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Jul 19, 23

Community Gathers in Bremerton, WA for Puget Sound Prisoner Support Benefit for June 11th

Report on recent June 11th benefit event for Puget Sound Prisoner Support in so-called Bremerton, Washington.

On June 9th, comrades from across the Pacific Northwest came together for a benefit show and zine fair in honor of June 11th, a day set aside to stand in unity with those who have taken up the fight against the state and payed with their freedom. We chose Puget Sound Prisoner Support as the focus of this years June 11th benefit. Puget Sound Prisoner Support is a local collective that offers material and moral support to those targeted by the state for living out their values in the face of extreme oppression.

While the show was a beautiful moment of community and love, one day is not enough. We need to live lives of solidarity. Everyday we walk free is a day we can reach out to our comrades who have been kidnapped and caged by the so-called authorities. The following is a statement from Puget Sound Prisoner Support:

It was fantastic to see as many as 50 people show up and participate in the fundraiser for Puget Sound Prisoner Support in Bremerton this past weekend. Those in attendance who we got a chance to speak with had never heard of PSPS, and one attendee expressed sincere shock when they learned that there were several insurgents from the George Floyd Uprising still in federal prison.

While 2020 may have been a spark in radicalizing many people in and outside of Seattle, it’s clear that longer lasting ties between radical scenes across the Puget Sound (the body of water that separates Bremerton and Seattle) have yet been established. While we hope many will cross the water to attend our monthly prisoner letter writing night (running since 2015) and continue to connect with us, it would be even better to see a proliferation of prisoner letter writing events in Bremerton and throughout the Olympic Peninsula. No doubt, this event was just the beginning of a renewed radical exchange of ideas and solidarity between two cities on the water.

Thank you to all who make revolutionary community organizing a reality across Turtle Island and beyond. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!

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