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Jul 30, 18

#AllOutATX: August 18th Rally Against Far-Right Terror

Call for a mobilization against a collection of far-Right and Alt-Right groups rallying in Austin, Texas on August 18th

After a year filled with defeats and in-fighting, far-Right groups in the U.S. are planning a series of rallies in August to try to resurrect their floundering movement. Large rallies are being planned in Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville, and Washington D.C. in the first half of August, featuring the most violent sections of the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis, the “Patriot”/militia movement, and the Alt-Lite.

In Austin, on August 18th, they are planning a so-called “March Against Far-Left Violence,” part of a day of similar protests planned across the country. All these events are an attempt by far-Right and fascist groups to re-consolidate their movements and regain some of the momentum that they’ve lost in the past year. It is imperative that we send them home disappointed and demoralized. 

Massive counter-protests are being organized across the country, using the hashtags #AllOutAugust and #AntifascistAugust. Austin too is taking up the call: #AllOutATX against racist terror! The far-right rally is being planned for 3 PM on August 18th. Originally planned for City Hall, the specific location has been taken down. But we will meet them where ever they decide to go. Follow this Facebook event for updates, and see suggestions below to start planning now.

All of these far-Right rallies are intentionally clustered around August 12th, the anniversary of their “Unite the Right” protests in Charlottesville last year where they brutally attacked students, clergy, and community members and murdered Heather Heyer (¡Presente!). Rather than protesting an imaginary threat of “far-Left violence,” their obvious intent is to celebrate their own violence and racist terror, while still posturing as victims.

Already, fascists from across Texas have shown interest in the August 18th event in Austin, including neo-Nazi groups like Patriot Front and White Lives Matter, Alt-Lite groups like the Proud Boys, and other individuals who travel the country to participate in racist violence in places like Charlottesville and Portland. They think Texas is their territory. We intend to prove them wrong.

While the far-Right seeks power only through their violence and intimidation, homogeneity and control, we seek a different way. Our power is in our popular support, our ties to our communities, and our sheer numbers. It is in our commitment to protecting, defending, and taking care of each other. It is in our diversity and our solidarity with one another across myriad differences. It is in our imaginations and our dreams of liberation. And it is in our absolute determination to say HELL FUCKING NO to fascists that want to rally in our city. 

We are not here to posture or walk blindly into the traps they set, but we are not here to twiddle our thumbs while they terrorize our communities either. When the far-Right thinks that they have the upper hand, they can get bold and dangerous. But when they are grossly outnumbered and shouted down, they go home sad and demoralized. So we are saying All Out ATX! 
All out against hate!
All out against fascism!
All out against racist terror!
All out against white supremacy! 
All out against misogyny and hetero-patriarchy!

What to Bring

  • Water. Lots of it. It’s August in Texas so it’s going to be hot. Bring extra to share if you can.
  • Hat with a brim or even an umbrella. Keep that burning sun off your beautiful face!
  • A mask or face covering. If you’re really worried about the effects of that brutal summer sun, or the prospect of fascists taking your picture to later use to harass you, just cover your face! We’ll still know you’re beautiful!
  • Comfy shoes and clothing. We like to prioritize function over form, but comfy and practical doesn’t have to mean un-stylish! Get creative!
  • Snacks to replace electrolytes lost from sweating and to keep your energy high.
  • Noise makers. The louder the better. Drown the fuckers out. 
  • Signs and banners. They want to incite racist terror, we want to incite liberation. Bigger is better.
  • As many friends as you can! There is safety in numbers, and protests are always more fun with friends. Use the buddy system and check in on each other throughout the day and afterwards. 
  • Instant cold packs. Get out of the sun and stick those things in your arm pits when the heat gets too much. 
  • Anything else you feel will help you convey your message and help you stay safe and healthy.

What to Do

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