Denman Island: Anti-Police Graffiti Appears on Island


The following report and photo was anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down.

May 2019, Sla-Dai-Aich (aka Inner Island, aka Denman Island), unceded Pentlatch and K’omoks Territory, in response to a disgusting pro-cop write-up in the May 9th edition of the Islands Grapevine newspaper, Policing on Denman, by Anthony Gregson, which named the two pigs sent to occasionally patrol Denman and Hornby Islands this summer, we placed this informative and humorous anti-cop graffiti in a highly visible location.

We included the names of the RCMP scum in question, (Chris McMillan and Dave Thorson). Denman Island has no permanent police presence, thus many people here enjoy a degree of relative freedom from state incursion into their lives. The Grapevine article is an attempt to normalize police invasions of this territory; characterizing them as benevolent if not harmless, to neutralize the widespread anti-police sentiment and outright anti-police hostility/conflict that exists here.

This graffiti is a reminder to all that Sla-Dai-Aich will never be “friendly territory” for our enemies, the pigs. Cops = Pigs = Murderers. Always have been, always will be. Until all are free… All Cops Are Bastards, Fuck The Police!

– some anarchists & antifas

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