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Sep 12, 17

Big Trouble In Little Nazi: Why The Alt-Right Is “In Shambles”

“Let me just give you my perspective here. I’m skeptical of you [Jason Kessler], and I’m just going to be straight about that. Ah, everything about this thing [Unite the Right}, has been completely fucked. When I’m finding out what Charlottesville is, I’m like, ‘I could not have chosen a worse place to do this.’ You have expressed to me that you used to be a liberal, and when I hear that you might have some of the [Jew] in ya, I’m like, it starts to connect some dots.”

Chris “Crying Nazi’ Cantwell

In the wake of Charlottesville, the Alt-Right is breaking apart and fleeing each other’s company faster than someone leaving a bad OkCupid date with work in the morning. While an analysis of the success and growth of the antifascist movement in the wake of August 12th deserves it’s own examination, the point I will try and address from my humble trash can today is the degree in which the Alt-Right is turning against those who were the chief organizers of Unite the Right.

Moreover, some of the major organizations that were involved in UtR have changed, split, or had leaders completely step down. This is all happening against a backdrop of a major lawsuit against not only all of the key organizers but also the organizations that were a part of Unite the Right. On top of this, lead UrR organizer Jason Kessler continues to make so many mistakes and attack so many of his former compatriots that I do believe we may have to occupy a goddamn popcorn factory.

Unite the Lawsuit

Several people who were injured in Charlottesville by James Alex Fields, Jr, a member of Vanguard America, have launched a lawsuit against all of the groups that participated in the event as well as the major organizers and leaders of the protest. As Above the Law reports:

As it turns out, Fields’s actions might end up wiping out much of the very movement he supported. Two sisters who were injured in the terrorist attack, Tadrint and Micah Washington, have now filed suit against Fields demanding $3,000,000 in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages (the maximum amount of punitive damages awardable under Virginia law). The Washingtons have also named rally organizers Duke, Spencer, and 25 other individuals and groups associated with organizing the rally as defendants in the case, alleging that they conspired for decades to foment violence, and ultimately pushed Fields to commit the attack. The Washington sisters have also asked that the state-maximum for punitive damages be assessed against each and every defendant.

If this suit is successful, the consequences for the “alt-right” could be massive. Huge swaths of the organized far-right wing could find themselves on the wrong side of a Virginia jury that is furious for the heartache and disrepute they have brought down upon Charlottesville. If the punitive damages arguments hold up through trial, that jury would be empowered to hand down an award that could financially crush most activist groups, especially groups as small, marginalized, and rightfully reviled as the groups behind the Charlottesville rally.

Rally organizers will likely argue they can’t be responsible for the violent and unforeseeable actions of a rogue participant. This argument, however, falls apart when you consider the fact that the very purpose of many of these neo-Nazi and KKK organizations is to advocate for the eradication of certain people and groups.

James Alex Fields, Jr, appears in formation with other members of Vanguard America

For this reason, it’s important to understand the role here of the Discord chat logs that were “leaked” by the grassroots and independent media collective Unicorn RiotAs Wired wrote:

The chatroom transcripts and a related audio recording offer a new window into the mind set of march organizers before and after the August 12 rally. They were obtained and disclosed by Unicorn Riot, which describes itself as a “media collective” focusing on “dynamic social struggles.” Lawyers say the discussions could be useful in the criminal case against James Alex Fields Jr., accused of driving the car that killed Heyer, or civil lawsuits filed by people injured in the confrontation.

The audio and chat discussions that were released show Unite the Right attendees talking about running over protesters, discussing what weapons to bring, and openly talking about violence against counter-demonstrators. In the wake of Heather Heyer’s death, participants openly congratulated themselves on the murder, joked and memed about it, and also strategized for future, more violent confrontations while discussing bringing firearms.

It could very well be that the logs released by Unicorn Riot combined with the lawsuit from those injured could in fact sink the Alt-Right much like the Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit against Aryan Nations was successful in ultimately shuttering the white supremacist compound.

In the meantime however, key rally organizers and participants, namely Jason Kessler, Eli Mosley, Nathan Damigo, and Richard Spencer, are all back peddling, falling out with each other, and attempting to change the narrative to make themselves appear as victims in a vast conspiracy. Moreover, they are also laying the blame of Charlottesville squarely on a variety of actors, from It’s Going Down to local police to government officials to the supposed Jewish background of other members of their own movement.

Goy Story

Several days after Heyer’s murder, Jason Kessler got drunk and high and celebrated the 32 year old woman’s death by Tweeting that she deserved to die for being “a communist” and “fat” and then linking to a Daily Stormer article arguing the same thing. In response, other Unite the Right organizers who all have a relationship with that exact same website and who’s rank-n-file have also been celebrating Heyer’s death since the 12th, all quickly distanced themselves from him in an effort to score points in the media. Both Richard Spencer and Mosley issued statements condemning Kessler’s Tweet, as Kessler went into hiding and went ‘dark’ for a few days, only to reappear and began again to try and rebuild ties within white nationalist, neo-Nazi, and Alt-Right groups.

Meanwhile, Richard Spencer after Charlottesville attempted to do what he does best: take negative media coverage and use it to get his face in front of every camera who would have him. But people quickly lost interest and Spencer soon faded from the news and instead launched a series of failed attempts to rent space at University campuses across the US and hid on his roof from protesters.

Nathan Damigo, who Spencer claimed played an even greater role in organizing Unite the Right than himself, stepped down as the CEO of Identity Evropa and transferred control over the organization to Elliot Klein aka Eli Mosley, a former Proud Boy from Pennsylvania and also a regular guest and friend of the neo-Nazi podcast network, The Right Stuff (TRS). [It should be noted that after this article was published, it was made public that Eli Mosley lied about his tours in Iraq and was thrust out of the Alt-Right in shame.] Hilariously, this shift in leadership was presented as an attempt by Damigo to take time off, get married, and start a family, however it is clear that the fallout from Charlottesville played a huge role in his decision. On 4chan and 8chan, Alt-Right trolls groaned about Mosley taking Damigo’s role, both for Eli’s role in the Unite the Right disaster, which they correctly saw as a complete failure, but also due to many people’s insistence that he is of Jewish background and his connection to TRS, which is shunned by some segments of the Alt-Right.

Other players kept their head down. The Daily Stormer continued to be kicked off a variety of servers only to reappear on the ‘dark web’ as Andrew Anglin stayed on the run from his impending lawsuit with the SPLC. Lastly, “the little people” in the Alt-Right, namely the confederation known as the ‘Nationalist Front,’ which includes the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), the National Socialist Movement (NSM), League of the South (LoS), and Vanguard America (which recently has splintered into a variety of camps), have all been largely quiet. This could be out of fear of legal reprisals as Fields is strongly suspected of being a member of Vanguard America and footage shows League of the South leader, Michael Tubbs, directing much of the violence. Tubbs spent four years in prison for attempting to bomb a variety of black and Jewish businesses. He was also involved in a robbery of a military base in which the stickup men yelled, “This is for the KKK!” The blog Restoring the Honor also has argued that Nationalist Front members were the first to directly engage with antifascists, something that Jason Kessler has attempted to edit out of UtR footage.

Arrests of neo-Nazis and KKK members stemming from Charlottesville has also been ongoing, including both those involved with beating a young African-American youth in a parking garage, and a KKK leader who fired a shot at an African-American man in full view of the police after screaming, “Hey nigger!” Interestingly enough, the Alt-Right has been choosy about who they support, throwing their weight behind some but not all prisoners.

At the center of the storm remains two of the most unstable and untrustworthy individuals within the Alt-Right, Jason Kessler and Chris “Crying Nazi” Cantwell. Kessler has attempted in recent weeks to re-establish himself as someone that can put in work for the movement, while door after door closes too him. Meanwhile, Cantwell is busy going on every neo-Nazi podcast that will have him and supposedly working with Augustus Invictus for legal support.

But ironically as both Kessler and Cantwell continue to open their mouths, they simply dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. The more they talk, the more they implicate themselves, attack other people within the Alt-Right, specifically Eli Mosley, and make up even more elaborate and bizarre conspiracy theories to explain why they fucked up so…so bad.

The Pod is Cast: Kessler Vs. Mosley

In a recent podcast between Unite the Right lead organizer Jason Kessler and Chris “Crying Nazi’ Cantwell (who called Kessler from his jail cell), both lament the lack of organization, camaraderie, and direction within the Alt-Right in a post-Charlottesville world. This conversation gives us a window into the movement, but also shows the degree of disunity between it’s main leaders that currently exists.

“Frankly there’s just a lot of fucking lazy people, in this movement, I’m sorry to say. They just want to share memes, and they don’t want to do any fucking work,” groans Kessler to Cantwell, right out the gate of their conservation. But fear not fellow goys, he goes on to brag, “I’m pretty much the only fucking one doing it. Goddamn it. People need to like, get with the program. But like, I’m like the only one with a server up that is saving this stuff, screen shooting it,” he says, speaking of his work to document hidden ‘conspiracies’ which destroyed Unite the Right.

Ironically, despite Kessler’s complete lack of leadership or ability to bring people together, he states that it was under his direction that Unite the Right was made possible. He states, “But look, there’s a reason why all these desperate groups were not able to organize together into something as big as Unite the Right, before I became involved.” In response, Cantwell laments, “It’s unfortunate that we’re all in shambles right now.”

Like an idiot, Cantwell then goes on to discuss the graphic particulars of his case. “When I pepper sprayed the other guy…I remember pepper spraying one guy…” Kessler then attempts to change the direction of the conversation, saying that they should talk about something other than Cantwell’s case.

Kessler then goes on to describe how the lawsuit against Unite the Right organizers and attendees is gathering steam, and how camps are being formed within the Alt-Right. As Kessler describes it, there are currently “divided loyalties” within the ‘movement’ and people like Eli Mosley are “hunkering down, and doing [their] own thing.” In one camp is Kessler, the lead and original organizer of Unite the Right, who claims he is working on some sort of lawsuit against the city of Charlottesville. On top of blaming It’s Going Down and Eli Mosley, Kessler also places the blame largely on the local police department, and state governor. Local police of course, squarely place the blame on Kessler and Unite the Right organizers for failing to follow a security plan. In the other corner is Eli Mosley, who is also supposedly working on a civil case, and is supported by Identity Evropa and Richard Spencer.

The beef between Mosley and Kessler goes deep, and is based on several factors. To hear Kessler tell it, it is simple, “He sees me as a rival, and he is trying to destroy my reputation.” The first issue is the perceived fumbling that Eli made in terms of security. Kessler was placed in charge of handling speakers and dealing with the public relations of the event as well as the issue of securing the permit. Eli on the other hand was supposed to handle security and also help create an operation document that would be handed out to Unite the Right attendees. However according to Kessler, Eli took so much time creating the document, others created one on their own, spurring Eli to finally produce one at the last minute.

One thing that is clear is that police and Unite the Right organizers were in almost constant contact with each other. As Brad Griffin wrote, “The Charlottesville police were fully aware of our plan. They had been in contact with our security personnel for months.” According to Discord conversations leaked by Unicorn Right, police also told UrR organizers that they were more worried about violence coming from “the Left” than the Alt-Right. Ironically, it also appears that local police did no amount of intelligence gathering about the Alt-Right’s plans for violence leading up to Unite the Right either, and now are back peddling in the wake of Heather Heyer’s death.

The second point of tension is the handling of the torch lit march. According to Kessler, he was in contact with local police about the tiki march but handed off exact planning of it to Mosley. After talking with police, Kessler claims that Mosley then told the group that police had stated that they would “clear protesters” for them. In the wake of the fall out from the Unite the Right rally, chief among them the tiki torch march, Kessler claims that Mosley lied to the rest of the group about the willingness of the police to clear protesters.

The third point of tension is the feeling by Kessler that Mosley is not sharing information with him, both in the lead up to Unite the Right and also in its aftermath. Cantwell claims that he is getting a similar vibe from Mosley since his incarceration, and that the Identity Evropa leader is failing to ‘pick up the phone’ and talk to him despite the fact that he is facing upwards of 60 years in prison. Cantwell even goes as far as to call him a “son of a bitch.”

Cantwell went on to threaten, “I’m kind of annoyed that I haven’t been able to get in touch with Eli, and it sounds like they are shutting you out too…If they are not going to be cooperative with the guy that is facing 60 years in prison, then you can image that I will show up as a competitor to that effort.” He then went on to say, “I don’t want to compete with [their lawsuit]…But I’m going to be throwing around subpoenas and digging up a bunch of information to save my goddamn life, and you can better believe that I’m going to be try and get a couple bucks out of this thing before I’m done too.”

Lastly, Kessler states that both Spencer, Baked Alaska, and Eli Mosley have all turned their backs on him after he Tweeted out that Heather Heyer deserved to die because she was a “fat” “communist.” “That’s the way Eli is. He turned on me. He just doesn’t share information, he’s just fucking terrible,” stated Kessler, who also went on to say that Mosley went as far as doxxing him and spread a rumor that his is 1/8 Jewish. This is very ironic, because soon after Mosley was made the leader of Identity Evropa, he was doxxed by Alt-Right trolls who claimed that he is Jewish himself.

Kessler is also clear that he considers Mosley to have fucked up Unite the Right from the start, stating: “There is an individual who has done a coordinated smear job on me, from within the movement, that person is Eli Mosley, Elliot Klien. From the beginning, he was fucking things up.” He goes on to say, “About two months out, I talked to Eli, he was the closest thing to a co-organizer that there was. But like he’s doing right now, with this not sharing information with you [Cantwell]. Like, he was doing that then. He was going off into his corner, like pow wowing with Spencer, and [Identity Evropa], and his people. And not sharing information with me.” Pour one out for the Goys.

Kessler also has a list of people who he blames for the failure of Unite the Right – anyone but himself. He states, “One of the things I’m looking into, as far as August 11th, and trying to uncover evidence of what really transpired there, is there are certain social media posts from like, IGD, news… Who where were the ones who were sort of laying this trap for us.” Kessler went on to write on the Occidental Dissent, an Alt-Right ‘Southern Nationalist’ blog, that IGD was also to blame for alerting police to the tiki march, thus setting into motion the violence (which was carried out by the Alt-Right) later that night. This of course is complete and total bullshit, police largely stood down on August 11th as Alt-Right protesters beat children as young as 17 and poured lighter fluid on one person in a wheelchair. The people responsible for the Alt-Right’s actions was the Alt-Right itself, but according to morons like Kessler it was the fault of the police because they didn’t stop them.

Kessler also blames his former mainstream Republican friends for carrying out a “phyops” against him, as well as the local police and city government for plotting the Alt-Right’s downfall in a ‘COINTELPRO’ like operation.

Both Kessler and Cantwell are also quick to attack Heather Heyer and justify her murder. “She was stopping these cars, from moving to safety…She was with an armed mob,” says Kessler. “She was a fucking rioter, and she was blocking fucking traffic!,” Cantwell screams. But at the same time, Kessler is also quick to distance himself from the ‘actual Nazis’ at Unite the Right, as he states: “I never chanted ‘Jews will not replace us’ and ‘Blood and Soil,’ I wouldn’t have done that. I was frankly embarrassed when people were doing that.”

Funny enough, even Cantwell doesn’t trust Kessler. “Let me get one thing out of the way real quick,” he says to Kessler. “I was told after everything had gone down, somebody had relayed to me, that you’re like 1/8 Jew…I’m not saying that you set us up, but you are the fucking organizer.”

Cantwell, who’s podcast is named ‘Radical Agenda,’ then goes on to whine that the government was mean to him and that the police lied. “This is a real fucked up thing, we walked into this – this entire thing has been a complete fucking set up, right. The cops supposedly tell us, that they’re going to clear our opposition. That we’re supposed to have this park.”

Cantwell closes out the podcast by threatening the rest of the Alt-Right: support him, or else. “Look, I can understand if Spencer wants to, not want to be associate with ‘people’ because he got PR problems…I’m in here facing 60 years in a fucking box, I’m paying attention to who’s picking up the phone.”

It seems if the organizers of Unite the Right can agree on anything, it’s this: fuck you, pay me. 

Brad Griffin Goes Full Tinfoil

A big bone of contention, largely because optics dude, is the fallout that resulted from the tiki torch march. Kessler has created a line that IGD fiddled with the minds of local police by releasing a bare bones article around 8 PM, warning local community members and students that the march would take place. However according to newly released records, local police and University officials were aware of the march as early at around 3: 30 PM, yet failed to make any concrete plans to protect students who were later attacked. 

Unsurprisingly, another key Unite the Right organizer, Brad Griffin also threw Kessler under the bus. He wrote on the tiki torch march: “I saw the news that the Antifa website “It’s Going Down” had compromised the Discord group and found out about the torchlight parade to the Jefferson monument. I immediately called Jason Kessler to tell him the news. I recommended either cancelling the torchlight parade or relocating it somewhere else like Monticello. Kessler got back in touch with us and we were told that the torchlight parade was still on, the police knew about it and would restrain Antifa.”

As already discussed, this information that police would “restrain antifa,” seems to have come from Eli Mosley, and was then transmitted back to the rest of the group.

The problem with this narrative is simple: only a small amount of counter protesters [Brad Griffin counts them at 20 in his article] linked arms around a statue and were then attacked by tiki torch marchers. The idea that police failed to do their job by separating the two groups and thus allowing a group of over 500 Alt-Right protesters to beat a small group of around 20 counter-demonstrators is ridiculous.

As Griffin writes gleefuly, “As we gathered around the Jefferson monument, a fight broke out…The Charlottesville and UVA police had advance notice of the torchlight parade to the Jefferson monument and had failed to keep Antifa separated…Emily Gorcenski was crying and screaming “where are you” about how “fascism had came back.” It was a huge white pill.”

In short, according to the Alt-Right, it was the fault of the police that a group of over 500 surrounded, beat, and attacked a group of 20 people. If only the police had done their jobs, the Alt-Right wouldn’t have been so violent, so say the fascists.

Of course, the real problem for the Alt-Right was not that they disagreed with the actions of the tiki march, but instead that they feared the massive fallout and anger directed at the neo-Nazis for brutality attacking and beating a group of young students with tiki torches while throwing up Nazi salutes and screaming racial slurs. Thus, in the ensuing fall out, the “leaders” of the march looked toward each other for someone to blame even though they themselves had set the events in motion.

8Chan Thinks Mosley Is “a Jew”

Ironically, soon after Nathan Damigo stepped down from his position of head hobbit in charge and passed the reigns of Identity Evropa to Eli Mosley, the Alt-Right rank and rile erupted in revolt, stating that Mosley was in fact of Jewish background. As you can see in the infographic (below) that was created and shared on 8chan, many people in the Alt-Right weren’t happy with this change in leadership. Others pointed to Mosley’s connection to The Right Stuff, and their continued support of supposed sexual predators, showing just how quickly these idiots are ready to throw each other under the bus.

What Is To Be Loled?

The major take aways from the post-Charlottesville Alt-Right fallout are two fold. First and foremost, those in positions of leadership within the Alt-Right are not good organizers. To organize well means that you can physically help manifest groups of people and facilitate their doing of an activity. It means that you can bring different groups together towards that activity. It also means that you can reach out to your base of support, which for the Alt-Right, at least online, is large, and get them to come into the real world.

Clearly the Alt-Right failed to do any of this. This is why the Alt-Right time and time again falls back on either attacking ‘soft targets’ on the Left, basing all their activity on putting up shitty posters and stickers in an attempt to ‘troll,’ and moreover, trying to latch on to bigger protests and events organized by other people on the far-Right, from Act for America to Joey Gibson.

“Wait…Spencer…already ran away? But we haven’t actually started yet.”

Furthermore, it should be noted just how new to ‘the movement’ those in leadership in the Alt-Right are. Eli Mosley barely just graduated from the Proud Boys to full on neo-Nazism, and already he is in control of organizing security and leading Identity Evropa. Jason Kessler, in his own podcast points out how he is ‘new to the Alt-Right,’ but already is in charge of an entire event like Unite the Right. Even people that have been around for several years, like Richard Spencer, haven’t actually been in all that long, and by and large, are generally the last people to step up to the plate and actually organize. Individuals, like Azzmador from The Daily Stormer or Jeff Schoep from the National Socialist Movement who are older and have been around for many years and actually have experience – by and large, were pushed to the margins of UtR or simply used for social capital or bringing in numbers.

But beyond the lack of ability to actually organize and harness real leadership skills, the Alt-Right based it’s entire strategy on planning that the State and its police would help them. For all their talk about about “ZOG” and “white genocide,” the entire Unite the Right event was structured on the pretense that police would “remove antifa” and keep both sides separated. When this reality came crashing down and police instead stood to the sidelines, the Alt-Right was in for a rude awakening. While this led to KKK leaders shooting at people, savage beatings, and also tragically the death of Heather Heyer – the Alt-Right still lost.

As we look back on the events in Charlottesville a month later, let’s keep all of this in mind. Unite the Right was a defeat for the Alt-Right across the board – on all fronts. But over all, these defeats were made even worse due to the fact that our movement is growing, learning, becoming stronger as we move forward, and theirs is falling apart.

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