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May 7, 21

This Is America #139: Fight Against Mountain Valley Pipeline Continues; Analysis of Chauvin Trial’s Close

Welcome, to This Is America, May 7th, 2021.

On this episode we bring you an interview (recorded about two weeks ago) with two folks involved in the battle to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). We talk about the recent end the tree-sit at the Hellbender autonomous zone, broad community support for the campaign and also ongoing State repression against those recently arrested during ongoing actions.

We then switch to our discussion, where we look at Biden’s first three months in office; specifically his policies, which in many ways are a continuation of Trumpism and how they have played out on the border. When then offer an analysis at the close of the Chauvin trial.

All this and more, but first, let’s get to the news.

Living and Fighting

On today’s episode, we want to highlight a few repression updates. First up, in some good news, Loren Reed from so-called Arizona, has been released and has taken a “good” non-cooperating plea deal.

And now, in some…not so good news, Daniel Baker, a Florida resident and former YPG volunteer in Rojava, was found guilty in court this week for supposedly making a call to counter a potentially violent pro-Trump rally.

And, as we discuss in our interview today, Appalachians Against Pipelines (MVP) is in need of ongoing support, as several Water Protectors continue to face serious charges. From a local article: “Two nonviolent protesters must serve a day in jail for every day they spent in tree stands blocking the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a Montgomery County judge ruled Wednesday.” Donate to their bail-fund here!

Finally in Oregon, people are raising money to bail out Malik, who is currently facing some serious charges stemming from the rebellion. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future installments of In Contempt and Prison Break for more updates, as well as future podcasts.

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