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Sep 22, 18

A Collection of Solidarity Actions From Greece With the US Prison Strike

The following are translated solidarity events and actions with the US Prison Strike that originally appeared on the Greek anarchist website

Cover image: Greek prisoners place up banner in solidarity with Prison Strike in the US. To read a solidarity statement written by Greek prisoners, go here.

June 28th: Solidarity Event and Presentation for the USA Prison Strike


On June 28th, a solidarity event was held at a squatted gym in Exarchia, Athens, Greece. The event featured a presentation by anonymous members of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) regarding the upcoming prison strike on August 21st across the USA.

The event focused on explaining the strike itself, it’s origins and motivations, the overall American system of repression and oppression, and historical and current examples of resistance against it. A discussion was held, and information on the strike, American political prisoners, and writing from the Free Alabama movement was printed and given away for free.

Fliers were also passed out and an announcement was made for American Anarchist political prisoner Eric McDavid, as it was his international day of solidarity. Following the event and discussion, a solidarity bar was held to benefit a local fund for the aid of Anarchist political prisoners in Greece. Unfortunately shortly after the event the squat was demolished by the police as an on-going effort to destroy Anarchist projects and spaces in the center of Athens. This was the last event held. Multiple demonstrations and actions were carried out in repose to the demolition of the building, and the squat movement of Athens will continue to resist.

August 21st, 2018: Attack on the Ford HQ in Athens


In the early morning hours of August 21st (the first day of the USA prison strike) we attacked and broke the front side windows of the Ford HQ in Athens, Greece (39 Akakion, Maroussi).

After the American civil war of the 19th century, the state, through the 13th amendment, passed a law which allowed for the continuation of forced and unpaid labor inside American prisons. Due to the above condition and to the general situation prevailing in US prisons, on September 9th, 2016) on the anniversary of the Attica prison uprising), one of the largest prison labor strikes in US history took place.

On August 21st this year, the strike was re-ignited after a prison riot in South Carolina over awful living conditions resulted in 7 inmates dying.

However, August 21st 1831 is also a day in history where slaves and abolitionists such as Nat Turner engaged in a revolt in Virginia against bastard slave-owners and the army.

Henry Ford was a bigot, anti-Semite, and notorious fascist sympathizer. He also helped to lay the groundwork for the modern industrial assembly line, placing efficiency and profit over the well being of workers.

Our struggle is for the total destruction of all prisons, and any society that institutes them!

While we are struggling against encroachment and repression, it is also crucial not to fall into traps of recuperation by democratic regimes or the authoritarian left. Let us not possess a struggle that looks to relax the repression of prisoners or reform prisons, but to generalize conflict in the prospect of the total destruction of all prisons.

It is up to us to not accept defeat or compromise, and dare to pose these desires as a long-term and feasible prospect.

A prospect that will open the way for Anarchy. Where solidarity will replace “all against all”. Where freedom of one will be a precondition for the freedom of another.

We fight for the formation of a revolutionary Anarchist movement that will be able to do all of the above.

Prison does not eliminate problems,only destroys human lives, and instills fear at the base of all human activity.

Attack! Attack! Attack! Until the last wall is broken.


August 30th, 2018: Banner Hung in Solidarity with imprisoned Anarchists and striking prisoners across the world in Korinthos, Greece


“No one can be completely free if we are not all free.”

On Thursday, August 30th, 2018, we hung a banner at the city entrance of Korinthos (southwest of Athens). We hung this banner in solidarity with the US #prisonstrike, and for all imprisoned Anarchists across the world.

Our solidarity extends to the imprisoned enemies of the state and capitalism. Our solidarity for our Anarchist comrades behind bars and those who share our disgust for the prison system is an indispensable element of our movement for social revolution and Anarchy. Our solidarity extends beyond any prison wall, and our struggle in the streets and in the night is emboldened by our rage for the repression conducted by our enemy: the state.

The banner read:

Solidarity to all Anarchist prisoners around the world, and solidarity with striking prisoners in the U.S.A”

Anarchist Collectivε Sirens

September 4th, 2018: Attack on McDonald’s HQ in Greece in Solidarity with the US Prison Strike!


On September 4th, 2018, we attacked the headquarters of McDonalds (59 Alekou Panagouli, Aghia Paraskevi, Athens), smashing the front windows of the building.

This action was done in solidarity with the on-going prison strike happening across the United States. As of August 21st, prisoners have been resisting the modern slavery, inherent racism, and everyday life torturous conditions of imprisonment in the USA.

We have chosen to attack McDonald’s because it is one of the many companies that directly benefit from the exploitation and forced labor of American prisoners. It is one of many companies that profit from prison slavery and torture in the USA. Those going on strike face the wrath (solitary confinement, increased sentences, beatings, etc.) of those who maintain this prison system. Whether it is the guards, the judges, or the wardens, they prefer to degrade, rape, and torture inmates then tolerate even a moment of resistance to their modern day slave plantations.

This strike is a demonstration against the war that is waged on the poor, excluded, and exploited by the ruling class through the prison system. The prisons are merely a modern extension of the historical massacres of native people that helped to build what is now known as America. It is the continuation of the enslavement and ruthless persecution of blacks who were historically abducted from Africa in order to build what is now known as America. They are the choice given to us if we question our conditions or act to change them without the approval of the state. The white man’s law and order and the forced labor protected by the 13th amendment has helped to continue the traditions of eurocentric colonialism and capitalist exploitation that define America.

We extend our solidarity with this courageous strike declared by American prisoners, and see it in the same light of resistance conducted by slaves and abolitionists in the 19th century; attacking slave plantations across the southern USA.

The state will deceive and claim slavery was abolished in 1865, but those courageous prisoners going on strike across the USA will certainly have a different story to tell. Slavery continues inside the American prisons, and the plantation of exploitation, massacre, and torture that is at the roots of American society extends across it’s bloodied soil, and around the world.

We live in a world where there are more billionaires and slaves then ever before. Woman and children are kidnapped and trafficked everyday, tortured in unspeakable ways by those who share the same mindset of those who run America’s prisons and so called justice. Debt labor, wage slavery, and a constantly growing and malnourished global proletariat must realize that we share a common struggle against the scum who benefit from our suffering.

Slavery is not only an American phenomenon it is inherent to every nation-state. We challenge every facet of power and domination. From the states to Greece, and across this entire beautiful earth. We seek the elimination and destruction of patriarchy, racism, speciesism, and exploitation. We wish to destroy the foundation of this slavery that is being resisted during this prison strike: the state and capitalism.

Those who accept the toughest blows of power will not abandon themselves to their fate. Let us not let despair and defeat ever deter our passion for freedom and our contempt for domination.

As strong as they seem, walls can always be broken, and thrones toppled.

For a life of struggle. For Anarchy and universal liberation.
In solidarity with the US #prisonstrike.

For a world in the ruins of their prisons.

-Sakko and Vazzetι Attack Cell

August and September 2018: Ongoing Spray Paint Campaign Across Athens


As of August 21st (the anniversary of the Nat Turner uprising in Virginia, 1831), American prisoners have gone on strike against unpaid labor used to benefit corporations, and the heinous conditions they face everyday,

In American society, slavery remains institutionalized (through the 13th Amendment of 1865), rationalized as judicial punishment.

Through August and September we have spray painted throughout the urban web of Athens, Greece, slogans of solidarity with the striking prisoners, as well as statements for the destruction of all prisons and capitalist exploitation.

From Athens to America, Fire to the Prisons!


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