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Aug 29, 23

From NYC to Atlanta, Cop City Will Never be Built!

Report on recent action against Cop City in New York City. Originally posted to social media.

Get shrimped, nerds! On Saturday morning, in an homage to a recent action taken by Atlanta activists, some rowdy caterers dropped off a very smelly gift for the Atlanta Police Department in NYC.

The APD’s poorly attended recruitment event was hijacked with chants of “Stop Cop City” and “Viva Viva Tortuguita” in solidarity with front line activists fighting against Cop City, and in memory of our assassinated comrade Tortuguita.

The Hilton’s event space was filled with the sound of our chants and noise makers, and the odor of rotten shrimp. The APD had sent recruiters to NYC to exploit and add murderers to their ranks. Since these “outside agitators” from so-called Atlanta had the audacity to show their faces in our city, we felt it would be a shame to deny them a proper welcome.

photo: @AshAgony on Twitter

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