Peak Civ

Peak Civ is an original column written by Kevin Tucker, a long time anarchist, author, and publisher of many books, journals, and essays. This column provide an anarcho-primitivist analysis to our dumpster fire of a reality. In nearly every realm of civilized life, the world we are sold is bursting at the seams. Daily life feels like a perpetual onslaught of depressing news and calamities, that’s because it is. The history of civilization is a timeline of the consolidation of power from the mouths of priests to the coding of programmers.

Peak Civ: Trump, Pipelines, and Climate Change

Welcome to the first installment of Peak Civ, an original column by Kevin Tucker that takes on the news from an anti-civilization perspective, only on It's Going Down.“Civilizations are artificial cultural constructions, not biological organisms, and they...