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On January 20th we plan to meet in the streets to express our utter contempt for the incoming administration, the outgoing administration as well as the state and capital in general.

We will meet at 7 P.M. on the corner of Valinda and Maplegrove in La Puente, Calfornia – a small town with its own unique radical history, which lays in the eastern portion of Los Angeles County.

We plan to march and have ourselves a raucous dance party, which all are invited to participate in. Join us!

11×17 inch fliers are available in english and spanish. As is a square flier for posting on instagram. Please spread these widely.

 A quick note on why we are doing this here in the suburbs of L.A. County:

Because so much of what we do in our everyday lives revolves around the metropolis of Los Angeles itself, we are often forced to forget the neighborhoods, schools and workplaces that we dwell in – the places that lay on the City’s periphery. The energy of mass social movements in the last few decades has found its center in the City.

Militants and radicals from all over Los Angeles County spend a great deal of time and effort traveling to and working on projects in the City. While this has been effective to a degree, we believe that radical social change starts in our own neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. These are the places in which we live out our everyday lives and these are the places where we are most powerful.

We believe that it is time for us to organize and build power in the places that we spend the most time – not in a City that we are disconnected from.

This is a first step.

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