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Peak Civ is written by Kevin Tucker, a long time anarchist, author, and publisher of many books, journals, and essays. Tucker currently has been hard at work at Black and Green Review, a journal which features discussion on resistance struggles, analysis and critique, and interviews from a green anarchist and anti-civilization perspective.

Peak Civ: A Dino-Chicken In Every Pot

"This isn’t an unfamiliar story: the colonizers celebrating their bloodthirsty hubris by displaying the last of a species or society as a living curiosity to the world they destroyed." These days good news is great...

Peak Civ: Trump, Pipelines, and Climate Change

Welcome to the first installment of Peak Civ, an original column by Kevin Tucker that takes on the news from an anti-civilization perspective, only on It's Going Down. “Civilizations are artificial cultural constructions, not biological organisms, and they...