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Mar 3, 20

Call for Anarchist Assembly in Brooklyn March 7th

Call for an anarchist assembly in Brooklyn, New York on March 7th.

In NYC, we are calling for another anarchist assembly.  The growth of anti-police organizing, anti-imperialist and anti-colonial struggles, and the movement against prison slavery has been central to revolutionary organizing and activity. We want to further this momentum with a new assembly. Come with ideas, projects, and your group and we can begin navigating this chaotic world.

Below are some points of discussion, but other points and topics are welcome.

* How do we start building an alternative to electoral politics?

* What steps do we take to put forth a form of politics that makes opposition to the United States central to anarchist politics?

* Begin discussing creating new, lasting infrastructure, and coordinating our actions, events, organizations, etc.

* Begin preparations for May Day 2020!

We have charted out a few principles of agreement.

* As anarchists we believe in the abolition of the United States as political entity.

* We are actively striving for revolution and not reform, and we will achieve this by any means necessary.

* The destruction of prisons and prison slavery are an immediate aim, and as such we root our struggle in the abolitionist tradition.

* We are against the state and electoralism, and for collective commune based resistance to these mechanisms of control.

* We engage and promote internationalist, anti-capitalist solidarity with revolutionary movements and groups around the world.

The Base
1302 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn 11221
Sat, March 7th

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