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Jan 25, 20

What’s Next in the Fight to #StopLine3?

Life Without Line 3 discusses what could happen next in the struggle against the Line 3 pipeline.

First of all, we must again express our tremendous gratitude and solidarity with those who took action in support of the struggle to stop Line 3 for the January 17th day of action. A diverse range of actions took place in several cities around Turtle Island, and even more connections were made.

However, we know that the struggle to stop Line 3 will not take place on single days. This is a long-term struggle, and still only a single manifestation of the planetary desire to imagine forms of living not ruled by colonialism and capitalism. With this in mind, we present the following guide as an invitation to join us in this process.

Whether you acted alone, with a couple friends, with an established crew or organization, or didn’t get the chance to at all, we will sketch out just a few possibilities for what long-term engagement could look like.

• Do people in your region know what Line 3 is and that there are people attempting to stop it? All too often, the answer is no. Anyone can help change that by putting on “info-night” events to inform others about what’s going on. The more people who feel informed about and invested in stopping Line 3, the more possibilities open up to stop it. We are currently developing more up-to-date and precise materials to present with, but for now there is a lot of information available at

• Fundraising is another crucial activity. Money helps water protectors obtain supplies, and defend themselves in court if need be. Putting on benefit events can be a great way of raising money for projects and struggles. Some examples of events you could organize to raise money at are info-nights, film screenings, concerts, parties, or even tattoo flash days. Here are some video recommendations for film screenings. We have provided a brief list of places to send donations to here.

• We have also assembled a reading list on settler colonialism, which can be studied amongst yourselves or used for public discussions.

• We have designed handouts and posters, with text adapted from our original call, to distribute as you see fit.

• Are there struggles against extractive projects in your region? Articulating clearly why it is connected to Line 3 can be a vital contribution to the entanglement of our struggles; building the bridges we cross to encounter one another.

• And of course, be on the lookout for future calls to action. Even if you were unable to take action for January 17th, you can begin preparing for the next call, or act whenever is best for you. You can always find the list of companies involved in funding or building the pipeline here.

This list is simply a list of suggestions, and we wish for those who take up this invitation to use their own creativity and inventiveness to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We want to build a life not ruled by colonialism and capitalism—there are no blueprints for how to do this. Anything that elaborates our strength and heterogeneity is worth doing.

For the Earth, and a life worth living.

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