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Mar 28, 17

The Transmetropolitan Review #6

Now that physical copies of the paper have been distributed between Olympia, Seattle, and Mount Vernon, we are releasing the digital PDF for printing. At a local printer, one issue costs around three dollars to print in color and about half that much for black and white. If you know a good place to distribute this paper in your city, town, or region, please feel free to do so if you have extra resources and time. Now more than ever, we need as many anarchist voices as possible to counter bourgeois liberal vagaries and ultra-right propaganda.

TM #6TM #6

Be relentless in the coming days and make sure a counter-narrative is introduced that reveals the contradictions of this swiftly collapsing empire. Challenge every enemy who reveals themselves and hammer at whichever cracks begin to appear in the walls built to contain us. Find four friends and develop a militant praxis with them. Engage at whatever level you are able. Good luck. See you soon.

This issue includes:

The Soviet of Washington: Updates from the Salish Sea

The New Battle Lines of Seattle

The Poster Wars: Fighting Fascism on Street Level

and much more!

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A anarchist newspaper from Seattle.

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