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Counter-information from Phoenix, Arizona on occupied Tohono O'odham territory.

’We Will Defend Our Community’ Anti-Colonial Antifa Response to White Supremacist Attack in Flagstaff

Flagstaff, AZ/Occupied Lands — On Tuesday, September 5th, an act of islamaphobic white supremacist terrorism was carried out against Maktoob Hookah Lounge, which is located on Heritage Square just steps away from a federal...

Tempe, AZ: Anti-fascist Banner Drop in Solidarity with Charlottesville

Anti-fascist and Charlottesville solidarity banners were dropped today at the Arizona State University (ASU) pedestrian bridge.

Phoenix, AZ: Call for an Anarchist Anti-fascist & Anti-colonial Presence Against all Presidents

Anarchists & Indigenous Unite! Call for an anti-fascist & anti-colonial contingent against Trump’s rally on Tuesday, August 22 at 6pm at the Phoenix Convention Center. We will converge, in the spirit of solidarity and hostility to...

Flagstaff, AZ: Anti-fascist & Anti-colonial contingent at Charlottesville Solidarity Rally

This lively crew, comprised mainly of Indigenous folks, first gathered at Charlottesville solidarity vigil outside Flagstaff City Hall (the uzhe) but were immediately confronted by white liberals whose feelings were hurt by messages on...