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Jan 15, 22

Fundraiser for 2020 Uprising Prisoner Shawn Sutton’s Release

Call for post-release support for Shawn in Greenville, NC. Go here to support.

Shawn was arrested in Greenville, NC on charges stemming from protests that were part of the George Floyd Uprising of 2020. As part of supporting prisoners of the uprising, several folks reached out to them and have been organizing funds to help with their release, in mid-January 2022.

Go Here to Support

In particular, Shawn is looking for help with housing costs, getting their Commercial Driver’s License, and tuition costs for attending barber’s school. Shawn particularly wanted to center the murder of Tony McDade, a former federal prisoner and friend of Shawn’s who was murdered by police in Florida, and has this to say to their supporters:

For real all this is in memory of him. Yes George Floyd was what it was about to the world but to me and my federal family and my LGBTQ community it was for him. And I don’t regret shit. I’d do it all again if that’s what it takes. He’s not here to speak so I’ll make noise for him whenever and however I need to. I hear people say “oh we didn’t have to do this or we shouldn’t ve did that….’No fuck that! They shouldn’t be out here just killing us for the world to see, with no remorse, for no reason at all. And even worse with no repercussions…They want to take our freedom. They don’t want us to have no power, no say so. They want us to fear, they want us afraid. And in so many ways they have succeeded.

But I’ll never bow out gracefully. They’ll never take my voice or my integrity. So to close, what did the uprising mean to me? It meant ‘no justice, no peace.’ It meant ‘Justice for Tony McDade.’ It meant we fear no man but God. It meant we’re going to fight back for all those who can’t fight for themselves. It meant ‘Your business will never be worth more than our lives because all that material shit can be replaced. It meant end racism and inequality and injustice. It meant Fuck 12!

Shawn’s also an amazing musician, and you can check out some of their tracks at

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