Durham, NC: Banners Dropped in Memory of Charlottesville


The following photo and report was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down.

As an act of memory to what so many comrades went through two years ago in Charlottesville, we dropped banners across Durham today. They read, “THE STRUGGLE AGAINST FASCISM IS NOT A PEACEFUL DIALOGUE, RIP HEATHER HEYER” and “AGAINST WHITE SUPREMACY, Screw the klan, cops, and the confederacy.”

In spite of the piling up of one tragedy after another, we hope that today finds friends and comrades across North America joining together in strength and communion. It hopefully goes without saying that the battle in Charlottesville was just a couple of days in a struggle that has lasted (at least) 400 years. Nonetheless, it left a mark.

We would also take this time to plead to other radicals to not fall into the Left’s trap of describing white supremacist and/or fascist violence as “terrorism” and “hate.” This language, and the accompanying policy push that will absolutely follow if Democrats win the executive branch, will be wielded against anti-fascists and anti-capitalists first and foremost. It is a discourse unique to the logic of the State, one deeply rooted in anti-Black and Islamophobic rhetoric, that (absurdly) positions law enforcement itself as the primary check on white nationalism. We are better off naming white supremacy as such, than using moralistic and legalistic euphemisms that remove our own agency and power.

In love and solidarity,
some anarchists

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