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Jun 26, 17

Seven Antifa Arrested at Mexico City Pride After Fascists Attack March

At the end of the Gay Pride March in Mexico City on June 24, a group called the Mexican National Force (a fascist grouping), was waiting to confront the LGBTTTI contingent at the Metropolitan Cathedral in the historic city center. As a result, a confrontation erupted with anti-fascists who were supporting the contingent, resulting in the arrests of several youth.

Around 2:30pm, after the arrival of the LGBTTTI contingent, the Mexican National Force group started a confrontation that had been called for days ahead of time through social media in opposition to the gay pride mobilizations.

As a result of these calls, different organizations and collectives from the Mexican Communist Party, the Communist Youth Federation, the Anti-fascist Red Brigade and anarchist groups were present to support the LGBTTTI movement. Upon arriving at the city center, the groups clashed, leading to the intervention of city police and the arrest of seven anti-fascists.

The arrested were taken to the prosecutor’s office in the Cuahutemoc districit, located on Aldama Street 59-63, Buenavista, Mexico City (near Buenavista metro station), where many gathered to demand their quick release.

Later that day, five of the seven were released. Students from the Autonomous University of Mexico-Xochimilco and several organizations installed an encampment in front of the prosecutor’s office demanding the release of the last two compañeros. At around 10pm on Sunday, June 25 the remaining two were released.

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