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Aug 29, 18

Friday! Phone Zap to Support NC Prison Rebels

Call for phone-zap campaign at North Carolina facilities in support of prison rebels.

With resistance often comes repression, and North Carolina Department of Public Services is no different. While joining a national chorus of bureaucrats denying prisoner protest or strikes to the media, NC DPS is privately admitting in their infraction forms that prisoners are being thrown into segregation for strike organizing.

In North Carolina, we have heard rumors from prisoners of strike participation at eleven facilities, with confirmation of organizers being put in segregation in at least two prisons. The information below is for a mass call-in to those two facilities as well as NC DPS in Raleigh. We know that many states across the country are experiencing this kind of retaliation.

Nonetheless, if you can, please take the time on Friday August 31st to crew up with some friends and blast phone calls in to these heartless bureaucrats as often as you can. We need them to know that we’re paying attention and we won’t forget comrades in isolation.

for the strike, against the prisons,

-some anarchists


NC Dep. of Public Safety


[email protected]

(ask for Kenneth Lassiter, Director of Prisons)

Polk CI

(Currently holding strike organizer Joseph Stewart in seg)


(Ask for Michael Munns, warden)

Hyde CI


(Ask for David Millis, superintendent)


Hello, my name is _________. I recently heard about North Carolina prisoners participating in a national strike, and am aware that your institution is punishing inmates for their participation by placing those prisoners on disciplinary segregation. I support the cause of striking prisoners and ask that any participants or organizers not be retaliated against for their participation. People on the outside are paying attention, and organizers placed on segregation have our full support.

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