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March 27

This report comes from Indiana Department of Corrections Watch. To hear our podcast interview with them that offers more background and context, go here.

Wabash Valley inmate Dennis Kendall #108995 is in grave danger. Mr. Kendall has been deprived of his doctor prescribed medicine, intended to treat symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, for a period of at least nine months. Wabash Valley is an institution designed for mental and physical torture, the conditions which Mr. Kendall must find himself in are appalling and given his medical condition, unimaginable.

Just a couple weeks ago, Mr. Kendall’s aunt saw him in person, his teeth knocked out and his face badly bruised. He was to terrified to even speak of what happened to him. After numerous inquiries, Mr. Kendall’s aunt has received only dodges and lies from the prison administration.

Every effort has been made by Mr. Kendall’s family to contact Internal Affairs among other departments of the IDOC to inquire about his condition and ensure that he receives the medical care he requires. At this time, no indication has been given that the IDOC has taken any steps to right the situation. Moreover, given Mr. Kendalls condition, he trusts no one and is unable to care for himself in any meaningful way. This has led his step father and grandmother to file for power of attorney, giving them the authority to represent him.

We are alarmed about the immediate safety of Dennis Kendall and we encourage supporters to call:

Wabash Valley Warden
Richard Brown (812) 398-5050


IDOC Medical Services Coordinator
Mike Smith 317-460-0638

Demand that Mr. Kendall be given his prescribed medication, that Wabash Valley answer to inquiries about his condition, and that the guards who assaulted him be held accountable.

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IDOC Watch

Indiana Department of Corrections Watch • Reporting on abuse in Indiana's prisons and building a movement to fight back!

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