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Sep 7, 16

Some Concrete Anti-Repression Tools to Share with Striking Prisoners

From Support Prisoner Resistance
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The following are a couple of basic anti-repression tools that you can share with any prisoner contacts on the inside, in anticipation of, during, and in the aftermath of the September national prison strike. The NLG has nationally endorsed the strike, and its local chapters are on board with supporting protesters on the outside dealing with arrests as well. (And as always, the best anti-repression tool we have is making every street, rooftop, yuppie storefront, and neighborhood a loud monument to the fact there’s a strike going on. Solidarity means attack!) 

  1. Legal Aid! The National Lawyer’s Guild has offered to file an individual “notice of claim” on behalf of each prisoner against abusive and retaliatory prisons and guards. Filing a notice of claim tells the prison that a suit could be filed and puts them on notice that abuse has happened. It is not the actual suit, but it gives violated prisoners time to find local lawyers. Please send details to [email protected] and to [email protected]. Prisoners can also reach out directly to: NLG Mass Defense, 132 Nassau Street, Rm. 922, New York, NY 10038.
  2. Constant pressure! IWOC has set up a phone zap system to make it easy to make all the needed anti-repression and support phone calls, and to get reminders. Please commit to spending 30 minutes every couple of days to making calls. Visit to get started.
  3. IWOC Hotline! Prisoners facing retaliation for strike activities can call the IWOC hotline collect anytime of the day or night at 816-866-3808. Send that number to your inside contacts, or call it yourself if you hear from someone needing help. You can also email IWOC at
  4. Donate! Support all the great work IWOC is doing, and make sure that Sep 9 is just the beginning of a new chapter of ongoing prisoner struggles by chipping in here:
  5. Solidarity Actions! Join the over 50 actions across the country! March, rally, (here are some chants) organize a mass call in or letter writing campaign, drop a banner, hold nightly assemblies to plan support, form an IWOC branch.
  6. Educate! Learn more about the strike, and tell others, share it on social media through #EndPrisonSlavery, #PrisonStrike, and Find tons of articles and information at, where people can also endorse the strike, join this mailing list, and find organizer contacts in your area.
  7. Volunteer! There are dozens of easy, but time-consuming tasks involved in maintaining this support infrastructure. If you have any interest in helping out with checking emails, maintaining websites, transcribing letters, handling media people, answering calls or mail, please please please reply to this email: [email protected] and we’ll plug you in. Thank you.
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