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Jan 18, 19

Boston Mobilizes Against Neo-Nazi Group Intent on Crashing Women’s March; Proud Boys Claim They’re Coming to Orlando

On Saturday, January 19th, a variety of anti-racist groups are planning to mobilize in Boston against the neo-Nazi front group, Resist Marxism, which includes members of other neo-Nazi formations such as Patriot Front as well as members who participated in the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August of 2017. Although Resist Marxism likes to present itself as simply a flag flying “civic Nationalist” organization, leaked chat logs of the organization reveal it to be a front group for a variety of hardcore and violent neo-Nazi and white nationalist organizations.

Over the past several years, Resist Marxism has attempted to organize a series of pathetic rallies, generally in an attempt to either present themselves as victims who’s free speech is being taken away, or to promote conspiracy theories about the threat of “cultural Marxism” and a communist takeover of the United States; favorites within the racist hard-Right.

On January 16th, the group announced on Facebook that it would crash the Boston Women’s March and set up an event page and produced a video that has been seen less than 200 times. The video features the 90s hit “Barbie,” by dance-pop group AQUA, and awkwardly mashes together a collection of photos and memes ranging from women wearing “pussy hats” to slogans like, “Cool story babe, make me a sandwich.”

Anti-racist organizers and local groups are encouraging people to rally starting at 9:30 AM and gather at Parkman Bandstand at Boston Common. A social media event is set up here.

Not to be outdone, according to the host of the so-called Titans of Liberty Show, Jason Lo, a conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter, a small group of Proud Boys would also attend the Orlando, Florida Women’s March, potentially wearing wigs and in disguises, for an unknown, and unstated purpose.

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