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Apr 11, 20

The Youth Are Calling for an International Workers’ Day General Strike!

Call from the Youth Liberation Front for autonomous actions on May 1st.

Right now, in the middle of quarantine, more and more people are losing the ability to pay for food, the majority of people literally cannot pay their rent due to the mass layoffs, we’ve all been given orders to stay home or else, but some of us can’t, or don’t have homes to stay at. It’s getting clearer, even to the everyday liberal, that the government will let poor and marginalized people die by the thousands before it will even pretend to offer support.

People are dying, and the government is only offering a one time payment of $1,200 to save us, so it’s up to us as leftists to band together and create the communities we believe in. Now is the time for us to live and take care of each other without government intervention or the shackles of capitalism. On May 1st, 2020, we are calling for a general strike!

We can fight the state during this quarantine, on May 1st we are calling for folks to organize small affinity groups, do banner drops and wheatpasting, liberate food and medicine, continue striking from work/rent/debt, squat unoccupied houses everywhere, form houseless outreach projects and other mutual aid projects and autonomous actions to help your community. All power to the people this International Workers Day! Youth of the world unite!

1. The end of the thievery that is so-called “private-property”
2. That all landlords return all rent they have ever taken
3. That all land that was stolen be given back
4. That the prisons be burned and the pigs left inside
5. The abolition of e-scooters, may they never return
6. Liberation
7. Vengeance
8. Lords a leaping
9. That all flags burn in the ashes of the prisons
10. That the police melt
11. Especially that awful blond DHS fucker what’s his name
12. That all of the money be thrown into all of the fountains
13. Accountability
14. That the hawk that the city of Portland uses to terrify the poor crows just be set free for fucks sake

#MayDayStrike #YLFMayDay #GeneralStrike2020

-Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front.

– Seattle Youth Liberation Front.

-Midwest Youth Liberation Front.

-Olympia Youth Liberation Front.

-Maryland Youth Liberation Front.

-Carolina Youth Liberation Front.

-Sacramento Youth Liberation Front

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We are an autonomous network of students dedicated to stoping the rise of fascism, hatred and injustice.

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