Emergency Call to Action: OccupyICENYC Welcomes All Nationwide


Calll to support #OccupyICENYC in the face of a police clamp down.

In the early hours of July 18th, day 22 of the anti-I.C.E (de)occupation, four core organizers of OccupyICENYC were arrested by the NYPD despite complying to police orders.

We already understand I.C.E. to be actors in the continued colonization of the so-called United States and perpetrators of ethnic cleansing. The (de)occupation is strictly committed to abolitionism – not only demanding a total shut down of I.C.E, but the total abolition of police and all agents of the state. Our encampment has put unwavering time and energy in mutual aid projects and direct action; re-purposing the space as a resource center for free food, medical supplies, collective care initiatives, workshops, and legal referrals.

Examples of mutual aid initiatives and direct action:

Not only do we need immediate support to recuperate and maintain space, but we also welcome our comrades from across the country who have faced eviction to our encampment and offer unyielding support to continue the movement wherever I.C.E. abolition efforts are taking place.

Please join us at Thomas Paine Park at Foley Square in NYC.

Current needs:

  • Tupperware
  • Bug spray
  • Sign making materials (poster board, paint, markers, banners, etc…)
  • Cups/plates/utensils – reusable and otherwise
  • Sleeping materials (sleeping bags, blankets, pillows)
  • Chairs
  • Portable batteries
  • Re-freezable frozen water packs
  • Ibuprofen/acetaminophen/cough drops/etc.
  • Cigarettes

(We are not asking for cash donations)

Community agreements:

  • Racist, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic, and/or homophobic behavior of any kind is considered abuse, and will not be tolerated.
  • This is an autonomous space: everyone is responsible for themselves but also responsible for not infringing on other’s autonomy. In other words, decide for yourself, speak for yourself, and no one else. Do not put anyone else in danger.
  • Give what you can, take what you need. This goes for food, labor, and supplies.
  • Do not collaborate with or talk to the pigs

Join the (de)occupation!





#OccupyICENYC #AbolishICE #AbolishDHS

Questions (including housing and travel inquiries): OccupyICENYC@gmail.com

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