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Dec 31, 20

This Week in Fascism #89: ‘Patriots’ Vandalize Charlottesville Marcher’s Vehicle, Blame ‘ANTIFA’ & Set Up Crowdfunding Campaign

Welcome fellow antifascists!

We’ve got some juicy stories this week! From a large-scale neo-Nazi terror plot being exposed, to a round of doxxes, a call for solidarity with antifascists in Salem, Oregon, and stories on drama in Proud Boy ranks and Patriots in the Pacific Northwest attempting to pin the blame on vandalizing the vehicle of a Unite the Right marcher on ‘ANTIFA’ and ‘BLM.’

With so much to cover, let’s dive in!


Far-Right “Patriots” Vandalize Charlottesville Marcher’s Car, Blame “ANTIFA” and “BLM,” Fundraiser Set Up to Grift Supporters

Lines are being drawn in far-Right circles in the Pacific Northwest, after Ara Almosa, a Back the Blue organizer, admitted on a recorded phone call to vandalizing a vehicle belonging to Andrew “Black Rebel” Duncomb, along with another far-Right activist, Skylor Jernigan. In mid-December, Duncomb’s vehicle was vandalized with its windows being broken and tires slashed. Following the vandalism, members of far-Right groups on social media posted heavily about the incident and set up a fundraiser on the “Christian Fundraising” website, Give Send Go.

According to the site:

December 15th at 10:30pm: Andrew Duncomb and Reggie Axtell arrived home from the Trump March in Washington DC to find Andrew aka Black Rebels vehicle vandalized, destroyed and Tires slashed. Four windows busted out on his SUV. Antifa have recently doxxed his vehicle information online and his place of living. Andrews vehicle has been targeted on multiple occasions and it’s all been caught on film. unfortunately, this time Antifa waited for Andrew and Reggie to head off to Washington DC. Sneak over to their home and target Andrews vehicle. They were left defenseless unable to defend his property while he was gone. Please help Andrew, his vehicle is very vital to his source of income and well being. This is an attack on Andrews livelihood! If you could please donate we’d be so grateful and appreciative especially during these times and right before the holidays.

Ara Almosa, Black the Blue organizer, via @PDXshield

The incident took place while Duncomb, a regular at far-Right, Patriot, and even white nationalist events such as the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, across the US, was at a Proud Boy rally in DC on December 12th, where members of the group vandalized historic Black churches and burned their Black Lives Matter banners in the street.

According to a recently published video by Duncomb on Facebook that replays a phone call between Almosa and several other far-Right activists associated with Portland’s Liberation, an off shoot of Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group, Almosa admitted to the vandalism and also the involvement of Skylor, who in the past has called for violence against antifascist protesters and several months ago, was arrested after opening fire on counter-protesters while exiting a parking garage in Portland, Oregon.

Far-Right grifters were quick to seize on the vandalism to Duncomb’s car. Posting on social media, Haley Adams claimed that “ANTIFA” and “BLM” were “domestic terrorists,” and ironically falsely claimed that neoliberal Mayor Ted Wheeler has “negotiated numerous times with these criminals.” In reality, for years the local police worked and coordinated directly with far-Right organizers such as Joey Gibson while playing kid gloves with far-Right street gangs such as the Proud Boys.

In August of 2020, Duncomb was filmed in Portland attacking and vandalizing the “Snack Van,” used by Black Lives Matter protesters at various demonstrations, during violent clashes between far-Right groups and Portland residents who were successful in driving the far-Right gangs off the streets after several hours.

It seems that the incident is leading to increased tensions among far-Right groups in the Pacific Northwest. Some on social media complained about being threaten by various factions over the incident. On the Facebook video that exposed Almosa, Reggie Axtell proclaimed, “If I need to testify against your sorry fucking ass, I will. You wanted the bull, bitch, you go the horns. So guess what, it’s a fight. Where’s you’re little phantom group? They’re hiding.” Others complained that they had been gifted into giving Black Rebel money. At the time of this writing, the fundraiser for Black Rebel has not been updated with new information and continues to receive donations. One recent supporter wrote, “I’m so sorry the [ANTIFA] did this to you! We will keep fighting! ”

Proud Boy Drama Grows Online as Far-Right Gang Plans to Rally in DC on January 6th

Infighting among the Proud Boys continues, as tensions continued between the national group and the “Proud Girls.” According to Alexander Reid Ross writing in the Daily Beast:

On Dec. 21, a former MMA fighter named Tara LaRosa—who has marched with the Proud Boys and the far right around the country, including recently in D.C.—established a transphobic Telegram channel called Proud Girls USA. That same day, the ProudBoysUSA channel snubbed her, declaring that “Proud Girls” was a “ridiculous” idea. “Don’t ride our coattails,” they groused. “Want to support us? Get married, have babies, and take care of your family.”

Some Proud Boys gave the Proud Boys Girls a hostile welcome. A Telegram channel called “Oklahoma Proud Boys” posted a meme stating, “This is a men’s club,” and adding the comment, “If you’re not in a relationship with a Proud Boy, at worst, you’re a groupie.” Other misogynistic memes degraded the attempted women’s chapter and attacked Biggs, a Proud Boy often seen in the spotlight, as “the proudest Proud Boy Groupie of 2020.”


In a bizarre Telegram post soon afterwards, the Oklahoma City Proud Boys channel announced something entirely contradictory—a meeting between Tarrio, their chapter’s representative, and Chapman, releasing “responsibility of the streets to the Proud Goys for January 6th in DC at the presidents [sic] rally.” The channel further declared, “I will be staying home where it is safe and warm,” and suggested “not going to the state capitol either.” Other similar accounts posted news stories about D.C. police preparing for the event and the Proud Boys’ favorite hotel closing down for the duration of the protest.

Mistakenly Unsealed FBI Affidavit Reveals Neo-Nazi Plot to Attack U.S. Power Grid

According to FBI documents, an Ohio teenager named Chris Cook helped orchestrate a plan to attack multiple power stations across the United States. The plot, called “Lights Out,” was planned for the summer of 2021. The small group of white supremacist accelerationists, named, The Front,’ intended to attack the power grid by shooting rifle rounds into power sub-stations. One group member, Jonathan Frost (see doxx below), wrote, “leaving the power off would wake people up to the harsh reality of life by wreaking havoc across the nation.”

According to the affidavit, Cook, Frost, Jackson Sawall of Wisconsin, and an unnamed Canadian individual called “E.G.” discussed their intentions to die for the cause of white supremacy by committing acts of accelerationist violence. They exchanged Nazi literature recommendations and discussed James Mason’s text SIEGE. Cook suggested that the group save money to buy property where they could live off the grid and conduct military training. He also shared information on field training, and guides on how to make improvised weapons and explosives. In November of 2019, he announced his plans to visit family in Denver for Thanksgiving, and stated that he was hoping to meet with James Mason in person.

Shockingly, the plan to attack the U.S. power grid was introduced by Cook just weeks after he was interviewed by law enforcement at his home. He admitted to his fascist associates that he was under investigation by the FBI, but stated that he “believed he was getting away with it.” While organizing the attack, Sawall stated, “I plan on going until I die and dying in what is effectively my homeland for this revolution. Martyrdom is the path to Valhalla.” He also told an undercover FBI agent in a recruitment chat that The Front was working “towards very similar goals that you’ve seen in The Turner Diaries.” Frost explained the process of building and milling guns to the group, and planned to deliver four milled AR47 rifles to his associates so they could conduct the attack.

According to Business Insider, federal prosecutors in Ohio are in charge of the case. A U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesperson stated that “there is no imminent public safety threat related to this matter.” The full affidavit can be accessed here.


Andrew Sciulli, Patriot Front Member of Bel Air, MD

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists have published a doxx by an anonymous infiltrator inside of Patriot Front. Andrew “AJ” Sciulli is a 27-year-old white supremacist and a gunner for the United States Army. A fairly new member to Patriot Front’s “Network 9” chapter, Sciulli is active in the group’s unofficial, secret Telegram channel. He follows several alt-right and fascist pages on Facebook, and posts pro-Nazi content on his Instagram.

In July 2019, Sciulli posted a photo of himself visiting Adolf Hitler’s bunker, referring to the site as “sacred ground.” The image shows him wearing a shirt that says, “Revolt against the modern world,” the title of a book by Italian fascist Julia Evola. In September, Andrew posted on Telegram, “Me and William are just known as the fascist guys at my unit. Nobody gives a shit.” Alongside photos of Sciulli in uniform with his army unit, his Instagram features a picture from 2016 of him and his family holding firearms, with a caption that reads, “In honor of Thanksgiving tradition we executed an Indian by firing squad.” Sciulli also participated in the vandalization of a Black Lives Matter billboard in Pennsylvania, in which a handful of fascists climbed up to the billboard and covered it with a Patriot Front banner.

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists suggests reporting Sciulli to the Army Inspector General using this complaint form.

Aaron Hoffman, Far-Right Deputy of Washington D.C.

Molly Conger has identified Aaron Hoffman of the Prince William County Sherrif’s Department as a dangerous far-Right partisan. On his Parler account, Hoffman promotes right wing violence and claims that he is prepared to disobey his superiors to side with patriots in the “inevitable” civil war, rather than defend “the maggot politicians in office.” He suggests that right-wingers should confront politicians at their homes, “remove them from their sanctuary.” Unsurprisingly, Hoffman is heavily armed and posts photos of his weapons and tactical gear. He also posts veiled threats of violence toward figures such as John Roberts, Barack Obama, and anyone who tries to vaccinate his children without his consent or instruct him to wear a mask.

Hoffman’s information was published on December 25th, along with a call to contact the Prince William County Sherrif’s Office about his violent, extremist views. By December 26th he had already been terminated from his position as deputy. For more information, view Molly’s thread here.

James Sitzler, Proud Boy of Knoxville, Tennessee

Sunny South Dallas Antifascist Action have uncovered the identity of Knoxville, TN Proud Boy James Sitzler. Sitzler’s social media content is full of pro-Proud Boy content as well as support for fascist Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. According to our comrades, Sitzler works as a DJ in the eastern Tennessee bar scene under the name DJ Staticburn. He’s also a part of a larger DJ collective called Bad Influence.

Sitzler works as a tech for Comcast as advanced technical support. Folks who are willing and able are encouraged to kindly reach out to Comcast and ask them how they feel about a member of a known hate group having access to their customers.

Jim Casselman, Proud Boy of Bellview Florida

Our comrades behind the account We Will Be Ruthless have identified a member of the pro-Trump street gang the Proud Boys, as Jim Casselman of Bellview Florida. Cassleman came to the attention of antifascist researchers when he attended the Million MAGA March in DC on December 12th. According to our comrades, Casselman is a fan of waving flags and yelling at people who aren’t politically aligned with him. In August, Cassleman was arrested for attacking a Black Lives Matter protester on August 12th of this year, adding to his record of violence.

Because of his arrest, Casselman has started a fundraiser that our comrades are asking folks to report.

Jonathan Allen Frost, White Supremacist Extremist of Katy, Texas

Chud Trackers has reported that Jonathan Frost of Katy, Texas has been named as a participant in planning a white supremacist terror attack, according to recently unsealed documents from the FBI. The antifascist crew has discovered that Frost’s mother is the Chief Justice of the Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Texas, and his father is a Chief Attorney for Exxon Mobil. Frost is a recent graduate of Perdue University. In March of 2020, law enforcement was granted a warrant to seize and search Frost’s phone over his involvement in a planned attack on the power grid. According to court documents, he was planning to deliver four milled AR-47 rifles to his white supremacist associates who were planning an attack that involved firing rifle rounds at power sub-stations.

Calling themselves “The Front,” this group also included Jackson Sawall of Wisconsin, Christopher Brenner Cook of Ohio, an unnamed juvenile from Tennessee, and an individual from Canada known as “E.G.” The attack was planned for the summer of 2021. These documents describe members of this group possessing Nazi flags, stealing ammunition, and discussing white supremacist literature recommendations. The group expressed interest in creating white supremacist cells around the country, inspired by Atomwaffen Division, and members shared that they were willing to die for their neo-Nazi beliefs.

Greg Tanacea, Proud Boy of Chicago, IL

The comrades at Shield Wall Chicago have revealed the identity of Gregory Tanacea, a Proud Boy from the Chicago area. Tanacea, who organizes with the Schaumburg Proud Boys chapter, owns the brand 2A Gunshow and goes by the name “Gun Show Greg.” In addition to weapons, parts, and ammunition, Greg sells Proud Boys branded helmets on his website. On his Parler account, he frequently echoes content from the official Proud Boys profile. Predictably, Tanacea posts racist, anti-BLM, and anti-multiculturalism content on both his Parler and Facebook pages. He refers to the Black Lives Matter movement as a Marxist insurgency, and calls for violence against leftist protesters. He is also a misogynist who shares anti-feminist content, including a video by neo-Nazi Youtuber Black Pigeon Speaks.

2A Gunshow’s website is hosted by Namecheap. Shield Wall Chicago asks that concerned comrades file a report with the registrar, informing them that the site supplies gear to members of a dangerous hate group. For more information, see the full thread here.

Cole Pennock, Nazi Boogaloo Boy of Spokane, WA/Coeur d’Alene, ID

Cole Pennock, Washington State University graduate and first year student at North Idaho College, goes by the name “Bard” in the “Patriot Wave” chat servers leaked by Unicorn Riot in October. Central Oregon Antifascist was able to identify Pennock when they discovered a Facebook page under his pseudonym whose URL nonetheless contained his legal name, a common mistake among fascists.

While Pennock claims to be anti-authoritarian, he is also a proponent of white nationalism and Nazism. He admits to listening to fascist music, posts Holocaust denial memes, and promotes the “Great Replacement” and “white genocide” conspiracy theories. His posts are visciously misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and ableist, and he frequently uses slurs. In one message, he posted a screenshot of a hoodie he was purchasing called the “Rhodesian Brushstroke Hoodie.” Rhodesia was a British colony in southern Africa, ruled ruthlessly by a white minority whose army arrested and tortured indigenous insurgents en masse. The flag of Rhodesia is now used by white supremacists, including Charleston mass shooter Dylan Roof. Judging by these leaked messages, Pennock is also heavily armed.

Central Oregon Antifascist suggests calling North Idaho College at (208)-769-3311 and informing them that Cole Pennock is a dangerous neo-Nazi. You can read their full blog post here.

Joseph Bruzas McGuigan, Accelerationist Nazi of Grangeville, Idaho

Joe McGuigan, known as “Nazgul” to his fascist friends, runs a white supremacist Telegram channel called “Racism Factory” (formerly known as “Operation Defiance”). He uses his platform to share violent fascist propaganda, uses explicit Nazi symbolism, and instructs other group members to stock up on weapons and “prepare for martial law.” McGuigan possesses several firearms and likes to post selfies posing with them while wearing tactical gear and displaying Nazi insignia. McGuigan promotes violence and harassment against Jews and people of color, even bragging about attacking a Black person in a racially motivated fight and describing it as an “awesome experience.” He also fantasizes about mass killings of marginalized people, stating, “It’s only getting better when there’s rats and joggers [a veiled anti-Black slur] swinging from every lamppost and overpass,” in an apparent allusion to the day of the rope.

Joe has terrible operational security and used the same username for multiple social media accounts, many of which used his real name and shared identifying information. His personal Facebook page displays “Nazgul” as his nickname. From there, Antifa Garfield disovered that McGuigan is a recent graduate of Nez Perce High School in Nez Perce, Idaho, where he was a track and field runner.

On Telegram, McGuigan recently took credit for the recent vandalism of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, which made headlines earlier this month.

If you have information on McGuigan, you can email [email protected] Please read and share Antifa Garfield’s full thread.

Call to Action

Anti-racists and antifascists in Salem, Oregon are again mobilizing against the far-Right invading their city and are asking for solidarity on the streets.

From Corvallis Antifascists:

On New Years day, Oregon Women for Trump is hosting a “Mass Civil Disobedience” rally at the State Capitol in Salem. This is the latest in a long line of far-right incursions into Salem. These rallies have resulted in extreme violence against the city’s marginalized population. It has become increasingly apparent that Salem’s law Enforcement has no desire to stop the tide of Fascist violence flowing into the city. For this reason, it is important for us to stand in solidarity with Salem and push back against this threat!

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