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Mar 20, 19

Anarres Infoshop, Portland, OR: Call for New Volunteers

Anarres Infoshop, a Portland-area, collectively-run anarchist infoshop which operated 2014-2018 in North Portland, was forced to close due to lack of ability to afford rising rent and utility costs. However, fortunately the collective has rallied due to extensive and moving support from the community, and is now seeking to find a new location.

We are making a call to the anarchist community of Portland to help us decide exactly how to proceed. If you feel as we do, that a radical community space, venue, and library that Anarres represents deserves to be reestablished in the community, please feel free to join us at 5PM. Friday, March 22nd at the Social Justice Action Center (SJAC, 400 SE 12th Avenue) for our open meeting. We will be tabling with comrades, offering literature up for donation-based contributions, and discussing matters related to the collective.

We will also be orienting new volunteers to the history and process of the collective. This is very much a participatory process, as we are restructuring how the collective operates in addition to finding a new location, and we want new members’ input.

One major aspect which a collective member feels is crucial to the Anarres move-in effort is collaboration with the particular neighborhood which the infoshop would be located. In order to minimize any possible harm, such as encouraging gentrification inadvertently, this member feels that existing residents of the community should be centered in the process of Anarres entering into a new neighborhood. Therefore, if you would like Anarres Infoshop to be located in your neighborhood of Southeast Portland, we encourage you in particular to make your voice heard as part of this process, and if you so desire, participate with us in the making of a new space in your community. There will be additional meetings before a location is selected, and we will do our best to publicize these meetings widely throughout the neighborhoods which we think might be good fits for our project.

Included is a picture of SJAC, the venue for the meeting (since we currently don’t have a physical location for the infoshop, we are using another organization’s building to host the meeting).

5-7PM Friday March 22nd
400 SE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR

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