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Jul 12, 17

Based Stickman Punched Someone For Calling Him a White Supremacist, Then Rallied with Nazis in Sacramento

Kyle “Based Scotchguard” Chapman has been having a bad couple of months.

His ‘Back the Right‘ campaign is going south faster than Donald Trump’s approval ratings and even though he gets that sweet sweet globalist healthcare through his non-white partner’s Uber job so he can complain about white genocide, he has procrastinated going to the doctor for so long that his right arm is now in a sling. Guess that’s what they call, ‘White Arm Genocide.’ Don’t worry bro bear, we’ll hold the sock for you while you huff the Scotchguard.

But things continued to go south for our tragic Klansman meets Casey Jones anti-hero, who recently appeared at a ‘Unite America First’ rally in Sacramento, California along with several other people with dumb names who no one has heard of. At the rally, according to both testimony from Alt-Right trolls online via Periscope as well as online social media comments, Chapman sucker punched a member of the event security staff for claiming he was a white supremacist. Then, after Chapman went full “alpha male” and unleashed his falcon punch, he then made a nest in a nearby tree; meaning, he hid behind it. 

In the below screenshot posted by Berkeley Antifa you can see one of his former fans digging into him about it:

Seems dumb news travels fast, and soon a crew of about 10 Alt-Right trolls walking around Berkeley with police protection were talking about it on camera, claiming that Kyle punched a member of the Proud Boys who called him a white supremacist. Gee, why would they think that?

Ironically as Chapman was hiding behind a tree in Sacramento, neo-Nazis with Identity Evropa were participating in the rally, taking photos of themselves and holding signs. They even tweeted about it later and did that thing where they put Pepe memes over their faces in order to keep pretending it’s 2016.

Being that Nathan Damigo has been identified by even people on the far-Right as a neo-Nazi organizer that is using Trump and “Free Speech” rallies to further his white nationalist agenda, the fact that local organizers didn’t throw him out shows that either they are unwilling to confront outright neo-Nazis or they are welcoming them with open arms.

Don’t want to take my word for it? As ‘Navy Jack’ from the Oath Keepers wrote:

White Nationalist organizations have worked to tie [Trump’s] agenda to their agenda. By showing up at any pro-Trump rally or event and using these opportunities to recruit, these organizations have been steadily growing. Expanding out, they are now targeting “free speech” rallies and luring participants into their web of deceit.  The organizations I am referring to include the National Policy Institute (NPI), Identity Evropa and Vanguard America. If you truly are a patriot, you must stand against and condemn NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America as organizations that seek to divide us. 

The white nationalists and fascists are attempting, once again, to legitimize themselves by claiming association with Conservatives, Libertarians and Constitutionalists. They are holding numerous rallies labeled as “Free Speech” and “#UniteTheRight” to indoctrinate people (who really should know better) into their racist ideologies.

When it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you have to call it what it is; racism.

Oh, muy, gawd.

But seems like Kyle Chapman and the other pro-Trump, “Free Speech,” American First, whatever it is this week organizers in Sacramento aren’t interested in keeping neo-Nazis out of their rallies. Why, just back in March they were working with members of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) to organize a Trump rally and Nathan Damigo even showed up and put Identity Evropa stickers up while he was there.

Do us all a favor Kyle Chapman, and stay in the tree. You’re full of shit and even people on the Right are starting to see it. Better yes, take your one good arm and punch yourself.

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