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Jul 13, 19

Dispatches from Anti-ICE Rebellion in Aurora, Colorado

What follows are several short reports on last nights anti-ICE rebellion outside of a GEO Group run immigrant detention facility in Aurora, Colorado.

Submitted via email:

Tonight in Aurora, Colorado, people came together to stand up against ICE and a detention facility owned by GEO Group. I took these photos so brothers and sisters across the world know that we in Colorado are having our friends and family being torn apart from their loved ones, thrown in a cage, abused and treated like animals, and all for the profit of private corporations like GEO, with the help of ICE

A ‘March to Close the Concentration Camps’ converged with the ‘Lights for Liberty’ rally kicking off outside the ICE facility owned by GEO.

Some folkx began rushing towards the entrance, and eventually dozens gathered in front in ceremony. Some youth began lowering the GEO flag, then the American and Colorado flags followed. What was raised in their place was the Mexico flag, ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag coated in blood, and a “Fuck Police” flag, while the old ones were stepped on and burnt.

At least 1,000 people showed up tonight to stand up against ICE.

From Instagram:

As the ‘March to Close the Concentration Camps’ converged on the ‘Lights for Liberty’ rally being held outside the ICE concentration camp, a couple folks started running to the entrance of the facility. Dozens followed. So did interesting dialogue. As some white individuals wearing neon vests, claiming to be event coordinators, pleaded with them to keep it peaceful and not cross the barriers they set up in place.

“Fuck your wall!” “You are protecting ICE!” Prayer and ceremony began at the entrance door, while others looked on. Eventually, that orange cone barrier was thrown over the bridge by a group of womxn.

Submitted via email:

“It turns out, the organizer of the liberal Lights 4 Liberty event spread a lie that the cops were coming to make us leave. The city tweeted out that there was no dispersal command and the people that stayed didn’t see any cops.”

Both events brought out a bunch of radicals who stormed the barricades and went into the ICE parking lot, lead chants and shit, and eventually pulled down all three flags that were flying at the GEO ICE jail: American flag, GEO flag, and a Colorado flag. Those got destroyed and replaced by a Mexican flag, an upside down Blue Lives Matter flag with “ABOLISH ICE” spray painted on it, and a flag/sign that says “FUCK COPS.” It fucking ruled. Some indigenous folks lead prayers and talked about how borders are made up it was really cool.

Then, we got word that the cops were kettling us in and most of us left because this was a spontaneous action so none of us were prepared to go to jail.

It turns out, the organizer of the liberal #LightsforLiberty event spread a lie that the cops were coming to make us leave. The city tweeted out that there was no dispersal command and the people that stayed didn’t see any cops.

Now the news is reporting that there was a “peaceful protest” and a “small group” (in reality a contingent of 100 people) that desecrated flags. It’s hilarious because they can’t say outright people were violent because that would be absurd, so they’re trying to imply it, lol.

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