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Sep 13, 23

Call to Support DFW Drag Defenders in Court Against Self-Proclaimed Christian Fascists

Call for court support in the DWF area in response to legal threats from self-described Christian fascist groups.

Update: The Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club writes: “The hearing on Tuesday the 19th, and therefore the associated court support action, has been cancelled! It will be rescheduled in the future by the courts, but we don’t know when that will be.”

We are calling for court support on September 19th for a group of antifascists facing both civil and criminal persecution for their defense of a drag show in Fort Worth, Texas, at which multiple counter-protestors were arrested and the rest brutalized by the violent gang known as Fort Worth PD.

The hearing on the 19th will be held at 8:30am in the 48th district court on the 4th floor of the courthouse at 100 N. Calhoun St, Fort Worth, TX, and relates to the civil suit brought by fascist group New Columbia Movement, along with self-proclaimed Christian fascist Kelly Neidert, against four named drag defenders along with “ten John Does and the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club.” Their almost hilariously ridiculous claim is that anyone who was present at the drag show in question is involved in some imaginary “conspiracy.” This hearing affects ALL activists in the area, as the fascists are requesting an injunction which, among other things, would allow them to unmask any protestor under the paper-thin premise that they might be associated with the named defendents (how in the world this could possibly be enforced is beyond us).

rom the beginning, this lawsuit has been an obvious fishing expedition to get personal information about activists in order to doxx them, as Neidert has done numerous times in the past, resulting in direct threats to local antifascists, and their home addresses being circulated among local white supremacist groups. Earlier in the lawsuit, they made numerous ridiculous demands for information from the defendants, including their entire financial history and contents of their cell phones, and more recently appear to have hired a PI to stalk and intimidate defendants. After their initial attempts to doxx additional activists were handily defeated, despite most defendants representing themselves due to being unable to afford representation, the latest injunction is a clear and desperate attempt to get something worthwhile out of their presumably expensive lawyer bill.

Because of the importance of this particular hearing, we’re calling on local comrades to PACK THE COURTROOM to show support for and solidarity with the antifascists being sued for defending drag shows. In addition to providing support inside, we invite people to stand outside with banners and signs to further show support.

Because these cowards have already made their intentions clear of doxxing as many activists as they can, we recommend that everyone wear black clothing and COVID masks (things like balaclavas almost certainly won’t be allowed in the court room), as well as other basic precautions like covering any identifying markings like tattoos as much as possible and putting social media on private. Remember, the more of us there are, and the more we’re united, the less they’ll be able to single anyone out. This also has the added bonus of being symbolically directly relevant to the injunction attempting to unmask protestors.

In court, there will be no shorts, no sandals, no hats, and no signs allowed. We also don’t want to do anything that might hurt our comrades’ odds of a favorable outcome. As such, we ask those inside the courtroom to sit quietly once the proceedings begin, as their invaluable role will be the strength provided to defendants through their solidarity. The demonstration outside will similarly be relatively tame; while there is absolutely a time and place for disruption and anger, this time we are asking everyone to stay focused on expressing our love and solidarity for our comrades, and to revel in the strength of our community to stand against this violence.

If you have ever felt safer because of those who stand to defend drag shows, we humbly ask that you consider showing up to support them now in their time of need so they know they aren’t going through this alone. We will always be strongest together.

In Solidarity,
Elm Fork JBGC

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