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Mar 26, 19

This Week in Fascism #2: Doxxing Cops & To Hell With Nazi Metal

Welcome, fellow anti-fascists! This is the second installment of The Week in Fascism, a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest happenings in the anti-fascist world.

This week, we tackle the issue of why so many cops are turning out to be members of white power groups, roundup the latest batch of doxxes and deplatformings, and also present a special call to action. We also have information on the ongoing fight to stop a tour by NSBM aligned band, Horna. Let’s jump right in!

Explainer: Why are So Many Cops Involved with White Nationalist Organizations?

This week’s #IdentifyEvropa doxxes brought us 31-year-old Identity Evropa member Daniel Morley, a School Resource Officer in Chesterfield, Virginia. In the IE chats, he used the name “Danimal876,” the same username he’d been using on his Stormfront account, where he’d been posting since 2006, identifying himself as a “national socialist” and “WN” (white nationalist).

So if he’d been a white nationalist since the age of 19, how was that not noticed during his entire career? And how was he allowed to police L.C. Bird High School, a school with a 61% enrollment rate of youth of color?

Because his views aren’t significantly different than those of most other white cops.

“These kinds of white grievance politics, plus the sort of racial essentialism that causes white
police officers to endorse the idea that Black people are inherently violent, are essentially the
same as the far-Right.”

Using a 65,000-person data set drawn from the General Social Survey, a 2017 study of the racial attitudes of white police officers found that white police officers were much more likely than average white citizens to endorse narratives of white victimhood, a backbone of the far-Right’s “white genocide” conspiracy.

Officers were 1.4 times more likely to claim that affirmative action had hurt white people, and over three times more likely than other white conservatives to claim that they had suffered racial discrimination at work – for being white.

But the starkest difference is that white police officers were nine times more likely than even white conservatives to endorse the idea that Black people are more violent than white people.

These kinds of white grievance politics, plus the sort of racial essentialism that causes white police officers to endorse the idea that Black people are inherently violent, are essentially the same as the far-Right.

The “white genocide” conspiracy theory of the far-Right, sometimes called “The Great
Replacement” (as it was in the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto), posits that white people are being replaced by people of color, either through falling birth rates (an obsession of the Christchurch shooter), or through immigration, and will become a persecuted minority in the near future.

More optics-focused versions of the theory sometimes replace “white race” with “Western
civilization,” as in paleoconservative Pat Buchanan’s 2001 book, The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Culture and Civilization, the was the book that radicalized League of the South Spokesman Brad Griffin. In the Proud Boys’ bylaws, a reading from the book is mandatory at every official Proud Boys meetup.

With these overlaps in grievance politics, it’s easy to see how a white nationalist wouldn’t actually stand out among other white police officers.


Note: If you’re struggling to keep up with the #IdentifyEvropa doxxes, never fear! There’s an up-to-date list of Identity Evropa members who have been doxxed here.

Monday, March 18, 2019

-Semper fail! Jason Paul LaGuardia, of Stamford, CT, was identified by New York City Antifa as “Jason – CT,” the Connecticut State Coordinator of Identity Evropa, a white nationalist group recently rebranded as the American Identity Movement. He is a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve and also works at Starbucks. A Marine Corps spokesman told the Huffington Post that LaGuardia’s links to the hate group are current under investigation. His full messages in the Discord Leaks can be viewed here.

-Gym, tanning, laundry, getting doxxed! @heupchurch identified New Jersey’s Michael Vespa as “Brunswick,” Social Media Coordinator for Identity Evropa, and current member of the Rutgers Republicans. As a former student at Raritan Valley Community College, he founded the campus’ chapter of the college Republicans as part of IE’s efforts to take control of local Republican groups. For more on initiative, see Erin Corbett’s reporting for Splinter, “The Leaked Chats Show How a Far-Right Group Is Trying to Infiltrate the GOP.”

-Praise Cthulu! @AntiFashGordon identified Stephen Thomas Farrea, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, a Corporal in the Selected Marine Corps Reserve, as being a member of Identity Evropa. In chats, he tells the other members of the hate group that “Portsmouth my town [sic] 95% white very nice” and that he “cant [sic] wait to drop its [sic] okay to be white flyers in Rhode Island.” While Farrea’s white nationalist connections are currently being investigated by the Marines, he also works as a Logistics Consultant for Tele-Consultants, Inc., a Department of Defense contractor. You can contact them via webform here, and you can view his full messages to the IE chats here.

In a show of red/black unity, on Saturday, March 23, 2019, the Bay State Red Sentinels flyered the town of Portsmouth, RI, to warn local residents about Farrea’s white nationalist ties.

-Cops and Klan… are the same man? @TheQueerCrimer and Antifa Seven Hills exposed Officer Daniel Morley, a School Resource Officer at LC Bird High School in Chesterfield, Virginia, as “Danimal876,” the Pledge Coordinator for Identity Evropa. He is a longtime white nationalist, and has been posting on the white supremacist message board Stormfront since April 2006 under the name “Danimal876.” According to the Daily Beast, Morley has been suspended from his duties pending an investigation.

@discord__panic revealed that Identity Evropa members Logan aka Green Nation and missliterallywho are married couple Logan and Courtney Piercy, of Kalispell, Montana. If you have any information about their current employment information, contact @discord__panic on Twitter.

[email protected]__panic also exposed Identity Evropa member Ayla as Ayla Stewart of Ivins, Utah, a Mormon mommyblogger who writes at Wife With a Purpose. She was previously exposed as a white nationalist in August 2017 after being scheduled as a speaker for the first Unite the Right.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

@WANaziWatch identified Jonathan Gould, a US Army soldier hailing from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and currently stationed in Tacoma, Washington, as “Lonewolf19d,” a member of Identity Evropa. He joined the Stormfront message board in July 2018, and his first post in the Identity Evropa Discord appears in October 2017.

-Dox of the Week! @anonymouscommie identified Alex Rhyne Hyer, from Gainesville, Florida, as “White Helmet,” one of the men who marched with the League of the South and attacked DeAndre Harris at the first Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

[email protected] identified Identity Evropa member “Bobby – PA” as Robert Marsh, a web developer in Allentown, Pennsylvania. According to his Facebook profile, he works at Beak Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, PA. You can call them at 866-754-2822. You can view his full messages in the Identity Evropa Discord leaks here.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

-Re-doxxed! @AntiFashGordon revealed the new employment information of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Shieldwall Network/The Base member and longtime white supremacist organizer Spencer Corbin. Under the pseudonym “Stephen Landser,” Corbin spent the last 30 years publishing hate literature and producing podcasts, including Shieldwall leader Billy Roper’s The Roper Report, and running hate music label Stahlhelm Records.

After being doxxed and fired in December 2018, Corbin promptly deleted his network of websites, but has not publicly disavowed the white nationalist movement. As of this writing, his current employer has been made aware of this white supremacist ties, but has not issued a public statement. If you would like to contact them, you can reach Best & Friedrich LLP on Twitter at @MichaelBestLaw, or by calling their Milwaukee offices at 414-271-6560.

Friday, March 22, 2019

@StopNOLAHate identified Identity Evropa member Jean Baptiste as Peter Morgan of Kenner, Louisiana. Morgan is also the founder of local hate group Identity Acadia.


-Following a successful pressure campaign from Outlive Them NYC, The LGBT Center in Manhattan has revoked an agreement with Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway campaign to allow the far-Right organizer to hold a conference at the Center on March 28.

Horna, a Finnish black metal band, was set to start its American tour this week, but after having their neo-Nazi ties exposed by Metal Sucks, anti-fascists set to work getting them deplatformed. Dates have already been cancelled at Club Red Mesa, in Mesa, AZ; Oakland Metro Opera House, in Oakland, CA; the Bossanova Ballroom in Portland, OR; the Hi-Dive in Denver, CO; and the Kingsland, in Brooklyn, NY. However, the promoter for the Brooklyn show, Metal Mafia records, claims that the show has found a new location, so keep your eyes out for a listing.

As of this writing, eight of the 13 planned tour dates (note, this page will be updated) are still scheduled and the contact information for each hosting venue, is as follow:

3/28/19 (Thursday)
Laguna Niguel, CA
The Karman Bar Facebook
The Karman Bar Phone: (949) 582-5909
Event page:

3/29/19 (Friday)

3/30/19 (Saturday)
Los Angeles, CA
Five Star Bar
Venue phone: (323) 428-4492
Facebook: 5 Star Bar
Twitter: @marcfivestar

4/2/19 (Tuesday)
Austin, TX
Location TBA
Event page:

4/3/19 (Wednesday)
Houston, TX
The White Swan Live
Facebook: The White Swan Live
Twitter: @whiteswanlive
Event page:
Protest Being Organized Here:

4/5/19 (Friday)
Chicago, IL
Facebook: LiveWire Lounge Chicago
Twitter: LiveWireLounge
Phone: (773) 756-5363
& email [email protected]

4/6/19 (Saturday)
Ashburn, Virginia
Location TBD
Event page:

4/9/19 (Tuesday)
Seabrook, NH
The Chop Shop Pub & Grub
Facebook: The Chop Shop Pub & Grub
Twitter: @chopshopnh
Venue phone: (603) 760-7706
Event page:

4/10/19 (Wednesday)
Jabber Jaws Bar and Grille
Allentown, PA
Facebook: Jabber Jaws Bar and Grille
Phone: (610) 432-6524
Event page:

Call to Action

[email protected] discovered a Facebook post by Richmond Ambulance Authority EMT Jake Hummer, where Jake reposts a video of West Coast anti-fascist protestors and comments “Do this in Richmond please my brush guard ain’t for looks.”

It is alarming that an EMT would make threats to run over people, and it hit especially close to home for Richmond activists who were victims of James Alex Fields Jr’s attack in Charlottesville. You can email Chip Decker, the CEO of Richmond Ambulance Authority, at [email protected], tweet them at @RAAEMS, or visit their Facebook page and leave comments.

Sample tweet: “Hey, @RAAEMS, why is your employee Jake Hummer making violent threats against anti-fascists on social media?”

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