On Tuesday, July 11, residents of San Dionisio del Mar, Oaxaca burned heavy machinery belonging to transnational corporations that was being used to dredge Copalito beach. The dredging of the lagoon would affect the species that live there as well as local fishing, they said.

According to the inhabitants, the dredging of sand was for the construction of a dock and a 300 meter drain which would used for the installation of a wind farm. However, the General Assembly of San Dionisio del Mar (AGPSDM) claimed that residents were not consulted nor informed about these projects by the federal and state governments.

“The people burned the machinery because we were never consulted about the project, they never wanted to give us the specifications, they didn’t conduct an environmental impact study. They said it was a CONAPESCA and FONDEN project (Fishing Commission and Natural Disaster Fund) but that’s a ruse. They can’t come into this town and not explain what this project is about. Here we are organized and no project will happen that hasn’t been discussed with the people,” mentioned on of the members of the AGPSDM.

Lastly, the assembly issued a statement saying they will not permit the installation of “one more extractivist project” in the territory and that they are on maximum alert for any acts of harassment or criminalization by the government.

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