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Aug 18, 17

Unicorn Riot on Neo-Nazis Celebrating & Planning Violence at Unite the Right and “Soft Targets”

Unicorn Riot has become an amazing resource of social struggles and movements across North America. Last year, they led the charge in documenting the #NoDAPL struggle at Standing Rock and in Charlottesville they were on the front lines of the clashes against neo-Nazis who murdered Heather Heyer and injured up to 20 others.

In this discussion we focus however on what happened after the smoke had cleared, as Unicorn Riot journalists uncovered a treasure trove of information on a set of “Discord” servers, a popular platform used by Gamers to have large scale group chats. In the discussions, neo-Nazi organizers, leaders, and participants openly promoted and discussed violence, discussed bringing firearms and weapons, shared Nazi images and memes, and applauded the murder of 32 year old Heather Heyer. The neo-Nazis also encouraged Alt-Right groups to direct energy at “soft targets,” or liberal and social justice groups that refuse to fight back against neo-Nazi violence.

As Unicorn Riot outlines, the open celebration and planning of violence, which even included talk of running over protesters with cars, flies in the face of the ongoing lies of by both the neo-Nazis, their friends in Right media, and the Trump administration.

More Info: Unicorn RiotNew York Times article referenced.

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