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Plain Words is a website that seeks to spread news and analyses of interest to anarchists, radicals, and others in struggle in and around Bloomington, Indiana.

New Publication: Animal & Earth Liberation in Indiana, 2000-2003

The following is a collection of communiqués from the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF) in Indiana. We publish this simply...

Floodgates: The Urge to Obey, A Flight from Initiative, and Identity Politics

Traditional systems of authority are dead or dying. It matters increasingly less whether one identifies with their job, loves their country, kneels before God,...

Plain Words #1 Drops in Bloomington, IN

The first issue of Plain Words is here! Plain Words is a website and publication that focuses on spreading news and developing analyses of struggles...

How To: Wheatpaste

Wheatpasting is a simple, dirt-cheap way of spreading ideas, news, analyses, and creative expression outside of (and against) the pacified modes made available by...