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Apr 13, 20

Anarchist Days in Mexico City Canceled Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the health emergency afflicting the globe, the organizers of the anarchist days planned for July in Mexico City have decided to cancel the activities. It has obviously been very difficult to continue organizing the event in light of the uncertainty generated by the pandemic. We are furthermore conscious of the health risks holding the event would imply for participants and attendees. We hope to resume the activities again when the risk has died down. We do not hope however for a return to “normalcy.” Yet, we do hope to return to get together, to organize and to cause trouble as anarchists.

To the compas that sent us their proposals for workshops, talks and activities, to the spaces that committed to hosting the events, to the like-minded people who were supporting us, we are not abandoning your proposals, your work or your support. We hope to take them up again as soon as we can. We have decided to donate the funds we collected for the anarchist days to a cooperative project in Mexico City to support them during the quarantine.

Thanks, and we will see you soon.

Long live anarchy!



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