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Sep 18, 18

#AllOutProvidence: Defend Community Against Racist Alt-Right October 6th

Call to action against racist Alt-Right organizations in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, October 6th, starting at 10 AM at the Rhode Island State House.

Resist Marxism,” the fascist front group started by Kyle Chapman, has announced another rally for October 6th, despite being roundly rejected by the community at their last attempted event. We, a coalition of anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-LGBT, anti-fascist, socialist, labor, and community organizers, again urge our allies in the communities of Providence and the surrounding area to come and support our effort to frustrate these fascist hate groups’ attempts to organize.

Though “Resist Marxism’s” public materials avoid overtly racist language, they are full of fascist dog-whistles and chauvinism. Beneath this legitimizing veneer, fascists from various violent hate groups have been organizing and attempting to bring fascism to the mainstream. Groups joining together using “Resist Marxism” as a front include violent “western chauvinist” Proud Boys, American Guard, and “Boston Free Speech.” These groups are closely linked, both in their origins and memberships, with more openly racist, misogynist, anti-LGBT, and anti-immigrant hate groups. Members of their group have been photographed with Nazi and fascist tattoos, and some have long histories in the white nationalist or anti-immigrant movements.

In the lead-up to the rally being held by fascist front group “Resist Marxism”, OSAH has become aware of a crowdfunding effort by Proud Boys affiliates Tusitala “Tiny” Toese and Rufio Panman to fly to Rhode Island in order to join “Resist Marxism” in terrorizing Providence and our surrounding communities. These two fascists have histories of violence and we can only imagine that they are being brought in as “muscle”. Since their first Providence rally was disrupted, we can only look at this as a provocation and an attempt to escalate the violence that fascist groups always cause. Two more fascists, no matter how big and prone to violence, will not change the result for the fascists: the united working class of Providence and our allies will not brook further fascist incursions into our communities, and we will not allow violent fascists to victimize us or organize among us.

Tusitala “Tiny Toese is a Proud Boy who has been active in the Patriot Prayer movement, mostly on the west coast. He has a record of extreme misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia, and assault, and associates with white nationalists. He is ethnically Samoan, and has used this to provide cover for the extreme racist beliefs of hate groups that organize alongside and within Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer.

Rufio Panman, of Salem, OR, is likewise an active Proud Boy with a violent record. He has been videotaped assaulting people at demonstrations, and has been interviewed, publicizing these crimes, by far-right media personalities like Alex Jones.

Both of these fascists have documented histories of violence. They have no reason to be in Rhode Island other than to commit more acts of violence against our communities. It bears repeating: these obvious provocations and indications that the fascists want to escalate violence in Rhode Island are a clear and present danger to our communities, especially people of color, women, LGTB people, Jewish and Muslim people, immigrants, and the poor and working class. Given the state’s complicity in upholding systemic white supremacy, capitalist exploitation, imperialism, and patriarchy, we know that we cannot count on its agents to protect us (and in fact they often work with the fascists, either complementary or directly), so we reserve the right to defend ourselves and our communities, by any means necessary.

Download PDF Flyer Here

Fascist organizing is violent. White nationalist attacks have been on the increase for years, as have other hate crimes by fascists. We do not intend to be victimized by fascists, whether they wear swastikas, blue masks, or black and yellow polo shirts, or whether they hide in plain sight. We encourage anyone opposed to fascists and the dangerous rise in fascist organizations locally and across the world, to join us in shutting down this fascist rally.

We urge all community members who join us on October 6th to refrain from collaborating with law enforcement either before or on the day of the counter-protest. Police are not our friend, they are not here to protect us, and they will attempt to prevent the community from defending itself.

Fascism is an existential threat to already oppressed and targeted communities. To oppose this threat, we must reject and oppose all its facets:

  • White supremacy in all its forms
  • Misogyny and violence against women (including trans women) in all its forms
  • Violence against immigrants and workers in all its forms
  • Capitalist imperialism in all its forms
  • Settler-colonialism in all its forms
  • Directly affected communities must always be at the forefront of all aspects of our political work, including anti-fascism.
  • Fascism cannot be debated, it cannot be coddled; it must be smashed aggressively and efficiently. A community’s ability to defend itself, by any means necessary, is crucial to combat fascism.
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