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This month in June, millions of people will celebrate Pridehonoring the queer rioters outside of the Stonewall Inn in New York City, who fought police harassment and brutality with their bare hands and helped advance the queer liberation movement by leaps and bounds.

Today, our era is defined by crisis: economic, political and ecological. Both corporate parties are scrambling to manifest enemies to distract from the problems they have helped create. Across the United States, Republican politicians have been working to pass an avalanche of bills attacking LGBTQ+ people. Meanwhile, neo-fascists, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists are making plans to protest, harass, and disrupt Pride events across the U.S. On Saturday, June 17th, far-Right groups are also calling for various public events and flyering campaigns. Already, we’ve seen violent brawls take place outside of school board meetings in Southern California, police in Hollywood, California make violent arrests of Pride attendees at the request of a far-Right troll, and neo-Nazis waving DeSantis flags protesting Disney in Florida.

We know that we can’t count on the police to protect us, given their documented sympathies and outright coordination with the far-Right, not to mention their history of brutality towards queer and trans people. This Pride month, we must come together like never before in defense of queer communities and push back against the escalating threat posed by the far-Right. When we come together, organize, and stand up fearlessly, we can keep ourselves safe – and win.

Yes, these are scary times. But remember those that came before us who fought for liberation. Because of them, we are coming from a place of power; popular opinion is on our side. So it’s our turn to stand up and defend queer life, and keep fighting for those who come after us. Of course there are risks. But by becoming informed, prepared, and building community, we can mitigate those dangers and build a better world.

Examples of Community Defense

Counter-Protest and Hold the Space

In Portage, MI, people of different ages, political beliefs, and walks of life came out to support a drag story hour at a local church. They built community and trust, and outnumbered Proud Boys who came to harass the event.

In Montreal, Canada, hundreds of people mobilized to oppose a far-Right protest against a local drag event. After successfully holding the space, the group then went on a march around the neighborhood.

In Vancouver, WA, people held a mass rally in defense of a drag event at a local pub which had been targeted by threats and vandalism by the far-Right. A large crowd showed up in solidarity to defend the space and far-Right protesters never materialized.

Block the Fascists from View

At Pride in Boise, ID, antifascists demoralized neo-Nazis and other bigots by blocking them with banners, umbrellas, and even colorful ten-foot costume wings. 

In Houston, TX, community members held banners and umbrellas, played music, and danced, blocking and drowning out fascists who came to harass a drag brunch.

In New York City, hundreds turned out to support a library drag story hour, overwhelmed Proud Boys and neo-Nazis with noisemakers, singing, and giant rainbow banners, and escorted families and performers safely in and out.

In Coeur d’Alene, ID, antifascists worked to create a buffer between white supremacists and neo-fascist groups and the much larger crowd enjoying a local Pride celebration.

Physically Block and Repel

In Eugene, OR, a large crowd showed up to defend a children’s event at a local pub targeted by Proud Boys and neo-Nazis. Antifascists rallied outside with banners and signs, protecting the space and keeping the fascists from entering the building; eventually pushing them out of the area.

In Sacramento, CA, drag story hour supporters locked arms and held the street to block Proud Boys and neo-Nazis from approaching, and ultimately chased them out with physical force.

In Silver Spring, MD, community members formed a wall of rainbow umbrellas to hold violent Proud Boys at bay, preventing them from storming a local bookstore where a drag story hour was taking place.

In Kansas City, MO, community defense groups mobilized on 24 hours notice, formed a defensive line, kept hate groups at a distance, and escorted attendees safely in and out of a drag event.

In Screwston, TX, antifascists physically fought off Proud Boys and Christofascists who instigated violence outside a drag bingo event, and protected attendees inside.

Even Defend Cancelled Events

In Orlando, FL, a drag queen story hour was cancelled due to violent threats from Nazis and Proud Boys, who planned to show up and harass the LGBTQ+ center where it had been set to take place. But antifascists out-organized them and they didn’t even turn up.

In Montreal, Canada, autonomous groups worked to put on Pride celebrations after the “official” parade was cancelled.

Defend Pride Flyer

Download and print PDF here. This is a double-sided quarter sheet that prints four smaller flyers on one regular sized page.

Defend Pride: Direct Action Booklet


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Additional Resources and Materials

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Pushing Back: Chronicle of Resistance to Far-Right Attacks During Pride

  • June 10th: Antifascists push back against hate preachers at Pride celebration in Sacramento, CA.
  • June 11th: Community members mobilized in defense of a drag story hour event in San Lorenzo, CA.