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March 21

Trump & Bolsonaro: Call to Defeat NeoFascism

Statement on the recent meeting between Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, the context of the meeting, and the need for mass mobilization against growing fascism. From Federação das Organizações Sindicalistas Revolucionárias do Brasil and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.

On March 19th, the reactionary leadership of the US and Brazil, led by presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, took part in meetings in Washington, D.C. As representatives of the global escalation of neofascism, these products of the rotten bourgeois democracy, the imperialist offensive, and white supremacist ideology seek to deepen the domination, exploitation and subjugation of the working class and the oppressed peoples of the world.

The objective of this meeting between the racist beasts of North and South America was to expand Brazil’s subservience to the US and its imperialist interference with Latin America in the context of the trade war with China and the threat of military invasion of Venezuela. As we have seen in the past, when far-Right governments conspire it is always the poor, and the socially maligned who suffer most. The Bolsonaro government has institutionalized a genocidal and ultraliberal police state in Brazil that advances against the basic rights of the Brazilian working class, promotes massacres against the black people in the favelas, and attacks peasants and indigenous peoples, women and LGBT+ people. Like the Trump government, Jair Bolsonaro’s disastrous and pathetic management relies on neo-fascist, corrupt and criminal sectors; white supremacism; and conservative, reactionary, neo-Nazi discourse.

As popular revolutionary organizations in the US and Brazil, we repudiate the reactionary leadership between Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, which subjects Brazil even more to the role of US doormat in Latin America in advancing the objectives of the Trump government’s imperialist war against the peoples of the world. We believe that only popular self-organization, internationalist struggle, and revolutionary resistance against reactionary governments can defeat neofascism and imperialism. We call on revolutionaries from all over the world to repudiate and take action against Jair Bolsonaro’s international agenda visits also in Chile (March 22-23) and Israel (March 31).


Neste dia 19 de março acontece na Casa Branca, em Washington (DC), acontece a cúpula reacionária entre os presidentes dos EUA e do Brasil, Donald Trump e Jair Bolsonaro são representantes da escalada global do neofascismo, produtos da apodrecida democracia burguesa e da ofensiva imperialista e supremacista branca sobre os povos do mundo, para aprofundar a dominação, exploração e subjugação da classe trabalhadora e dos povos oprimidos.

O objetivo desse encontro entre as bestas racistas das Américas do Norte e do Sul é ampliar a subserviência do Brasil aos EUA e a ingerência imperialista sobre a América Latina, no contexto da guerra comercial com a China e da ameaça de invasão militar sobre a Venezuela. O governo Bolsonaro institucionalizou no Brasil um Estado policial, genocida e ultraliberal que avança contra os direitos básicos da classe trabalhadora brasileira e promove massacres contra o povo negro nas favelas, ataca camponeses pobres e povos indígenas, mulheres e LGBT’s. Assim como o governo Trump, a gestão desastrosa e patética de Jair Bolsonaro se sustenta em setores neofascistas, corruptos e criminosos, no supremacismo branco e em um discurso conservador, reacionário e neonazista.

Como organizações populares revolucionárias dos EUA e do Brasil, repudiamos a cúpula reacionária entre Donald Trump e Jair Bolsonaro, que submete o Brasil ainda mais ao papel de capacho dos EUA na América Latina para fazer avançar os objetivos da guerra imperialista do governo Trump contra os povos do mundo. Acreditamos que apenas a auto-organização popular, a luta internacionalista e o enfrentamento revolucionário contra os governos reacionários podem derrotar o neofascismo e o imperialismo. Convocamos revolucionários/as de todo mundo para repudiar e realizar ações contra as visitas da agenda internacional de Jair Bolsonaro também no Chile (22 e 23 de março) e em Israel (31 de março).

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) Casa da Resistência – Federação das Organizações Sindicalistas Revolucionárias do Brasil – FOB

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Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is a political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance in the United States. We situate our political movement in the context of the abolitionist struggle against slavery and continue in the tradition, from Nat Turner to the Black Liberation Movement. We believe the Civil War was never resolved and the system of slavery transitioned into the prison industrial complex. Our struggle today must begin from this starting point. Lastly, as revolutionary anarchists, the abolitionist struggle must be extended to the state and capitalism, the perpetrators of oppression. The revolutionary movement in the US today is at a cross roads, as fascist movements are expanding, and the state becomes increasingly authoritarian. The Rojava Revolution, in northern Syria, provides us with a model for revolution today with its foundation in communal and council based political organization and militant defense.

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