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Apr 18, 18

A 2018 May Day Call for the Triangle, NC

The following is a call for decentralized May Day actions and events in North Carolina.

We (1) address this call to any and all abolitionists, anti-capitalists, angry workers, anarchists, inside and outside agitators, daytime dreamers and nighttime ne’r-do-wells. After several ongoing conversations and the most recent triangle autonomous assembly, we are proposing a series of decentralized daytime actions on May Day, prior to folks converging at the 6pm march starting at the old DPD HQ.

You could picket a shitty restaurant that has screwed you or your coworkers, drop a banner over a highway overpass, make a scene at the office of a real estate company profiting off of gentrification, flyer the names of people killed by the Durham jail, host a call-in day for a political prisoner needing extra support, or a hundred other ideas.

Days like May Day are a time for finding new accomplices, new tactics, and new ideas–think of it as practice, or as a very old, now very dead comrade once said, “revolutionary gymnastics.” So start talking with your friends, comrades, local organizations, etc., and make a plan! And by all means, take a pic, write a statement, and (safely!) blast it out in whatever social media avenues you have available. News throughout the day will be available on twitter via @NC_autonomy.

See you on the first of May!
-(1) some @ccomplices

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