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Peak Civ is written by Kevin Tucker, a long time anarchist, author, and publisher of many books, journals, and essays. Tucker currently has been hard at work at Black and Green Review, a journal which features discussion on resistance struggles, analysis and critique, and interviews from a green anarchist and anti-civilization perspective.

Peak Civ: Thanks For Hacking

On Descartes’ assumptions, the work of science, if not the destiny of life, was to widen the empire of the machine. Lesser minds seized on this error, enlarged it, and made it fashionable. And...

Peak Civ: A Dino-Chicken In Every Pot

"This isn’t an unfamiliar story: the colonizers celebrating their bloodthirsty hubris by displaying the last of a species or society as a living curiosity to the world they destroyed."These days good news is great...

Peak Civ: Trump, Pipelines, and Climate Change

Welcome to the first installment of Peak Civ, an original column by Kevin Tucker that takes on the news from an anti-civilization perspective, only on It's Going Down.“Civilizations are artificial cultural constructions, not biological organisms, and they...