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Jun 3, 20

Brooklyn, NY: Banner Drop in Solidarity With the Rebellion

The following anonymous action report was sent to It’s Going Down, which we republish below.

On May 30th, while the city of New York was pushing back against too many decades of injustice and brutality by the NYPD and pigs worldwide, the High Seas Spacebag Collective took advantage of the police preoccupation to drop a banner, prominently visible from the Williamsburg Bridge pedestrian and car paths. This action by the HSSC serves as a show of solidarity with activists across the United States right now who are fighting for their lives, and the lives of their comrades who have too long suffered at the hands of the racist, bigoted, violent gangs in blue, and the monied class they serve.

The individuals involved wish to express their unwavering support for those on the front lines of a war for liberation of the black community and others who have been marginalized in this country since its inception.

There have been many efforts throughout this nation’s tarnished history to push back against the violence and bigotry of the pigs. The last few days have shown that people will not lie down, that they will not flounder under the boots of oppression, and most of all, that when communities work together through direct action and mutual aid, there is no force powerful enough to silence the voice of the people.

This banner seeks to remind those who would question the efficacy of the tactics of direct action — there will be no quarter given, no parlay considered, for without justice, there will be no peace. That peace will never come at the behest of a politician in a suit, a nightstick, or a boot on a neck. It will be a lasting and meaningful peace wrought by the pained, collective struggle of those who have had enough.


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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through itsgoingdown.org/contribute. IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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