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Nov 5, 19

Alt-Right Trolls Just Doxxed Richard Spencer’s Right Hand Man; Hypnotist & Guitarist in “Woke” Band

Update: After this article was published, Josh Dietz deleted much of his social media and many of the videos that were used in this article. For an update, see Right Wing Watch.

Yesterday, news went viral that former Breitbart tech editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, had released an audio clip of Richard Spencer throwing a racist, anti-Semitic temper tantrum following the disastrous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA. Yiannopoulos was attempting to play defense for another white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, who is leading an online “movement” of “Groypers,” (like a dumber version of the Pepe the Frog meme), who’s support for Trump clashes with the vision of Richard Spencer. That was so three years ago.

This is only the latest schism within the Alt-Right, as Spencer has led the charge against Patrick “McLovin” Casey and the American Identity (Evropa) Movement, who themselves have been rocked by a series of exposes on a former member who claims that she was threatened with rape and murder if she tried to leave the group. Meanwhile, former supporters of Augustus Invictus; best known for assaulting his former partner, having non-white children and complaining about “white genocide,” and failing generally at everything, have begun an online campaign to doxx his associates. Maybe the trains won’t run on time!

If I had a tumor, I would name it Richard

On Monday night, one disgruntled Alt-Right troll set their sights on “Josh Neal,” a white nationalist and third positionist (neo-Nazi) behind the No Apologies podcast and one of the hosts of the McSpencer Group show, which appears on the National Policy Institute (NPI) / Radix Journal YouTube channel. Turns out, Josh Neal is actually Josh Neil Dietz, a Brooklyn based musician, hypnotherapist, and off and on again college professor.

Josh Neil Dietz, white nationalist organizer and member of Jimmy & the Band and New York based Hypnotherapist

“Josh Neal,” as he appears on the McSpencer Group show

Josh is not new to the Alt-Right movement. Coming out of so-called Men’s Rights Activism or MRA circles and writing for the pro-misogyny Return of Kings website, which was founded by pro-rape troll Roosh V, Josh soon moved into white nationalism, and became a central figure on Alt-Right video channels and podcasts – appearing with everyone from Patrick Little, who proposed breeding Jews “like livestock,” to Richard Spencer himself.

In 2018, Josh even wrote a MRA themed self-help book, entitled, “I love to travel” and 10 other things men never want to hear: The politically incorrect guide to dating, and has stated on social media he is currently working on another.

Josh is probably best known however, for appearing alongside Richard Spencer on the McSpencer Group show, where Josh serves as the MC and host, asking Spencer questions, as the group largely laments the downfall of the Alt-Right following Charlottesville, complains about the Alt-Lite and Trump, and mocks their numerous enemies.

Josh’s personal life; especially his musical career, has up until now been a closely guarded secret. As a guitarist and a musician, Josh has done numerous videos and livestream shows on the history of “white music,” while arguing about the inferior nature of “black music.” On Twitter, Josh has been careful to not give out too much information about his band, and for good reason: his outfit has a progressive public brand and the singer is openly gay.

In multiple videos and social media for “Jimmy and the Band,” Josh can be seen playing guitar and speaking alongside other members. The group writes of itself on Facebook:

Jimmy & THE Band is a high energy, eclectic blend of heavy metal, indie rock, and 80s pop. Their music is layered with mildly suggestive religious, political, and socioeconomic undertones. Live shows are illustrated by eccentric performances which usually feature collaborations and other types of performance art.

Pretty sure Nazism is not one of those “mildly suggestive…political…undertones,” and we doubt that his band mates have any idea that Josh is moonlighting as a white nationalist media superstar. Regardless, Jimmy & the Band play regularly in the New York area and currently have a show coming up on December 10th.

Chilling with your squad before the Day of the Rope

Beyond playing in a band, Josh makes money through “Tranceformation,” a hypnotherapy clinic located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. On the website, Josh writes:

After earning my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, I quickly took up posts working with the economically and developmentally disadvantaged, juvenile delinquents, parents and children, as well as individuals with both recreational and pathological habits of substance use.

I have worked in substance abuse laboratories conducting brain imaging studies on amphetamine use, clinics oriented toward peaceful parenting, and collaborated on studies examining ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic differences in leadership roles. [Our emphasis.]

While Josh seems to separate his politics from his profession, several of his work videos promote Jordan Peterson as well as “Men Going Their Own Way,” or MGTOW, a common theme in MRA and Incel subcultures.

On top of playing in Jimmy & the Band and running Tranceformation, Josh also teaches occasionally at various local community colleges in the New York area.

Who Wouldn’t Want this Man to Put them Into a Trance?

For years, Josh has attempted to keep his public life separated from the white nationalist and Alt-Right movement, which he is clearly, deeply invested in. On a recent video appearance with Augustus Invictus, who was one of the scheduled speakers at Unite the Right, Josh discussed the need for the Alt-Right to rebuild itself after Charlottesville and create counter-institutions and cement streams of income to support its projects. In short, Josh is not a passive fan simply consuming media; he is a leader within a movement who’s central goals is the creation of a fascist, white supremacist, and authoritarian society.

You Have Nothing To Lose Besides Pretty Much Everything!

With a continuous stream of attempted and real racial and white nationalist violent attacks happening across the US, people in working class communities in Brooklyn will have to come together and organize in response to one of the leaders of the white nationalist movement living, working, and playing music in their midst – or risk the movement recovering from its post-Charlottesville slump and doing further damage.

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