Black Lives Matter activists with violence. Redding herself has expressed an interest in infiltrating the anti-racist group Detroit Will Breathe, supposedly to learn more about their funding.

If you’d like to help Vigilant AFA, read the full thread and check out the following action items:

  • Report Taking Back America groups on Facebook.
  • Send tips on an unidentified chud who assaulted a woman protester (video in thread).
  • Call the Detroit Tigers (313) 962-4000, ask to speak to Karen Gruca (HR Manager), and inform her that their crowd manager organizes with hate groups.

Timothy Allen Dunham, Proud Boy and MSU Clinical Center Healthcare Worker

Vigilant AFA has also exposed the workplace of Timothy Allen Dunham, a Proud Boy who was originally doxxed by the crew in September. Dunham, a racist, anti-immigrant ICE supporter, works in the healthcare field at MSU Clinical Center. His views seem to violate MSU Clinical Center’s discrimination policy. If this concerns you, you can contact Claire Hankenson, who oversees Timothy’s department, at [email protected] You can also contact VP of Regulatory Affairs Joseph Haywood at (517) 353-7147 or [email protected], and let him know that you don’t think hate group members should be employed by the university.

​​​​​​​Robert Piccirillo, Proud Boy and Creator of Nazi “6MWE” T-Shirt

We Will Be Ruthless has identified the Proud Boy who manufactured the “6MWE” t-shirt seen on a right-wing protester at the violent Washington D.C. protest last weekend. Fat Enzo T-Shirts is run by Proud Boy Robert Piccirillo, a.k.a. “Bobby Pickles.” The lettering on the now-infamous shirt stands for “6 million wasn’t enough,” a reference to the number of Jewish people who were killed in the Holocaust.

Originally doxxed in July, Piccirillo hosts the Bobby Pickles Podcast and has interviewed Roger Stone, Gavin McGinnes, Milo Yiannopoulis, Laura Loomer, Enrique Tarrio, and other right-wingers and crypto-fascists. He has already been kicked off of Paypal, Facebook, and Instagram for his hateful content. While the “6MWE” is probably the most shocking design produced by Fat Enzo T-Shirts, and certainly the most overtly sympathetic to Nazism, they also sell a number of items featuring the acronym “RWDS,” or “Right Wing Death Squad.” Piccirillo is also very fond of Augusto Pinochet, who jailed, tortured, and killed tens of thousands of political dissidents after ascending to power in Chile after a CIA-backed coup in 1973. He sells merchandise says “Pinochet did nothing wrong,” and “Make communists afraid of rotary aircrafts again, physical removal since 1973,” a reference to the practice of “death flights.”

Piccirillo’s business is a hub for violent extremism. He also operates a Youtube channel, which should be reported. The full thread We Will Be Ruthless contains contact info, links, and more information.

David Alex Julian, Proud Boy of Gresham, OR

Rose City Antifa has identified 29-year-old Proud Boy David Julian as one of the attendees of the violent December 12th pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. Julian has associates in Patriot Prayer, Oregon Women for Trump (an org with documented neo-Nazi ties), and PDX Stormers (the Oregon chapter of the white supremacist Daily Stormer Book Club). Julian was originally doxxed by Rose City Antifa in September, and their full write-up can be found here.

Justin Daniel Gibson, Georgia III% Security Force

Justin Gibson, known as “Operator,” was one of the militia members who attacked unarmed protesters while one right-winger brandished a gun at the December 12th, 2020 demonstration in Atlanta. Following the attack, Atlanta Justice discovered clips of Gibson bragging about the incident. He states, “I kicked you in the ass and put your face into the side of a building,” and boasts of breaking a protester’s phone.

AntiFash Gordon was able to identify Gibson from his “anonymous” Zello profile, where his tattoos and recognizable tactical vest were visible in photos, although he blurred his face. He also has a Facebook sock account where he easily identified in pictures with other Georgia III% Security Force members, and where he publicly posted his personal phone number in conversation with another user.

Until this morning, Gibson worked at Oak Grove Tech, where he trained members of the police force and military. He has since been fired, thanks to AFG’s readers who contacted his employer and informed them that a violent extremist was working for their company.

Dylan Michael Chambers, Atomwaffen Division Member of Battleboro, VT

Vermont Neo-Nazi Dylan Chambers is responsible for fascist propaganda that has appeared throughout Battleboro recently. Through Chambers’ Telegram and Facebook accounts, Antifa Garfield discovered that he served in the the United States Army. Notably, it is clear from his social media posts that his white supremacist beliefs began before his military service, and continue to this day.

Chambers’ Facebook pages, at least one of which he operates under his legal name, are full of racism, anti-Semitism, and explicit Nazi imagery. He is also a promoter of Atomwaffen Division, the neo-Nazi terrorist organization responsible for five murders, which was formed in 2015, taking inspiration from James Mason’s text Seige. According to Antifa Garfield, Chambers bragged to an anonymous source about Nazi vandalism, and admitted to placing Atomwaffen Division posters around down that stated “Black lives don’t matter.”

Considering his affiliation with an extremist group that cites Charles Manson as a key influence and promotes all-out race war, it is especially troubling that Chambers is heavily armed and possesses military training. Antifa Garfield notes that Chambers is just one example of white supremacist extremists infiltrating the military, a widespread problem in the United States and other countries. For more information, see the full thread.

Shannon Neubauer, Proud Boy of Omaha, Nebraska

Antifascist researchers We Will Be Ruthless have identified an Omaha, Nebraska Proud Boy Shannon Neubauer. RuthlessWe were able to follow the fascist breadcrumbs after Neubauer left an excellent review for neo-Nazi clothing company “Fat Enzo T-Shirts.” Neubauer’s social media is full of Proud Boy’s propaganda. Like other members of the hate group, Neubauer espouses a lot of violent content relating to how he’d like to handle pedophiles. This is a common trope among members of the far-right. The issue is that they like to label anyone who they deem as problematic, such as members of the queer community, as pedophiles. Then they use their violence toward marginalized communities under the guise of protecting the community from percieved pedophiles. It’s twisted and dangerous.

Neubauer is the Director of Sales Engineering at Prime Communications. Concerned members of the community can contact Prime Communications and kindly ask about their policy around hiring members of SPLC designated hate groups, specifically the Proud Boys.

Prime Communications contact page
Prime Communications Facebook page

Phone: 402-289-4126
Email: [email protected]

Marvin Dominguez, Proud Boy of North Plainfield, NJ

Our comrade Antifascist Trash Panda has identified Plainfield, New Jersey Proud Boy Marvin Dominguez. Dominguez, who served in the Marine Corps, uses his Facebook profile to profess his anger that Trump lost the election, and to regularly disclose his membership with the SPLC-designated group, the Proud Boys. Like other Proud Boys, Dominguez has some pretty violent fantasies about how the election results ought to be handled and regularly expresses his hatred toward communists.

Folks who are inclined are asked to reach out to Dominguez’ employer and kindly ask about their policy around hiring members of a hate group. Dominguez works for International Club and Sports Bar as the Operations Manager in North Plainfield, NJ.

International Club and Sports Bar
Phone: 908-447-2468

Bob Mitchell, Proud Boy of Fair Oaks, California

Antifa Sacramento were able to identify Fair Oaks, California resident and local Proud Boy, Bob Mitchell. During a video posted on December 15th, Mitchell admitted his membership to the SPLC-designated hate group. Plainly stated by Antifa Sacramento, “The fact that Mitchell owns a business in Citrus Heights and is a member of the Proud Boys is cause for concern: the more that fascist groups are able to gather, access financial resources, and normalize their beliefs as ‘everyday people,’ the more they are able to grow and spread hate.”

Mitchell uses his social media to recruit new members to the Proud Boys. He is a danger to the community. For more information, head over to Antifa Sacramento’s blog post. To take action consider the following:

We highly encourage you to give Bob Mitchell a piece of your mind via Surf & Skate’s Yelp, Birdeye, Facebook, Locally, Judy’s Book, and Google reviews pages. Keep in mind that these sites often delete “politically motivated” reviews, so you may want to limit your commentary to bad service, poor customer care, etc.

It might also be helpful to flier the surrounding area to community members know to avoid Mitchell’s business, as well as to let the surrounding businesses know who their racist neighbor is.

Bob Mitchell is the owner of:
Surf & Skate in Citrus Heights, California
Phone: (916) 721-5000

If you have information about Bob Mitchell contact us at: antifasac(at)

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