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Feb 20, 20

Boston: #AllOut Against Far-Right Group Linked to Neo-Nazis Holding ‘Back the Blue’ Rally

Call to oppose far-Right group mobilizing for a rally in support of the police and ICE this Saturday at 11 AM in the Boston area. Facebook event here with more information.

Super Happy Fun America, the same MA-grown violent far-Right figures that brought “Straight Pride” to Boston in August, are rallying again to push their racist, anti-immigrant agenda by supporting the Boston Police Department as well as the recent decision by the Trump administration to deploy SWAT-like Customs & Border Patrol agents to Boston to further escalate violence against immigrant communities.

The BPD has consistently supported SHFA (previously Resist Marxism) fascists and their agenda by providing special escorts for their events and repeatedly allowing them to attack counter-protesters.

By holding this rally SHFA wants to build their own base, as well as to curry favor with the police. We won’t let them do it unopposed. Join a broad coalition of everyday people in the fight against far-right movement-building in Boston!

We ask everyone to show up in support of Black lives, immigrant lives, women’s lives, queer and trans lives, justice, and collective liberation! Boston says ‘back off’ to the fascists who promote subjugation and elimination of our communities, and the racist cops who oppress and enact violence against our communities.

This natural alliance of police, fascists, and white supremacists comes as no surprise to those of us on the freedom side in Boston. SHFA’s “Back the Blue” messaging is clearly meant to affront movements fighting against police violence and systemic racism. Meanwhile, the BPD’s oppressive practices are evidenced by activity such as:

  • BPD daily brutalizes Black and brown communities through entrapment on social media and stop and frisk policies that target Black Bostonians in 63% of stops.
  • Among so many others, BPD murdered Bo Ramsey-White, Usaamah Rahim, and Terrence Coleman (all unarmed Black men) and has denied their families justice. #BlackLivesMatter
  • BPD has cooperated with ICE, shamelessly participating in the targeting of immigrants, including schoolchildren.
  • BPD spent August attacking homeless and disabled Boston residents through Operation Clean Sweep and brutalizing activists showing up against Super Happy Fun America’s most recent display of hate on August 31.

Details will be constantly updated. Stay tuned.

Basic safety protocols:

  1. bring a buddy or at least inform a friend, roommate, or family member of your plans for the day
  2. do not bring anything you would not want taken from you by the police
  3. if you need medication, bring them in a separate ziploc bag in their original bottles with your name
  4. bring water, wear comfortable shoes, and dress for the weather
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