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Aug 17, 18

Leaked Emails Show ‘Resist Marxism’ Implosion, As San Jose, Boston, Austin, Seattle, & Tucson Counter Mobilize

It’s been a bad month for the various sections of the Alt-Right. In Portland and Berkeley, Alt-Lite, Patriot, neo-Nazis, and neo-Confederates were badly out numbered and were coddled and protected by the police. The blow back to the police attack on anti-racist and antifascist demonstrators has completely obliterated the police narrative of the day’s events, leading to disruptions of Portland City Council meetings, and even calls for Mayor Ted Wheeler to be fired. Mass mobilizations in Washington DC and in Charlottesville, Virginia have shown that the explicitly white nationalist section of the Alt-Right is in shambles, the direct result of broad and mass, antifascist mobilization, education, and organization.

Say it ain’t so goys. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Far-Right cadres hoped instead to overwhelm anti-racist and antifascist organizers with a series of big events and large numbers, and also paint – say it with me: ANTIFA, as violent attackers. This is why before the first Alt-Right events in August had started, people in Boston associated with the group, ‘Resist Marxism’ were calling for rallies against “Far-Left Wing Violence.”

Ironically their window dressing for the event was the events in Portland on June 30th, where antifacists prevented Patriot Prayer from marching, and InfoWars and other “conservative” outlets grew collective erections while playing over and over again footage of members of the Proud Boys splitting people’s heads open and sending them to the hospital, all with the backup of the local police who shot antifascists with pepper ball guns.

Resist Marxism hoped to have this weekend upwards of 10 events across the US, all building off the far-Right energy that they hoped would be growing since the events in Portland. But due to a series of setbacks, event cancellations, infighting, self-doxxing, and as we will present, the leaking of the groups internal emails, the group’s plans quickly fell apart in some cities.

Free Speech Boston, Resist Marxism, Unite the Right, and the Big Fascist Tent

Inspired by figures such as Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman and the success of violent “free speech” rallies organized in Berkeley, a group in 2017 came together entitled “Free Speech Boston.” The group then morphed into, “Resist Marxism,” and on the surface presented itself as open to both “Conservatives” and “Libertarians,” but from the outset was comprised of people across the far-Right, and brought together militants from the militia movement, the Patriot movement, the Alt-Right, and even hardcore neo-Nazi organizations.

Patriot Front member and former Proud Boy Christopher Raymond Hood poses with Kyle Chapman.

But as Think Progress showed with a collection of released internal communications, Resist Marxism was also tied closely with members of violent white nationalist organizations, such as the American Guard and Patriot Front. Above all, the group sought to create a “safe space” for far-Right and white nationalist ideas, while cloaking them in “free speech” rhetoric.

From the article:

Further evidence of Resist Marxism’s real nature can be seen in their private group messages. Behind their free speech-supporting front, when they think no one is watching, the group regularly traffics in racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism — all in the same “ironic” voice seen in far-right corners of the web like Gab or 4chan’s politically incorrect board.

The group chat is swamped with antisemitic jokes, discussion of the war in Syria, criticisms of how Trump was being manipulated (namely by Israel) into abandoning his “America First” agenda, as well as references to RM and their various events around Boston. Group chat members speak optimistically about RM potentially becoming a “true non optics Nazi organisation.”

But the crossover between Boston Free Speech and Resist Marxism and the Alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups doesn’t stop there. Local antifascists have documented Resist Marxism members with fascist and white nationalist tattoospassing out racist flyers, and using neo-Nazi skinhead members from groups like the Vinlanders at security.

Gabriel Brown stands next to Chris “Crying Nazi” Cantwell, holding a shirt promoting the neo-Nazi group Anti-Communist Action which was exposed by Unicorn Riot for planning bomb attacks.

One Resist Marxism organizer, Gabriel Brown, also attended the neo-Nazi Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August of 2017, and can even been seen clearly on the Resist Marxism homepage banner. Another Resist Marxism fellow traveler Jovi Val, was also involved in organizing and attending the disastrous, Unite the Right #2 rally in DC.

Unite the Right attendee and Resist Marxism organizer Gabriel Brown seen in center with goatee.

A Few Resist Marxism Events Fall Apart While Seattle, Boston, Tucson, Austin, and San Jose Remain

On August 4th, Resist Marxism activists in Providence, Rhode Island called for a rally, on the same day at the Portland demonstration, however the demonstration was shut down in less than 30 minutes. Members of American Guard were seen on hand at the rally, along with other white nationalists, fascists, and members of the Alt-Right.

As Resist Marxism quickly fell in Providence and the month of August wore on, Resist Marxism events that were called quickly were cancelled, either due to lack of interest, or infighting between organizers. In Los Angeles, Buffalo, Springfield, and in rural West Virginia, events were announced and then like a union organizer under Pinochet, disappeared. For some reason, Resist Marxism is also not promoting Joey Gibson’s event in Seattle although it is happening on the same day.

Regardless, other rallies are set to take place in Boston, Austin, Tucson, and San Jose – with opposition marches and demonstrations also being called. More info here.

Let’s Give Em Something To Doxx About

But soon Resist Marxism had more problems than connections to neo-Nazis that hurt their “optics” and declining interest in the “Far-Left Violence” rallies. A few days ago, people became aware that a website that has been associated with the rallies for weeks now was starting to publish the names and addresses of people who had not yet paid for Resist Marxism t-shirts.

When this became public, the people in charge of the Resist Marxism Facebook page claimed that the website was a fake and set up without their knowledge. As commenters quickly pointed out, the URL had been linked from the Facebook account since last month, making such claims very “fake news.”

Writing for The Daily Beast, Kelly Weill wrote that soon Resist Marxism organizers were changing their tune:

Hours later, the Facebook page changed its story, editing its status to clarify that yes, they had promoted the site with the fake t-shirts, but only because a stranger had asked them to.

“This ‘patriot’ came out of no where with an already built web page saying it was built to donate to the cause,” the Facebook moderators wrote. “A gift to this cause. Turns out it’s not and it was a fake website made to lure people into it. We are sorry about that.”

“JFC, Mark,” one person wrote on the official march page, linking to the ThinkProgress article, “this is the second time you’ve gotten infiltrated and gotten everyone around you doxxed in less than three months.”

But the humiliation didn’t stop there, in a collection of emails that was forwarded to It’s Going Down, it includes a slew angry messages (we’ve deleted any personal names or phone numbers) that attack personally the Resist Marxism organizers:

[Person 1] I don’t know what the hell is going but this is completely insane. It is beyond me how you people can expect to organize a national march if you cannot even handle freaking t shirt orders! You are all idiots, this would be pathetic if it didn’t have honeypot written all over it…. consider my order canceled! I guess we can’t even have one event thats drama free… SMH!

[Person 2]I was the organizer of the Buffalo March Against Far-Left Violence, but I backed out of this days ago when the FBI came to visit me at my office and ask about the March.I had no clue why they were interested in a peaceable assembly, but now it looks like the organizers of this were doing some shady business behind all of our backs. I just cancelled my march.Please take me OFF this list. I disavow this organization in all its forms.

[Person 3] Everyone alert!! Something is very fishy about today’s emails.

1) I never signed up for a shirt, especially since the LA event has been cancelled due to a reason I have NOT been told – the Facebook page for the event is down. Could be Antifa or someone tampering, who knows? Truly cowardly if that’s the case.
2) I don’t appreciate my email being CCd publicly. Unless members of an interest group specifically agree to their email info being published, the professional procedure is to use BCC when sending a bulk email.
3) MOST inappropriate is the publishing of people’s ADDRESSES. Thank God my address listed is out of date, but I am shocked that we are being called “deadbeats” and having our info published. I didn’t sign up for a shirt.

So, until there is a formal addressing of this issue from **** or ***, I encourage anyone on this list to contact the organizers directly through the Facebook page and report what is going on.

[Person 4] But what is clear to me is that this particular protest isn’t worth the risk. Personally, I’m going to sit this one out. They can’t silence us forever. There’ll be another event soon enough, one that won’t have clouds of suspicion hanging over it. 

[Person 5] If there ever was any doubt that this event was an ANTIFA psy-op, this is it.PATRIOTS, DON’T ATTEND THIS MARCH. The ANTIFA secret agents, *** and ****, will report you to the FBI and the DemoRATS if you show up…… DONT GO!!! They ALREADY posted our phone numbers and addresses publicly, and now ANTIFA is making fun of us on twitter!! Jen Loh and Mark Sahady played RIGHT into ANTIFA’s hands!! Probably funded by SOROSI REPEAT: DON’T ATTEND THIS MARCH!!

[Person 6] If there are any Antifa members here, I want you to see this. My phone number is ### ###-####, if these other patriots are going to be doxd so will I. But I want you to know, I am always carrying, if you come to my house or job and attempt to cause any type of harm or damage you will be shot dead. 

Without any evidence the (former) attendees of Resist Marxism seem dead set on the idea that due to a very intricate “antifa phys-ops,” their information was collected against their will and then released when they didn’t pay for a t-shirt. They seem unwilling to believe that their “friends” on the Alt-Right would be capable of doing this all on their own, despite all the evidence to the contrary. In many ways, it really doesn’t matter.

Communities across the US are gearing up tomorrow to demonstrate against Resist Marxism, which is a smokescreen for Alt-Right and white nationalist ideas and violence – at least, what’s left of it.

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