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Jan 1, 17

Asheville, NC: Anarchists DJ Dance Party for Prisoners

Before late night festivities began, a crew of Asheville anarchists gathered with pots, pans, sparklers, spoons, balloons, smoke bombs, blow horns, kites, banners and some really good playlists to romp outside the county jail. We dodged the police and tourists, and made ruckus, showing love for all the folks inside and disdain for the system that keeps them there. Western North Carolina joined the many other people across the world who took time out of their night to show up for incarcerated folks.

We played music loud enough that inmates flicked their lights to the beat of the songs being played, we saw hands raise up as we raised up our banners. We gathered to let all the people who weren’t able to be with their friends, families, pets and other loved ones during these winter holidays know that they are not forgotten and they are not alone.

No Prisons.No Closets. No Borders.

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