A Chorus of Versus: 14 Months of Rebellion in the “United States”


A Chorus of Versus is a rough cut of video from the last year or so of resistance to white supremacy, patriarchy, State, and capitalism in the so-called “United States.” A chronological mash-up of footage, from anti-police riots and street conflicts with fascists to communal self-defense and community-organized mutual aid, this film tells one possible story of one very crazy year.

If you like, you can download copies for showings here.

Thanks in particular to radical journalist outfits like Unicorn Riot, Sub.Media, and ItsGoingDown.org for the amazing work y’all do, as well as to groups like Take Em Down Nola and Black Women’s Defense League who made their footage public on youtube, etc. Please check ’em out and support them! Rest in power all those who died at the hands of the State this past year, whether during a protest or while just trying to survive in this miserable society.

You live on, you teach us and guide us, you will be redeemed.

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