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Jul 5, 16

Fascist Group Identity Evropa Begins Poster Campaign, Anti-Fascists Respond

Submitted to It’s Going Down

Identity Evropa (IE) is a white nationalist and fascist formation headed by Nathan Damigo, a veteran and former leader of the National Youth Front (NYF), which was the youth wing of the Neo-Nazi American Freedom Party, which itself is connected to the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) and headed by LA corporate lawyer, William Johnson. Damigo was convicted of a hate crime several years ago after he pulled a gun on a cab driver in New York while intoxicated and since then has become a key player in the expanding white nationalist movement that seeks to create an all-white fascist ethno-state akin to the Confederacy on North American soil.

Damigo is close with Johnny “Monoxide” Ramondetta of Berkeley, CA who does a white nationalist podcast, “John Hess,” a Neo-Nazi in the Phoenix, AZ area, and Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute (NPI) who resides in Whitefish, MT. After holding a rally on UC Berkeley in May of 2016, Identity Evropa began a poster campaign in the bay area and beyond. The posters were all quickly found and destroyed and the pictures posted by the group were often of flyers that had been ripped down over a week before, largely by random individuals on the street.

Despite this, its seems that IE have been using the publicity of the event and the contacts made to ship out full color posters throughout the US. In response, people in various cities are going out and destroying this crap. If you see one in a city you live in, please get to work! Even if you don’t live in the cities listed but know someone that does, hit them up now. While you’re at it, take some time to put up some anti-fascist ones as well! See list of potential posters below.

With a call out for solidarity with Sacramento Anti-Fascists on July 10th, make this an opportunity to bring people together and not only find the Neo-Nazis posters and destroy them, but also put up posters, banners, and stickers of our own. Don’t let groups like IE grow and expand, let’s smash them in their tracks and build our movement in its place. Send in reports, tweets, and pictures to

Cities Currently With IE Posters:

San Diego, California  (More)

Fairfield, California 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Topeka, Kansas

Charlotte, North Carolina

Aspen, Colorado

Birmingham, Alabama

Houston, Texas

Los Angeles, California

Salt Lake City, Utah

Denver, Colorado

Already Destroyed:

Tempe, Arizona

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Chicagoist also wrote a story that essentially is a rewrite of this one.

Chicago, Illinois 

Berkeley, California

Kansas City, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas (also here)

Santa Rosa, California

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Dallas, Texas 

Reports of more than half destroyed and taken down from Keep Hoods Yours (KHY).

San Francisco, California (also here)


Modesto, CA

Atlanta, Georgia

Santa Cruz, California

York, Pennsylvania

Anti-Fascist Poster PDFs

Anti-Fascist Zone

Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Combatants 

Support the Sacramento Anti-Fascists

Nazi Scum, Your Time Has Come

Anti-Fascist Flyer PDFs

Antifa Zone (Size 1)

Antifa Zone (Size 2)

Keep the City Nazi Free (Size 1)

Keep the City Nazi Free (Size 2)

No Nazis

How to Make and Use Wheatpaste

‘The Walls Are Alive:’ How to Guide From CrimethInc.

Wheatpaste Recipe 

How to Make Wheatpaste in 2 Minutes

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